Ogbaragu Michaels July 10, 2016
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What is “content marketing”? And have you ever wondered How content marketing in Nigeria works for business success? Wonder less because I’m just about to blow your mind with this expounder!

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy sometimes part of a marketing plan used to drive and grow a specified or target audience, retain them and benefit financially from them by developing displaying attractive, worthy and relevant contents consistently and persistently. Any type of Marketing Strategy that uses the creation and displaying of media contents to drive and derive customer benefits can be referred to as Content Marketing.
In Nigeria,  content marketing has been a great aid to Advertising and Promotion. It has succeeded in creating large platform for business companies utilizing media promotion to create awareness and grow attention as well as effecting Brand Growth. Content Marketing is very beneficial and sustainable in the true sense that it’s is very successful and effective with its targets and aims if created impressively and carefully.

“Content is king” but I tell you “Great Content is Money” -Ogbaragu Michaels


The difference between Content Marketing and Copywriters can be seen this way. Content Marketing employs such means as Blogs, websites, videos, podcasts, audios and media socialization as propellers. On the other hand, Copywriters utilize captivating headlines, super-convincing emails and pages to attain it’s objective. They are clearly two different things but a clever marketing plan or marketing tactics can actually utilize these two simultaneously by merging them to concurrence. Our gaze today though is fixed at “Content Marketing”.


6 Ways Content Marketing in Nigeria Works for Business



1. It Makes people to know your products

There are a couple of companies and products I personally may never have used if not for the fact that I saw their contents being advertised on media and I chose to peer deeper with further inquires. For instance, I only discovered about MAC systems online when I saw videos of their products on YouTube, It might sound funny to you but the truth is I haven’t meet anyone using it prior to that day or let’s say I never gave attention to finding out or knowing if it was in use prior to my seeing it online. Similarly, some people would never discover your business or brand without content marketing or it’s content being marketed. Presentations go a long way to grab people’s attention and before you know what’s happening, you’ve got thousands of subscribers already and attention. So many businesses have been discovered by prospects and customers in Nigeria today as a result of Content Marketing.


2. It creates awareness

Content marketing makes many people to get engaged with discussing promotional ideas as well as team-working to achieve specific goals. For instance, a clothing company could launch some new materials via content marketing and assign teams or a team to see to the promotion of such contents. As a matter of fact, it gets interesting with the team and people who previously found it difficult to work as a team would finally find a place to fit in. Content marketing has grown a lot of Nigerian businesses and I remember a while ago, my cousin was on a beauty pageant, she sent me a well-designed and excellently captivating photo and link to share on my Facebook wall and direct people to like her photo. That picture and captivating post link went a long way in helping her achieve her aim because so many people were busy sharing that picture and link at the same time and still conversing to know and evaluate progress. When too many people are busy promoting a particular content, maximum awareness is attained and objectives are reached successfully.


3. It boosts traffic

With content marketing and targeted ads, blog traffic can be boosted effectively, leading to more subscribers and as an end result more prospects turn to actual customers and customers graduate to becoming repeat customers and most times, this reflects from the number of daily or weekly traffic your blog attains (if you’re advertising with a company’s blog) which is a sure way to explain that your contents are being marketed rightly. People’s attention are bought with more of what they can see so with content marketing via your blog, impressive traffic is very achievable and that is why it’s easier to comprehend why most business in Nigeria today utilize content marketing to reach successful media outcomes through their blogs or website.




4. It demonstrates expertise

Content marketing in Nigeria reflects expertise and dexterity. The way you create and promote your contents tell your audience that you’re in for business and that you’re the right company or dealer for them. It gives them the deep impression that you’re an expert and for this, they’re more inclined to do business with you seeing you in a worthy light. Most companies in Nigeria have successfully been able to convince their customers and prospects on their expertise via content marketing. This is really paying off in Nigeria. Companies even go as far as hiring professional developers to create impressive contents because they’re convinced of its positive effects on their audience.



5. Propounds your business idea to people

In a clearer sense and in an unquestionable manner, clear contents have obviously been able to pass information propounding companies’ ideas and objectives to people and they bought it. A profound content has the potential to in a few seconds or minutes, project your empire and it’s aims to your audience and answer all possible questions or FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). This strategy has really aided the marketing approach of many businesses in Nigeria and little wonder then that companies have kept investing and reinvesting ceaselessly into content marketing.


6. It relays how products can be used for maximum benefits

In Nigeria, not everyone has the time to read or go through guidelines to know how best to use a particular new product they just purchased or have been using. They often look up to TV adverts or YouTube videos or even internet landing pages to see how it works or how its used. For instance, women are very sensitive and keen to TV adverts or Images on social media on effective usage of New and existing body lotion and cosmetics. They just want to look exactly like who they see in the advert so they take care to search out and utilize them just the same way and manner they saw it being advertised. This is one of the many positive effects content marketing has had on most successful businesses in Nigeria. People just want to try out your stuff because the content they just saw being marketed is immensely impressive!

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