Top 19 Lucrative Business in Nigeria you can start with Less money

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Starting and running a lucrative business in Nigeria requires a lot of things including determination and focusing on your Nigerian business. Most often in Nigeria, fresh graduates or ladies always say I need so much money before I can start a business. What you actually need to start a business in an idea or experience and this idea will make you to start doing what adds value to the people and they will exchange that value with their own money

In the beginning stages of business in Nigeria, it only takes courage and persistence to make money while some focus on making money immediately which leads to their business failure. The belief that you first need money to make money makes you a victim and gives you no way out. You only need a good business idea and the hunger to pursue it aggressively then the business will yield money and money will make more money.  There are many lucrative business you can start in Nigeria with less or no money needed and its listed below.

Business in Nigeria you can start with less Money

1. Manufacturing

People often think that for you to start manufacturing anything in Nigeria that you have to have much money. I have a friend who started manufacturing paint with less than 800,000 Naira and today he has achieved tremendous success. Build factories with lots of cars for delivery and even rented shops in many building material market across Nigeria. Manufacturing in Nigeria needs determination, Knowledge about the product, managerial experience and understanding your target market. It is a very lucrative business if you approach it differently. Below are some things you can start manufacturing with less money:


Most of the small machines you need to start are being sold for less than 1,000 dollars and anyone can acquire it and rent a little space of store. When you start recording success then you will expand.

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2. Snail Farming

Snail farming is very easy to start and you don’t need up to 100,000 Naira to start this business. Snail is very expensive in many restaurants and markets in Nigeria and yet very easy to start. You can get some snails for free in the early morning after a rainfall at the bush and one snail lays about 300-500 eggs. You can also buy some snails from the market to start with. Snails mainly eat grasses such as spinach and fruits like cucumber etc…It is very easy to start and require less money. Read how to start a snail farming In Nigeria

3. Dry Cleaning

This is a very good business to start with less money. Easy to start and easy to run the business. All you need is a rented store, one washing machine, 2 pressing iron, water storage and other minor things with at least one or 2 workers. Note: Know how to wash the cloths and iron it neatly and your customers will keep on coming and recommending you to others. You can make your dry cleaning business in Nigeria into a chain business which will locate in major cities and build app that can make people to hire their service and add their address for collecting and delivery after washing. This will even make your business to go viral and you will expand your app service to other African countries. Its a huge idea!

4. Web Designing

It is relatively very easy to start designing a website if you have knowledge about the CMS and most especially WordPress as most people prefer it now. You can make so much money doing so and starting and running the business requires little or no capital as all you need is how to register a website using go daddy a=or host it and how to select a decent theme to design the website. Most people are turning into e-commerce and you can also create an e commerce website with a some CMS related platforms. You need to learn how to host a website too.

5. Rental service

This part of business is very lucrative considering the demand of rental products in Nigeria. From renting chairs and table, to dresses, cooking utensils, canopies, stores, spaces, etc… It requires little or no money to start as you can get some of the items from manufacturing at credit. Your target market is enormous considering the rate of occasions that occurs in Nigeria.

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6. Writing Articles

This requires no money to start as long as you are a good writer. Some websites and blog pays people to write a great content article. Such website is  Enterpriseboom which pays people that writes an article as guest post with some number of likes in the post. You will be going with some money starting from 3k and in a month you may make more than 30k. Read: 10 ways to make money online in Nigeria for more websites that pays in dollars for writing article

7. Car Washing

This is another good business that requires less capital. Rent out a space for a year and get all the required materials needed for car washing, waxing and shining. Hire few people that will do the job, advertise and make it conducive for people especially the waiting area where they sit and wait for their car to be washed.

8. Child care

This has proven to be very lucrative and easy to start. If you know how to take care of kids very well then you can start this as many people usually drops their kids to these child takers before going to work. You can start with your own home which is almost free as anyone who brings their child will also provide the food or pay you separately for their food.

9. Fresh Juice Producing

You can start this at home as all you need is to buy some juice extraction electronics which is very cheap. You can start this one with about 70,000 Naira and you will be selling it to some restaurants and students.

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10. Medicine supplier

It’s very lucrative and easy to start with less money especially if you have knowledge about medicines and the most important thing is to know where to source for your original Nafdac approved medicines in Nigeria. Rent a store, hire a pharmacist, meet some pharmaceutical companies and drug importers, buy the drugs from them and supply to local clinics and hospitals. 

11. Become a DJ

In Nigeria most DJ makes a huge amount of money in few hours. You must have passion for music before you start this one as you need to be aware of new trending tracks in Nigeria. Know how to select some good music and operate the instruments. It requires less money. Get the speakers and you are good to go.

12. Condom Shop

This very easy to start with less money and very lucrative. With the high demand of condom from the public and high use of it from the people, it calls for high turn up for people doing such business. Start a condom shop and limit the age of people coming to patronize your products. Doctors will refer patients to your shop. This is very lucrative if you start it in a city or close to a tertiary institution. 

13. Re-sellers

This requires less money as all you need to do is to buy from people and resell at your own price. You can buy from importers or directly from china, India or any other place. You can resell cloths, phones, accessories, computers and many other things. Most people may not need to travel again outside country but can purchase at discounted price in most e-commerce webistes and receive it with a courier service. 

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14. Recharge Card Printing

This is very easy to set up with less money  especially if you can start with the vouchers. You will need to have the software in your pc then buy the pin, buy the printing machine and know how to operate it. Find customers and you are good to go. You can learn it at Here

15. Blogging

This requires less money to start. find your niche, register a website pay for hosting  which won’t take you much money and install word press on it. Start blogging immediately. It is very lucrative if you have good contents, many visitors and good SEO. You can as well start with no money as all you need to do is to have a Gmail account and log in on blogger then create your blog for free but I will prefer you but a domain to make your blog look professional. To learn the different of buying domain and hosting it free then you have to read: How to Start a blog in Nigeria

16. Cake Making

Every day different people celebrate their birthday, Anniversary, Marriage, etc and if you are good at making good cakes, people will always refer their friend to your shop. it is very easy and requires less money to start. You will also need to contact some fast food restaurants in your area to partner with you in marketing your cake business by selling the cake in their shops at an agreed price. 

17. Printing press

This is very easy and requires less money. Rent a store, Buy a small printing machine which does a lot of work and you can start printing fryers, wedding cards, posters, and many more. People require flyers, posters always to show public awareness of their intended programme and have a partnership with some churches, businesses and Schools will boost you business to the next level. 

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18. Real estate agent

Less money is needed in being a real estate agent business  in Nigeria as all you have to do is to connect with some property owners, go to some strategic locations and have knowledge of the lands, houses, offices, that are vacant and needs either to be rented or to be sold. Advertise to potential buyers and direct them to the sellers. You will get your percentage at any sale as the agent and recently you can start an online listing where you will list those properties for sale or rent and people can easily locate and contact you all around Nigeria. 

19. Wedding Planner and Decoration

Very easy to start, run and manage. Get a space as office and buy or rent some of the beautiful decorations equipment. Learn how to decorate an event to an outstanding taste and hire few people to assist your work.  Buy less expensive things and use some creativity to turn it into an awesome display. Have a very good detailed knowledge on how to plan a successful wedding and one goods turn deserves another. It is very lucrative business.


There are other small lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria with less or No money as a graduate or a lady and when you manage it properly with rooms for expansion, our business will grow and you can as well get loans from the bank to expand your business more and more. Many people who started their business in Nigeria never start with much money as being speculated today.  Every business started small and grow with time. It only requires careful planing, research or survey, determination, focus and a positive attitude. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take action every day, one thing at a time, and your efforts will soon pay off.


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  1. Amara

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    Hav been thinking abt an uncommon business like condom b4,pls how do I go about it? Like where to get them in company price,thanks

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    pls i need info on how to make solid soap and the machine/tools i wil need.

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  9. Ekeh Chimobi

    Thanks for business eye opener. Am at the cross road as am writing u . I don’t know which business to go into . I really want to start up something like pharmacy but do not know how to go about it . Pls can you assist me with the best ways to go about it . I really need info on that . Thanks

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    nice one info. Pls i would like to ask how much does it cost one to start a nylon production and the amount of the device involve.

  11. Olagoke A.

    Thanks Admin for all this business ideas but Pls am already having a business center which I run but is not growing as expected, so pls how do I make it known to the public especially the consulting firms.
    Though I have sent many proposal letters to some of this firms but yet no patronage.
    Looking forward to read from you.

    1. Chinedu Nwaigene

      From your comment, I think what you need is how to market your consulting firm to reach to potential patronizers. I would advice you to try Social Media. A lot of people go into Social media many times daily and creating a good profile of your business and its services then running an ads to attract more fans while remaining relevant to their quest.

      On the other hand you may wish for ways to grow your business, I have published it quite a long time and will advice you to go and check it out. hope it help!

  12. remi

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    1. admin

      God bless you too Keller. To create an adsense with your blog, you will need to go to and register. But you have to go and read their guideline to know if you are eligible to submit your blog for reviews.

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      Aniekan, I have write about Laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria and how you can make it a chain business. Read it here-

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