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March 29, 2017

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The Best Way to Create Engaging Contents For Your Blog in Nigeria

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One of the strongest motivations that has helped many Nigerian bloggers rise above mediocrity is money. The second strongest motivation is the fear of being forgotten. For the latter, there is an almost weakening urge to be remembered for something significant. They want their blogs to shake the very foundations of Nigerian media and boast loudly to whoever cares to listen that they once reigned as kings.

If you’re honest to yourself and think you truly belong to the second category then you’ll definitely be interested in this blog post. There’s something sweet and arousing about knowing that your work is out there for the world to read. I mean you can seize to exist tomorrow but you’re certain that your content has taken root in the minds of countless number of people for generations to come.


The above is the very description of what engaging content looks like. The feeling is different in reality though when you pour your very soul into that single post and no one seems to notice. This is where most Nigerian bloggers are in their blogging journey currently.
I’ve been there too; no comments, no shares, no nothing. All you have is your blog post standing out there in the cold, shivering. Sometimes you even send links to friends to check out your post only to find out that they didn’t even click the links you sent.


Many Nigerian bloggers have been disturbed by this trend. They come to the conclusion that blogging is a dead profession. They’re justified especially with the series of zero comments next to almost all their posts except one that their friend or family just gave a drab “nice article”.


There’s good news however sad and pathetic the case may be. You don’t need to feel like a miserable soul with an annoying blog.
Creating contents that are engaging is the very food your blog needs to come back from the land of the dead. It’s important to be aware first of the type of people that go through your content at any given time.
He could be a corporate professional who constantly has to battle stacks of papers in one hand, a mobile device on the ear answering a call and a briefcase on the other hand.
They could as well be an engaged couple who are about to get married and are bugged down by the complex nature of pulling of a successful wedding in Nigeria.


What do these and all the other classes of readers likely to stumble on your blog posts have in common? They have much on their minds with little or no extra time. Their hearts and souls have zoomed to another planet while their fingers tap away on their devices most times on autopilot.


Now why have I given this graphic description of these folks? It’s because they are your typical daily readers. Face it, not minding how annoying it may be. It’s the hard truth.
So, your blog doesn’t have any spiritual problems so to say. It’s simply because your readers are bugged with stuff.


Some people may even forget the title of your post mid way and just close the tab. Those that eventually read or skim through your article often feel that sharing is a waste of time. It doesn’t help if the internet is on a super fast snail speed.


If you want engagement, you have to grab their attention by force. You have to create content that keeps them on edge long enough to feel the value for their precious data they used to click on your post.
Here’s how to go about it :
Most bloggers just stick to the same old “take and read” model. Their posts don’t have life in them. If their posts were food, it would lack salt. Purely tasteless. It’s time to find that life.
Talk to your ideal readers, listen to their conversations and comments on popular blogs in Nigeria. Study them. Act like a doctor. Find out deep seating symptoms and then use your posts as diagnosis tools.
When you realize that your posts have the power to cure people’s career, business or lifestyle sickness, you’ll prescribe (create) content accordingly.


These people despite how much they say time is short still find time to gossip, to dream, to pray and to even queue up on deposit lines in banking halls. So how won’t they have time for your blog posts that take an average of 7 minutes to read, comment and share?


What happens when you leave a car or vehicle for a few weeks unattended to? The battery dies. It’s not because something supernatural is wrong with it. It’s been out of use that’s all. Now how do you charge a dead car? You simply get a car with a fully charged battery and connect two cables and rev up the engine. This is what your average reader needs. A revving and stimulating content. A fully charged battery to charge their dead batteries.


Do this and watch your blog posts come back to life with engaging comments and feedback.

I hope this article helps a struggling blogger.

About The Author

Kizito Okorowu is a seasoned start-up advisor. With half a decade worth of experience in advising and investing in start-ups, he seeks to share his knowledge on pertinent issues relating to the Nigerian business scene via this platform.

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