Terms for submitting Guest articles.

Terms and Conditions on submitting Articles to www.enterpriseboom.com

www.enterpriseboom.com approve articles based on the following:

You must be the author of the article or have permission to use and re-print an article.

Do not submit an article you have already submitted on many other websites. Our goal is to offer exclusive high-quality articles for readers. If we find the same article on other websites we will delete your article without notice.

You must submit an article with an exclusive license. Do not submit an article from purchased article kits! We cannot have many copies of the same article in our database. Accounts not complying will be terminated without notice.

Articles must have a minimum of 200 words.

Articles must NOT contain any of the following:
hate or violence-oriented, pornography of any kind, suggest racial intolerance, have insulting-obscene-degrading tones, excess profanity or any content that is a violation of any law.

enterpriseboom.com reserves the right to modify, re-classify or delete an article at anytime without notice.

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