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tech business in Nigeria

Starting a technology business in Nigeria is a new trend that adds value, employs people and solve problems in the marketplace. A lot of people have tried and failed to dab into the world of tech in Nigeria but for some reasons, they keep missing the jackpot. I have compiled a list of awesomely paying and easy small tech related businesses in Nigeria.

First of all, what is tech?
Tech, a short form of the word technology basically comprises and deals with all things related to technology; computer systems, machines, the internet, phones etc.
There are numerous categories of tech related jobs, some of which are;

Tech Business in Nigeria to Start with Less Money

1. Web designing

Anywhere you go; this will always be the highest paying small time tech job PER output. Web designing is so awesome that the way the money rolls in from it can make you wonder if it’s a trick. I’ve seen people pay 200,000 for website creation and designing and others pay 50k. Of course the main thing is actually knowing how to web design. Those programmers who are well versed in this discipline work hard at it and at the end get their cool cash and off they go. But, do you know that you can be a website designer without even taking one class in web designing?
I hope I have your attention now.
When I started blogging, I struggled with the right look for my blog and kept changing my templates every week. I never had anyone teach me about it. I just stumbled on blogging in 2012. I never knew what web designing was but I just kept riding the high of owning my own website even though it still had the attached. One day, I sat at the café for 5 hours, swearing to get the right design for my blog else I wouldn’t leave the place when I stumbled on customize on the blogger template platform. This feature enabled me to do anything doable to my blog. Design it down to the color of the links on my post. And I dove into it with relish. I designed my 36th blog December last year and got paid handsomely for it.
The thing is no one knew that I never studied web designing but I was able to design their website for them with the aid of the customize button. These days, lots of people are trying to create a business presence online and as such are in dire need of websites. You can be that web designer. You can earn amounts like 10k if you’re really good at it and the customer is satisfied with the job. All you have to do is take a few hours with the blog of your choice (blogspot or wordpress) and keep at it till you figure out the best way to design, then spread ‘the word’ that you can design a website. It is not cheating in case your conscience wants to stress you. They NEED the website designed. You SATISFY that need. You get paid. Everybody’s happy. The way you achieve it doesn’t matter as long as it’s legal and doesn’t hurt anyone. An example of a ‘designed’ (and by designed I mean with the aid of the customized button on blogger) is Designing is not about the graphics alone. You would also need to know how to arrange the elements of each page according to customer specification. This is referred to as the Layout of the blog.
Or, if it’s too confusing for you, you could just enroll in a web designing academy for 6 months and pay 50 – 100,000 and at the end MAYBE get a few contracts or you can start ‘customizing’ now.

If you know know to design a web, then you can start a great idea or convert a traditional business in Nigeria into an online business through the use of a good platform with a website. 

2. Computer repairs and maintenance

Every part of a computer is expensive. From the screen to the keyboard to the hard drive. Some hard drives even cost more than a new laptop. If you engage in computer repairs, you’ll have the opportunity to make more money as people are buying computer systems everyday by the thousands, even in some villages. You will definitely get customers and get a lot of money per repair. Think of having a website that connects your shop with your customers or make people to report their faulty computers to you and get a response within some short period of time. about what is the cause of the problem and proffer solution. 


3. Phone repairs and maintenance

This one is even more lucrative in some way than Computer repairs. I apprenticed myself to a phone engineer not far from my house for one and a half years, and I can tell you this for a fact; the smallest amount he made every day was 5k. I know he had to buy some parts to replace the ones he used to repair for customers but still, this man was damn loaded. Just to repair sim tray of a phone he’d charge 1500 or 1200 and lowest 1k. Within 10 minutes and a bit of soldering, it was done. It is really awesome, and I personally recommend it. And like Computer repairs, it depends on location. But I don’t think there’s any street in Nigeria where at least half of the residents don’t use phones. Creating an app that let customers know the cause of repairing their faulty phones and picking those phone from them, repairing and returning it is a great technology business idea in Nigeria. 


4. Communications store

Opening a communication store involves selling communication devices which can include phones, laptops and other accessories. Store location must be in a highly visible area of your environment like in a store or kiosk inside a bigger organization or strategically placed on a major street. This business is very rewarding as there is a sizeable profit per sale. Enough patronage and soon your business begins to flow smoothly.


5. Desktop publishing

Being able to create visual documents for business is a very handy tool as people pay for it. Typing, designing banners, photocopy and printing are all together quite impressive as a business. If you don’t type, you’ll photocopy, if you don’t photocopy you’ll design, if you don’t design you’ll print. You will definitely make something every day. For this business to be lucrative, location is key. The amount you’ll make if your office/shop is located in a densely populated area is different from what you’ll make in a scanty environment.

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