Chinedu Nwaigene June 17, 2015
Corporate affairs commission Nigeria

Many times people have been in business in Nigeria without registering their business name or company name in the corporate Affairs commission of Nigeria/CAC Nigeria, because they don’t actually know how to do about it. To register any business name or company in Nigeria, one has to go through some processes as recommended by the CAC Nigeria and there has been a new process of registering your business name or company.

Business registration in Nigeria has its importance and significant to business growth as it showcases how serious you are with your business and Governments respects you and it will also be easy for you to obtain loans from the Bank or open  business account.

How to register your business and company in Nigeria

There are two main new ways of registering your business with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria which are


This is the new improvement in the CAC Nigeria administration of making it easy for you to search and register your business online at the comfort of your office and home and its  is starting by first checking out the registry and all you need to know about business registration online and then conducting your name search and other procedures online. You will also have to pay online for all the necessary fees. Some of my friends have used it and its quite better but needs improvement on its fastness of processing data. One thing about this online registration is that sometime you will be stuck by not knowing what to feel next in the form and its difficult to leave the page and try to ask someone. To check out the online page and see how you will search for your business name and registrations then go to CAC Nigeria Online


This has been the normal procedures before the online registration came along and this refers to going personally to the Corporate Affairs commission Offices or seeking the service of a Lawyer or legal practitioner to do the registration for you at an agreement fee which is mostly 10,000 Naira.

There also four common categories of this business registrations in Nigeria which are as follows;

Business Name

This is just registering a business name as official identity which is owned by you, and you will bear anything that arises from the conduct of the business and its a sole proprietorship business. To register a business name is so easy than other categories but it will not be limited (LTD). You will have to first search a name by obtaining search name form and filling it by providing the necessary information required and your two choices of business name. After you submit and they will ask you to come again probably in two weeks to know if its our and when its out then you will know if your business name is approved to show that no one has such similar name and your name is not abusive.

Once your name is approved then you proceed in registering the business name and filling of other forms accordingly. Then submit with the payment as the staffs will give you the official CAC Nigeria Bank Name and account which mostly you can paying their office and you have to later take completed forms for attestation in the high court nearest to you.

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  1. How cost & long it Will take me to register as an entrepreneur & where is d c a c office in lagos

  2. Please, Where can i register my company here in Nigeria? the name of my company is Ucheson Investors Nig.Plc

  3. I must appreciate you for such elaborate enlightening. With this understanding, i think the appropriate step is to go ahead and register my business name.

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