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Some key number of people in Nigeria and other parts of Africa are changing the way business is conducted through creative ideas and innovation in solving a problem or taking an advantage of opportunity to create and manage a successful business that adds value to the people and the economy. These group of people have exceptional qualities that contributes to their success.

Nigerian entrepreneurs along with their African counterparts are growing rapidly with external funding from foreign venture capitalists in expanding their business across Africa. The population and growth of middle class earners in Africa has made great entrepreneurs to run and organize a business with more calculated risks and moderate potentials in achieving their goals. Some sectors like Manufacturing, Real Estate, Financial services, Technology, Retailing, Agriculture are being disrupted by this few young entrepreneurs who has a strong will and passion to pursue their dreams. Some few entrepreneurs in Nigeria and parts of Africa are:


  • Alhaji Dangote: The Nigerian founder and CEO of Dangote group of companies who majors in Cement, Sugar and flour. 
  • Cosmas Maduka: Nigerian Founder of Cosharis group of company which mostly deals on Luxurious cars.
  • Jason Njoku: Nigerian co-founder of IrokoTv which showcases a wide display of Nollywood films.
  • Libmann Jonathan: A South African Ceo of Propertuity that deals on real estate and construction.
  • Evans Wadongo: A Kenyan creative thinker who founded SDFA organization that designed a solar power LED lantern that is changing the future of lighting in Kenya.
  • Farai Gundan : A Zimbabwean entrepreneur that founded Farai Media that focused on Online mobile advertising firm.
  • Mark Essien: A Nigerian founder of Hotelsng that made the booking of hotels online very easy with many hotels listed across Nigeria.
  • Sim Shagaya is the founder of Konga Online, the largest E-commerce company in Nigeria and rapidly moving to other parts of Africa.
  • Femi Otedola: A Nigerian founder of Zenon Oil and Gas Company.
  • Chinedu Nwaigene: A Nigerian entrepreneur and founder of Enterprise Boom, a business website that deals teaches people how to start, manage and grow their business. He is also founding some Real estate development company with interest in retail industry in Nigeria.
  • Michael Akindele: A 30 year-old Nigerian, is a director and a co-founder of SOLO Phone, an experience-driven digital content and Smartphone company.


These successful Entrepreneurs have a unique and outstanding quality that has shaped their approach to business and position their minds in finding and taking hold of an opportunity. I will be sharing the key qualities of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria.


Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs


1. Passionate

Entrepreneurs have strong feelings of success in what they do. They love what they do and are very good in doing it. By so doing, they become inquisitive to learn more about a particular business that adds value to people and society.


2. Creative thinker

They are very creative in bringing up unique and outstanding ideas to solve a problem or take hold of an opportunity. When others are worrying about the future and unforeseen, they are thinking about how to solve the future challenges.

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3. Negotiators

They are very good in negotiating and this adds much to their potentials of turning a whole business to success. Donald Trump, a real estate Developer in America says that “Great Negotiators are like great surgeons. They are very rare”. His words are true about finding smart and wonderful negotiators who can negotiate his way through a business success.


4. Vision

The ability to have a bigger picture in mind for the future of your business and work towards it to meet the goals.  Visionary entrepreneurs sees beyond the 5 years future of their business and set a target on how it can be achieved.


5. Adaptive to change

The recent invent of technology has made more things easier and faster and business tycoons are very adaptive to change. Unlike other who resist change because of fear of losing money or losing their comfort zones, entrepreneurs are very adaptive to change in creating an impact that leads to a huge success of their aims and objectives.


6. Risk-taker

A Nigerian entrepreneur Cosmas Mmaduka said ” The ability to calculated risks in engaging in your business is what makes the difference’. They take risks all the time in going to where no one has been before and doing things differently that adds value and sustains credibility.


7. Competitive spirit

Entrepreneurs understand the need and importance of having a competitor(s) around, because it helps them to stay focus and think harder on how to keep the market share or improve their business. Competitions make business more friendly and interesting as it helps to shape the economy.

8. Team player

This quality is an exceptional solution to huge success. To understand your employees and customers, to adapt in a competitive environment and share ideas with your executives, to tolerate others and have a clear goal of achieving an objective with your team makes you a great team player.


9. Confidence

Having a great confidence in yourself to start a business, grow it and make it a huge success is a good characteristic of entrepreneurs. Even when everyone doubts about the outcome of an event, their confidence leads the way and break barriers that leads them to terrific accomplishments.


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6 thoughts on “Top 20 qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

  1. Entrepreneurs are risk takers.

    That’s the part people are scared to do.

    They wanna play it safe. Taking risk is vital for success in life.

    Thanks for sharing such an insightful article.

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