Chinedu Nwaigene January 18, 2016

Thermal Receipt paper roll Identity theft is a serious threat and if you’re not careful, criminals can get hold of very sensitive information about you and make your life miserable. For professional criminals, this can be easily done by rummaging in your trash for old, unshredded financial documents and even receipts.

Ecommerce business in Nigeria
Chinedu Nwaigene January 18, 2016

Do you know that a bad presentation is one of the key reasons why investors’ reject an excellent business idea? Well, these providers of capital are often looking for logical information on your solution, market and expected return. It is therefore important that your proposal contain certain key topics when presenting a new business idea […]

Chinedu Nwaigene January 18, 2016

Uber Nigeria has become a new opportunity for teeming youths who are searching for jobs to join the Innovative app tech company as a partner or a driver in the Lagos city of Nigeria. It has many drivers in Lagos but Uber is interested to increase its partners and drivers to about 14, 000 considering […]

internet marketing
Chinedu Nwaigene January 17, 2016

Social media marketing in Nigeria is a new trend of digital marketing platform that allows marketers to build awareness about their products, their self or the services they deliver. The mail focus for any social media marketing company in Nigeria is to drive traffic to a blog or website, gain more followers and attract new […]

Feed mill ingredients
Chinedu Nwaigene January 14, 2016

Starting a feed mill business in Nigeria is a good strategy to maximize the potentials of your farming business especially if you are farming catfish, poultry, birds, pigs etc.  You can also start this business regard;less of if you have your own animal farms or not because there is variety of customers in demand for […]

Chinedu Nwaigene January 3, 2016

The idea of starting a boutique clothing business in Nigeria is not just the only thing needed to turn it into a chain retail merchant shop or make more profit but the ability to apply innovative measures will make you achieve your goals. A mobile boutique clothing business is very lucrative considering the rate and […]

Nylon bags
Chinedu Nwaigene December 30, 2015

Starting a polythene nylon bag manufacturing business in Nigeria is an ideal step to open up more business opportunities as nylon bag business is a very profitable in Nigeria. It is also relatively easy to produce because of the availability of the raw materials and the low cost of machines. 

Chinedu Nwaigene December 28, 2015

Many Nigerian entertainment bloggers has achieved tremendous success in the scope of blogging where the top lists of entertainments blogs in Nigeria are procured from. The majority of Nigerian entertainment blogs has brought a lot of competitors to this particular niche both some bloggers are applying a disciplined and systematic process of making a different […]

Chinedu Nwaigene December 28, 2015

There are many ways anyone can promote a product online especially with less money or even for free now that most businesses and people are going online to satisfy their needs. Marketing your product online can mean progress but certain principle needs to be in place to ensure effective promotion and reaching out to your […]

Woman Business Ideas
Chinedu Nwaigene December 22, 2015

The varieties of business ideas for women in Nigeria are gaining waves and a good number of Nigerian women are adopting these ideas. Many women entrepreneurs in Nigeria have begun to look for more opportunities to achieve their dreams than staying at home. Some are working tirelessly as an employee while others are seeking for […]

why business fails
Chinedu Nwaigene December 11, 2015

Many reason leads to business failure regardless of if it is small or big business. What causes business failures varies from one point to another depending on the leaders of the organizations knowledge about business and operation and it can also be avoided if careful measures is put in place.

good business ideas
Chinedu Nwaigene December 9, 2015

The decision to start a good business idea; either online or offline is a very big one; and a lot of effort would usually go into planning and executing the business idea. Starting a business requires money; in some cases you need a lot of money and criteria to execute an outstanding business ideas. You may […]

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