business purpose in nigeria
Olawoyin Mustapha June 28, 2016

Finding your ideal career in Nigeria is a tough game because most people are confused on which carer path to follow. Discovering what your career path is will go a long way in shaping future and your life in general. Some people are although employed but they have no real interest in the job except probably […]

business in nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels June 28, 2016

Every aspiring Nigerian entrepreneur out there, should see starting business in Nigeria as the best resort. Considering the indisputable fact that there’s no hope for the graduates, talk more of people who do not have academic qualifications. Starting a business in Nigeria requires little or no academic qualifications.

online market place in Nigeria
Kizito Okorowu June 28, 2016

Building or growing a business in Nigeria is not for a privileged few. It’s a commonwealth meant to be enjoyed by anyone without exception. Starting a business as an undergraduate in Nigeria seems impossible to those who have not positioned their minds to think deeply on possible opportunities that surrounds them.

customer service in nigeria
Okon Joseph June 27, 2016

Do your business lack a good customer service in Nigeria? Every entrepreneur want repeat customers but not every business knows how to get it or put it on autopilot. Without a good customer service, your business can’t go far. If your customers are not always happy doing business with you then, don’t expect them to come […]

Advertise online nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels June 27, 2016

Marketing, to a lay man is simply the act of selling. Well, In Business language, marketing entails more than just the act of selling, it takes on greater meaning. A Business definition of marketing for entrepreneurship in Nigeria explains that marketing involves the promotion, distribution and selling of products and services with the aid of […]

customer relationship management nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels June 27, 2016

Today’s customers demands more from businesses,their wants and needs expands regularly and meeting their expectations require credible ways to manage the customers relationship in Nigeria. Customers are a very essential part of every business in Nigeria because businesses exist to be patronized.

recruitment strategy nigeria
Okon Joseph June 25, 2016

Are you an owner of a business and you are having issues recruiting employees for your business? Have you tried so many recruiting strategies on hiring new employees in Nigeria and still having problems? Hiring new employees is one major hassle for small business owners in Nigeria. Different business do apply different recruiting strategies just to […]

business plan mistake nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels June 25, 2016

Common business plan mistakes in Nigeria is absolutely wrong for small business growth especially if you are seeking funding or trying to establish a good business model for your business. A Business plan in Nigeria is a map out or written projection of business ideas, strategies, and method of operation of a particular business in […]

increase earning nigeria
Emenike Emmanuel June 24, 2016

Have you ever sat down like one in an interview hall to question yourself, “How can I increase my earning power in Nigeria?” An entrepreneur who has mastered the strategies for improving on their earning ability has a conspicuous tendency to become wealthy at the long run. The hard truth is, no matter how prudent […]

search engine optimization
Tessa Doghor June 24, 2016

Every business in Nigeria owner wants their business growing so that they can meet company goals, get job satisfaction, meet corporate responsibilities and affect the lives of the people that they come in contact with daily. One of the ways in which these goals are achieved is in having a website that is mobile friendly, and […]

negotiate high salary nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels June 23, 2016

Negotiating a pay rise in your career as an employee in Nigeria is a difficult task as most people shy away from it. Unemployment is one of the major problems affecting Nigeria. Thousands of People are graduating the Universities every year, while there are insufficient and almost unavailable jobs for them. It’s really pathetic!

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