How to start a business in Nigeria
Chinedu Nwaigene August 15, 2015

Starting a business in Nigeria from scratch can provide you with more life goals, freedom and requires careful planning for you to be successful. Many people want to earn money or be their own boss but only few actually know how to start a business in Nigeria from scratch. 

Manage your hotel
Chinedu Nwaigene August 14, 2015

 Hotel business owners spread across the nation but only fewer hotels are indeed successful while many has been deserted for one reason or the other. Learning how to run and manage hotel successfully in Nigeria is an important aspect for hotel managers and employees who have interest of becoming a manager or owning their own […]

Small business ideas
Chinedu Nwaigene August 12, 2015

Every big business today started as small enterprise and grow to become a big enterprise. There are lucrative small business ideas in Nigeria that you can start with less money and grow it into a big corporation with a bigger picture in mind, positive thoughts, determination, passion, perseverance and working with smart teams.  

Alphabet Company
Chinedu Nwaigene August 10, 2015

Google has unveil a new structure of operation and a new company name in which Google will be a subsidiary. The new company name is Alphabet which will have Larry Page as CEO and Sergey Brin as President. Alphabet inc will have lots of company in its control that may not be related with each other […]

Promote your business
Chinedu Nwaigene August 8, 2015

Being successful in business demands that you learn how to promote and improve your business in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world. What distinguishes an entrepreneur from other business men is that they seizes every chance they get to promote their business to peers which expands their business as well and they talk […]

Make money online
Chinedu Nwaigene August 5, 2015

Thinking of how to make money online in Nigeria will make you try this lucrative online business ideas you can start with less money in Nigeria, Africa or any where and at the comfort of your home with a good marketing plan and accounting, you will be attract more profit. Internet business sometimes requires you to have a skill […]

Outshine your business competition
Chinedu Nwaigene July 9, 2015

Every business owner or creative employees should know how to outshine your business competitor. In everything business one engages in, there is always a competitor or competition and its either strong or a weak one. Business needs competitor to forge ahead and become great as only Government companies may not like to have a competitor because […]

Nigerian Unviersity
Chinedu Nwaigene July 6, 2015

Writing a C.V (curriculum vitae) is very important thing in finding a job or work in Nigeria and other parts of the Africa. Many graduates have always got it wrong in their C V formats or contents and this made it so sad for them to attract the desired Job and convince an Employer for […]

Corporate affairs commission Nigeria
Chinedu Nwaigene June 17, 2015

Many times people have been in business in Nigeria without registering their business name or company name in the corporate Affairs commission of Nigeria/CAC Nigeria, because they don’t actually know how to do about it. To register any business name or company in Nigeria, one has to go through some processes as recommended by the […]

how to write a business plan
Chinedu Nwaigene June 12, 2015

A business plan for your business in Nigeria is very important and a good thing for anyone who wishes to achieve tremendous success as it provides the right direction for your business operations. Writing a business plan in Nigeria gives you more options and opens more possibilities for your marketing strategy and the financial projections keeps […]

top 7 Rules of money making
Chinedu Nwaigene June 10, 2015

There are new rules and ways to make money which can be practiced in Nigeria, Africa and all over the world that have outshined the old rules. Though many people still uses the old rules which does not work currently and this makes them to struggle financially. Making Money requires a lot of things such as […]

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