register domain in nigeria
Okon Joseph July 7, 2016

Many young aspiring online entrepreneurs who are planning of starting an online business don’t know how to go about domain registration. Some don’t even know what’s a domain talkless of how to register a domain in Nigeria.

business opportunities in lagos
Ogbaragu Michaels July 6, 2016

Lagos is one of the states in Nigeria with a good GDP and has been increasing with millions of people living and working in Lagos as the financial hub of Nigeria. There are lots of investment and business opportunities in Lagos as as it houses most headquarters of multinational Companies in Nigeria. Lagos was once the […]

holiday in nigeria
Kizito Okorowu July 6, 2016

Happy Holidays in Nigeria is typically a period where people get de-stressed from the strains of work. The Nigerian entrepreneur needs this period to also help him save strength for the business journey ahead. This could be the only time he ever has to get out of the routine of work and reboot. However, what […]

profession in nigeria
Awolesi Gideon July 6, 2016

Have you ever wondered why some employees are sacked or fired in Nigeria from their work? Apart from the season where companies are compelled to retrench their workers as a result of economic recession, many other things leads to employee being fired.

pig farming in nigeria
Okon Joseph July 6, 2016

Starting a pig farming in Nigeria is a good step for people who have interest in livestock agriculture. Pig farming is a lucrative business considering that fact that you will need to put little input to get maximum out put and the market for its output is huge. In major cities in Nigeria, pork meat sales, […]

nigerian women business
Ogbaragu Michaels July 6, 2016

Few Nigerian women have started to embrace business and entrepreneurship but many of them are still lacking behind. Women who embrace entrepreneurship around the world have achieved tremendous success in different areas of specialization and have continue to empower other women around the world. The same thing cannot be said about Nigerian women and this […]

online business in nigeria
Emmanuel Olatunji July 5, 2016

Have you been longing to run a successful online business in Nigeria and you don’t know how? Would you like to make money from your talent using the social media as your platform? Then this article  is just for you. I’m going to show you how to run a successful business online.

motivational speaker in Nigeria
Okon Joseph July 5, 2016

People who have unique stories and a valuable message to share with an audience, regardless of the demographic of the audience can become a motivational speaker in Nigeria. Public speaking in Nigeria is one art that has become a lucrative business recently with lots of talented motivational speakers who inspire their audiences and empower them with words of […]

public speakingNigeria
Okon Joseph July 5, 2016

Sales representatives are mostly regarded as one of the foundations of a great business because of the important role they play in business. Being a successful salesman in Nigeria entails you to know everything about something and something about everything. Also, one who wants to become a very successful sales man should have a solid knowledge in […]

How to Start a Catering Business in Nigeria
Okon Joseph July 5, 2016

Catering services business in Nigeria is no doubt a lucrative business because of its many opportunities. Rendering your services to people in preparing meals for them in a large quantity is now a trend in Nigeria,  and making a good arrangement of the people that will serve those meals is great. do you really want […]

african entrepreneur
Okon Joseph July 5, 2016

The Nigerian government is looking or ways to diversity it’s economy from the oil dominated revenue to other sources of revenues and this has sparked the idea of people to approach entrepreneurship as a way to build a lasting economy. Many young people who wants to become an entrepreneur in Nigeria and are searching for ways, seeking […]

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