Awolesi Gideon May 25, 2016

Online business in Nigeria is no doubt a major breakthrough among young and Nigerian graduates. The major thought on everyone’s mind after leaving school is getting a lucrative Job ‘AND MAKING IT BIG!’

They have this idea of working in a big company, in that spacious air conditioned office with the checks rolling in. They hear their Uncles, Aunts and Neighbors making  N300,000 and above and they say to themselves ‘If Uncle Tayo can make that much sweet cash, I’m  fresh blood, I should be able to make a lot more than that’.

Let me correct this impression.

It is virtually almost impossible for that to happen.

And that’s because of ONE MAJOR BARRIER!


You forget that that the ‘Uncle Tayos’ has 3,5 – 10 years of experience already working at previous Jobs and which is a requirement for his current job. This simply means that the reason why Unlce Tayo makes N300,000 –and above- is because he has  more years of working experience. You should have noticed on those  Vacancy Adverts for specific positions in companies for huge amounts ALWAYS come with a MINIMUM YEAR OF EXPERIENCE included.

Here’s what I mean

online business

Now that that’s settled, I want to introduce you to a whole new level of making real money without YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. All you need to do is to pick one out of the following options and follow the instructions CAREFULLY.

Before I proceed, should know that anything related to online business is not a bed of roses. You can’t just wake up and expect money to start rolling in. It doesn’t work that way. I’m not teaching you how to perform magic; I’m teaching you how to make legitimate real cash online from the privacy of your room.

Yes, you can start right now, right there. You just need 3 TOOLS

  • A Computer system
  • Electricity
  • Data Connection

Now, there are numerous ways of making money online, some illegitimate while the legit few are hard to find. BUT, YOU’RE IN LUCK! I’ve compiled a few of the legitimate online job opportunities just for YOU. Just sit back and relax, preferably with a can of coke or Pepsi (whatever works for you) and READ ON!

1. Blogging

Okay, I know every online business article starts with this subject, but that’s only because its TRUE! Blogging is one of the BEST ways of making STEADY and CONSTANT income online.

Let’s begin with a formal definition of blog.

A blog can be referred to as a collection of posts,

Usually short and informal,

Sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personal,

With the ‘freshest’ information at the top

It’s boring I know, but we have to cover the basics. Now read that quote up there till times out loud till you get the message.

There are different types of blogs. We have the

  • Personal blog

This type of blog can be based on anything, anything at all. From politics to music, family, health, travel etc. some even have blogs for book reviews and other personal subjects.

This blog is used by professionals who want to take their business online. Take for example a team of stockbrokers who wants to take their business online to reach more people. Lawyers are also other professionals that use a blog for this purpose.

  • Others include schools, nonprofit organizations, reviews, etc.

As I said earlier, blogging is a great wait to make STEADY income. Emphasis on STEADY. Advertisers like Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, Bloglovin and others will pay you to place adverts on your blog in Nigeria. For every click on their advertisement, money rolls into your account (depending on the advertising agency). The problem is, your blog must be very popular, i.e. your blog must have large audience that it reaches.

Example of a thriving blog is Lindaikeji’s blog. She built a house worth billions from the money she earned from blogging, and yes, she is a NIGERIAN.

Sites that offer free blogging (where you can register and own a blog for free) are many and they vary. The most popular ones are blogger and word press.

You can register today and start blogging immediately.

2. Surveys

This is also a very easy way of getting money online legally. A survey (online survey specifically) is a questionnaire i.e group of questions that target a specific audience and is usually completed online. What this means is that they’ll simply ask you a bunch of questions and when you answer them, money rolls into your account. Easy as pie. Dint get scared, the questions are not calculus or physics, just questions about a product or a service you’ve used, your lifestyle, your career, etc. this also one of the easiest ways of making money, except that it’s not as STEADY as Blogging, because the surveys don’t come in every time. I’ve completed countless surveys and the best survey site I’ve used so far is Inbox Pounds. Yeah, they pay in Pounds sterling.

3. Article Writing

Money can also be made online from writing. If you think you’re a good writer, good communication skills and how to captivate the right audience, this is your jackpot. There are lots of sites that pay people for writing about them, writing for them writing about a topic for them or just plain writing. Its lucrative as sizeable amounts of money is paid for each submitted and approved article. Places where you can get this include Enterpriseboom, Sitepoint, write4me, pay2write, etc.

4. Book Reviews

For those who are book fanatics, this is a great way to make money while enjoying yourself. Yes, there is such a thing as making money by reading. What they do is give you a book to read, you read it and write a review about it and voila! Instant cash. Amazing right? Well that’s just the beginning. You’ll get access to books you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to read either because of its exorbitant price or unavailability on the net. Examples of sites that pay for this are; Dovetail, writermag etc.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is right next to book review in ease of operation. Affiliate marketing basically deals with you referring a company, a site or a product to someone else, and when the person signs up to their website, you get a share of whatever that person makes on that site for as long as the person uses it. Talk about getting people to work for you. If the person makes 100,000 from that site, your share could be 10% which is N10, 000 just from referring. It’s really awesome, yeah I know. Almost all sites make use of the referral program. When you sign up with them, there’s a section for referrals. You click it and they’ll give you a link( which contains a special identification peculiar to you only) to share with people. If someone clicks on that SPECIFIC ink and registers, the person is immediately registered as one of your source of income when the person makes money. Examples of the best affiliate sites include; Jumia. Kaymu, Konga etc

These are the most legal and reliable methods of doing online business in Nigeria. There are others, but I basically gave you the easiest AND the top 5. I know you’re excited already. Get up and delve into the world of online business today.

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