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As a law undergraduate at the Abia State University, Chidiadi Madumere got her first job as a documentary scriptwriter for EbonyLife TV. ”My first break out job was for EbonyLife TV. I was their onscreen writer for Naija Diamonds, a documentary about ordinary Nigerians doing extraordinary things. We travelled to about 10 states across the country interviewing people. It was an interesting experience for me.” says Chidiadi.

About three years later, equipped with experience in documentary and theatre production as well as corporate communications, Chidiadi started Black Purist Media Limited — a marketing communications and strategic marketing agency that has worked with both emerging and leading brands across Nigeria.

Chidiadi Madumere is a professional corporate communications and marketing expert. In this interview, she shares her passion, challenges and optimism.

I started blogging in 2013 after I lost a close friend. His death was cultism-related. It was a very emotional period for me and the experience gave me a whole new perspective about life. Life is too short so I needed to do something I was passionate about. I began with writing about domestic violence on Facebook before I got my personal blog.

I then decided I wanted to make a living out of writing so I took a scriptwriting course sponsored by the British Council. So I basically write for documentaries and theatre. I also write about personal experiences and I have won a couple of awards for some of my nonfiction work.

When asked why her LinkedIn profile shows she hasn’t stayed long with any company, she had this to say :

I have always known I would own my company at a young age so I had my career path already structured. I got my first job when I was 17 because I wanted to gain as much experience as I could but I didn’t want to be stuck doing the same thing for a long time. So spending a maximum of six months on a job was deliberate. Although, my job at EbonyLife TV was a contract job so I had to move on at the end of  the production.

I started my career in PR consultancy at Sujimoto Construction Limited where I worked for three months because I didn’t want to be restricted. Asides that, I moved from one job because I was poached by another company that was willing to pay me more than I was earning at the time. I am not saying it is good to work for three months on a job and leave, I’m saying I did it because I had a plan.

Every business owner wants to make sales and that cannot be achieved without brand promotion. So getting clients was quite easy for me. I had my first client before I resigned from my job. I took on small jobs like building websites for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) while aiming for a big break. That took about six months.

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