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Sports is one things loved by most people, Many people have their favorite teams and even most loved individual players. It’s more like politics, some people even go as far as arguing and fighting over who plays best and who is the dumbest of all. Just recently, I read news of a lady who smashed an empty beer bottle on the head of some man at a drinking parlor which also served as a viewing centre because conclusively one team lost, the supporter of the winning team rained abuses of incompetence over the lost team while over-gyrating over his winning team and apparently somebody wasn’t too happy about that and a lady for that matter. So a fight, a severe one ensued. This is a practical and real life depiction of what sports means to a lot of people or how much importance is attached to sports and football in particular.
I know of a Nigerian footballer who earns about $50,000 weekly, shocked? This is obviously the reason why everyone wants to get involved.

If you would like to commence or start up a sports blog in Nigeria, congratulations because you’re adventuring into a Gold Mine!

Fun lovers would make you rich!!

Let’s discuss the practicality of starting up  sports blogs in Nigeria. The pleasant thing here is that I am going to teach you how to start a sports blog in Nigeria in less than 1 hour!



How To Start Sports Blog in Nigeria




1. Choose The Type of Sports Blog

There are different types of sports, different categories of sports which could be blogged about and of which most are well welcomed by Nigerians. Amidst sports lovers in Nigeria, we have the soccer fans, the basket ball addicts, the base base lovers, tennis freaks, volley ball nerds etc. You would start by making it clear to yourself what type of sports blog you want to run. A helpful suggestive idea here is, try going for what you personally have passion for, it brings out the best of blogging commitment in you!


2. Never You Run a Hosted Sports Blog

Let me make this clear here. Anyone who runs a hosted blog is a joker! And if you can’t afford a custom domain for this then forget the engagement entirely. If you’re having the idea of running a blogspot.com or wordpress.com suffix kind of blog then I’d suggest you take some chill pill. If you’re in for business and you’re committed to what you’re about setting off with, you need to set up a non-hosted blog that comes up like mysports.com, that’s it! Sometimes you see some Nigerian sports blog running a confused mixture of different types of sports, inasmuch as it could be fun doing this but it’s really too much work to handle alone unless you’d be hiring aids to assist you. If you wouldn’t be hiring, focus on one type and give the best of it.


3. Choose an Original Domain Name

In the states, it is very risky to the extreme choosing and working with a domain name like supereagles.com. or Arsenal.com Sooner or later, this would be big trouble for you when you get caught and actually you could spend some jail time for it as well as loosing every dime you’ve spent on that blog and everything you’ve posted because it is against the law blogging with a trademark name for a domain even if you succeed in twisting it to find it available. In Nigeria, I do not know for sure if this also severely applies, however as we are advancing with civilization, it would be wise and in your best of interest to stay clear off trouble, you do not know how big your blog could  grow tomorrow. When you’re ready with your domain name, search through domain sellers preferably “Godaddy” to find out if it’s available and if it is, purchase and earn the rights to use.


4. Find Good Hosting Company

So this wouldn’t have much talk, hosting simply means a server that would put your blog on the internet for accessibility. Find a good host, Siteground is the best host I’d recommend to you for a sports blog, there are still a couple other good ones you can find out there. Siteground charges about N1, 800 or slightly less monthly for it’s hosting services.


5. Launch/Create Your Blog by Choosing a Plan

So yes, this is where the one hour thing centres, it could even take less but take ample time to do everything carefully. If you decided to go with Siteground hosting services, choose a plan from their list of plans when you click on “See plans”. Fix in your domain where necessary, fix in billing details where you would be charged from. Click on “continue” and your hosting is now set!
Next thing you do here is follow the “Install wordpress” button, every other thing would be taken care of just follow the subsequent steps you’d find there gradually. Lastly, you’ll need to create details for your logging in like username and password and you’re good to go,  your blog is ready!


6. Get on With any Random Template

When you login, you’ll find a couple of pre-installed templates, they’re usually not the best kind of templates but you need any random one to start with so you can be able to fulfill other tasks, afterwards you can easily change the template to a preferred one or a more better one you might have purchased from a Nigerian source or some other source or better still one you downloaded later on.


7. You’ll need Pluggins

A few pluggins are necessary to install on your now-ready blog. It might surprise you to learn that WordPress has over 30,000 pluggins currently, now this is mind-blowing! Little wonder, over one-fourth of the entire blogs in the world are built on wordpress. And the unbelievable thing here is that you can practically install all these pluggins at a go if you so desire. At the “install pluggins” section, locate “Yoast”, locate “Total cache” and a couple other ones you might find interesting. “Woocommerce” is perfect for e-commerce on your blog, that’s if you’d be trading in Nigeria or globally. Additionally there are numerous pluggins on sports that would make your job a lot more easier.


8. Time to Select a Theme

Have you heard of Themeforest? You can find over a thousand good themes on this website that’s if you do not find any attractive ones on the over 1,500 themes offered by wordpress. You can also check out “Genesis” for more appealing themes. “Pro” and “Metro” are two perfect themes Nigerian and worldwide bloggers have tested and proved to be of high advantage to SEO optimization and faster blog activity.


9. Fix Permalinks

You might just wonder, what are permalinks? These are unique names for each blog post you make or each single article you post on your blog. Here you’ll have to fix your permalinks to bear your post headings. When this is done, your post URLs begins to look more attractive than the regular awkward looks they are known to have. To do this, go to settings and find permalinks then fix the organization over!

4 Ways to earn from your sports blog

  • — Sell products on your blog
  • — Invest in traffic
  • — Create a facebook page for your blog
  • — Install adsense

Best regard!

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