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snail farming business in nigeria

Snail farming business in Nigeria has become very lucrative for the past few years and many people are now interested to learn how to start snail farming business in Nigeria. Unlike other farming businesses, snail farming needs adequate care with less finance to start and run the business.

Snails are very lucrative and relatively easy to farm as they are not harmful to  people and do not have a bad smell. It also does not require much amount of money to start as you can start small and grow with time and with an estimated amount of 150,000 Naira; one can start a commercial snail farming business. However, having more available money is an advantage to boost your business and turn to more profits for your farming business.

Snails have both female and male genital organs but cannot mate with oneself as they need another snail for mating. The most common snails you can start in Nigeria are Achatina Achatina,  Archachatina Marginata and Achatina Fulica and all are eatable but there are more species of snails but this one are more common in the Nigeria markets and consumable. Let me describe these three species quickly and how to identify them.

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 Achatina  Achatina

These snails are considered to be the largest in the world. Its length is about 18cm with an average diameter of 9cm. It has a life span of about 7-9 years and the shell is conical in shape and fairly pointed. it mostly attains sexual maturity within 21 to 24 months and lays about 4-300 eggs per batch and the eggs has the shape of oval.


Archachatina  Marginata

These category of snails are also very common in Nigeria and are easy to farm. They have raised V ridge on their tail that you can easily feel if you touch it with a wet finger. Their sexual maturity starts at about 9-10 months and lays about 7-9 eggs at one clutch. It totally lays 3 04 4 clutches seasonal.

Archachatina marginata
Archachatina marginata

Achatina  Fulica

This specie is available in Nigeria too and has a life span of 6-8 years. It is mostly 12 cm in length for adult one with a diameter of 6cm. The shell is conical in shape and fairly pointed and it lays a very large amount of eggs in a batch. It lays about 35-900 eggs in clutches a year.

Achatine Fulica
Achatine Fulica


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Starting your snail farming business

The farming is raising snails is called Heliciculture and considering starting your own snail farming business, you have to focus first on these followings:


1. Snail House/Pen

This is where the snails will live, feed and lay their eggs. It is their home and snails are sensitive to temperatures, so you have to make a very suitable condition for them. If you are starting small then you can start in a little space like a rubber tyre but I am much focused on telling you to concentrate on the large scale as you will have to make a concrete pen and cover it with wire all around to prevent the snails from escaping and also to keep away predators from eating up your snail.

Spray loamy soil on the ground of your pen of up to one feet and put leaves to shelter the snails as they prefer dark places and make it easy for you to sprinkle water when needed as snails eat much and reproduce during wet seasons. So you can make most of the seasons to be wet.

Snail pen
Snail pen
Snail pens
Snail pens


2. Snail Feeding

Snails mostly feed on leaves and most of the leaves or fruits are not expensive. It is one of the reasons that makes snail farming business easy to start and run but with adequate care. Some of the foods are Banana leaves, spinach leaves, coco yam leaves, lettuce, pawpaw leaves and other fruits are apple, cucumber, carrot, peppers, green beans, tomatoes and sweet corn.

snail food
snail food


Snail foods
Snail foods

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  1. Thank you for this article. Please I am interested in the business. Do you have any training class for it.

  2. Thanks. Looking forward to start. But Inneed more explanation on how to get it and were to get it.

  3. Comment..God bless you big time. By this post, you have touched. Many lives and GOD will meet you at the point of need. Just yesterday I made a very small snail pen for beauty purposes but after reading your post today. I think I have to change my plan to snail farming. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the info. I am a retired Civil Servant. Can I start this within my compound? I live within a space of about 1500 sq, meters. Can we get more personal for further pieces of advice? I am ready to start with proper sincere guidance. Once again, thank you. Waiting to hear from you soonest.

  5. I had d intention of going into fish farming but became stalled in order to gather enough finance for the fingerlings and sustained feeding program of 6months.. I have already built up three ponds of 5ft x 9ft and 5ft height. The ponds are plastered and ready to go but I will promptly put a roof over them and convert to snail farming. How can u be of help to someone living in Enugu.

  6. Comment…thank a lot for your explicit information on snail.can you link me with snail farmer from whom I can buy reliable species of snail&other possible Information.

  7. God bless you for this piece, kindly give your contacts for more interactions that could lead to setting a commercial one . Thank you so much .

  8. Dear sir, thanks for the information on the snail farming. Please I’m based in Abeokuta, do you help people in setting up Snail farms ? If so, I’ll like to have your number so that we discuss the possibility of helping me to set up mine. I’m looking at a commercial farm. Thanks

  9. Good web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours nowadays.
    I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  10. Thank you for the information. I have started snail farming. I have a pen with few snails in the out skirt of Ikorodu. I am waiting for the rain so as to have a large stock.

  11. thanks for the info on snail. farming. I am interested in this business. and will like to be updated on further Info. thanks

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