Okon Joseph March 14, 2017
cake bakery in nigeria

I stepped out from the office five minutes ago and saw a lady holding a beautiful cake and making a call. It made me stop and wonder, cake business is actually a great business idea in Nigeria. This is because these days most people do not actually need a reason to order for a cake. They just create reasons to do so.

People bake cakes and other small ‘chops’ for weddings, (that’s pretty common and I think they have made it compulsory, kind of), birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries, sendoffs and so many other reasons.

It does not end with just cake, it also extends to other confectioneries which are highly sought after at such parties. This, and coupled with the fact that cake bakery business is one that you can absolutely run from home, is why cake bakery business has been and would continue to be an ever booming business in Nigeria.  Starting at most cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Enugu might be an added advantage because of the larger market.

So, if you are interested, here are some tips I got from a friend of mine who is highly successful in this craft of cake baking on how to successfully start cake baking businesses in Nigeria.


  1. Get Trained

The era of ordinary cakes, and other baked snacks has since sailed and gone. So, if you are thinking, baking is easy, I know how to do that I do not need training, you are definitely in the wrong and will eventually regret later.

Cake baking has finally graduated into an art and if you intend making it big doing cake baking business, be ready to undergo serious professional training. This is the first step to starting your very own cake business in Nigeria.

You could register for any cake bakery school of your choice and start the process right away. It is also important you get some online training as this also helps to diversify your learning experience.

It is also important to note that when it comes to cakes and other confectionaries, learning never ends. New trends and patterns are coming out each day, and if you want to succeed in your bakery business, you have to keep up with the trend.


  1. Get the Needed Equipment

The next step to starting your very own cake bakery business in Nigeria is getting the equipment you need for your work. The basic materials and equipment which you absolutely cannot do without include, an oven (some start with a stove), baking pans, flour, kneader, rolling pin, baking powder among others.

In order to cut costs, you could start out by buying only the ones that are absolutely necessary and then improvise with the rest at least for a start. An example would be using stoves in place of ovens, empty wine bottles for kneading as well as rolling pins and stuffs like that. This helps in reducing your startup capital until you can afford the right equipment.


  1. Get Customers or Clients

The next step is getting customers. You do not have to wait till someone approaches you to bake stuffs for them before you embark on your bakery business in Nigeria. It doesn’t work that way.

You have to get customers or people to patronize you. This can be done easily by baking free small cakes for family and friends. Your sister or a friend might be celebrating his or her birthday and you could decide to bake free cakes for them. Yeah, it might cost you money and absolutely no gain, but then that is how you get clients. You have to sow seeds that would grow into big trees someday.

You could also go to schools, churches or companies and offer to supply them with your baked goods. Do not forget to go with free samples they can try out. This helps in increasing your client base and helps you gain even more clients and before you know it, orders are coming in from all over.


  1. Hire Assistance

When it comes to cake bakery business, it is important to note that you cannot do all the work yourself. At some point you would need extra hands and you would need to hire. No matter how small you might be making from your cake bakery business, it is better to hire some help as this would help your work go faster which in turn leads to more sales.


  1. Spread the Word on Social Media

This is very important when it comes to promoting your cake bakery business. I am sure you must have seen lots of people doing it. So many people now promote different kinds of business these days outside products and you can’t be leaving money on the table by not promoting your cake business.

You have to advertise your bakery business on social media. Snap sexy pictures of your cake, get enticing pictures of every other item you bake and share them on as much social media channels as possible.

Make sure you have a business page for your cake business on social media mostly Facebook and Instagram. Ask friends to share your posts in order to increase the audience your posts get to.


  1. Teach Others

While cake bakery business is highly lucrative, it does not hurt to gain some extra money by giving out cake baking lessons to others. You could organize classes for people who are willing to learn this business (and trust me, there are lots out there) and besides, it is a cool way to get free hands for your bakery business.

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