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Starting a bottling water company in Nigeria is a very lucrative and good business to invest in considering the population and the target market. The demand of clean water has expanded the market of Bottle water in Nigeria.


The Potential market place throughout Nigeria is unlimited and the very- growing population of Nigeria has made an added advantage for anyone to start, run and manage a bottle company efficiently in Nigeria. It is very good idea to start a bottle water company in Nigeria now with some limited capital and grow the business with time because there are currently a plan by the Federal government of Nigeria through a bill in the senate to ban the selling of Sachet water popularly known as pure water in many cities in Nigeria. They will also consider banning other polythene bags because of its impact in the Nigeria Environment. This will be a business boom for anyone who start the bottle water company soon in Nigeria.

Starting and running a bottle water company is very lucrative business in Nigeria and you can start with a starting-capital of between 1.8 Million Naira and 12 Million Naira for a start. You will also cover about 30 percent of your initial investment in one year because of the high demand of bottle water in Nigeria and within 3 years and half; you have made your initial start-up capital. If you manage your company properly with good management, operation strategy and marketing strategy, you may even cover the 100% initial investment within 2 years and half of starting the business.
Mineral water which is being used in every office, party, traveling, schools and in homes at many cities in Nigeria gives it an advantage and makes it one of the most profitable business one can invest in Nigeria.

Basic things needed to start a Bottle Water Company in Nigeria

Water which is the most and vital raw material needed for bottle water production in Nigeria is always available in every part of Nigeria considering that there are many sources one can use to get its raw material as Nigeria is blessed with many waters underneath the land and other spring waters.

1. Bottle Supplier is very crucial to consider because you need to find a reliable bottle production company that is a member of the International bottled water Association and you can sign up for a membership with them. You need them to supply the bottle plastic and cap for your bottle water company in Nigeria. You can find some bottle water supplier at Vconnect or Environmental expert.

2. Water source is very essential because you need to have a very good water source that can be dependable for a long time. You can get a spring water, mineral water, bore hole or other sources and listing your source of water in your label gives you a good advantage and some people usually checks the sources of water before buying.

3. Machines needed for the water treatment, filtering , dispensers, sealers, and other things is very essential and you must make sure that the plant will use reverse osmosis, filtration and ozonator water treatment as this is standard set by NAFDAC ( National Agency for food and drug Administration and Control)for bottling water company in Nigeria.

4. Storage tanks is very important too as you need to store your water before pumping it into the machine and you can buy some of these tanks at ranging price of 48,000 Naira to 97,000 Naira base on the size of the tank.

Storage tank
Storage tank

5. Government Approval is very essential before you start producing or start selling and getting your approval is by registering with NAFDAC. It costs about 85,000 Naira to register with NAFDAC but I will advise to find some agents that work with NAFDAC officials to be able to fasten your registration process and they may demand up to 350,000 Naira to speed up and obtain the Approval for your company. They are recognized by NAFDAC and will also make the site inspection and approval to be easier and often go free. The license is renewable after every 5 years for bottle Water Company.

Other things will be:

• Fire extinguishers and prevention equipments.
• Alternate Power supply.
• Online Batch Number Printer.
• Trucks for delivering finished product.
• Offices for administration purposes.
• Office Equipments

Bottle water filter and washer, filler and packaging Machines which you will also need to buy

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51 thoughts on “How to Start a Bottled Water Company Production in Nigeria

  1. Good day and hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    My name is Yusuf Zubairu and I live in Kaduna.
    What I need is how much it will cost me to get a comprehensive feasibility study and bussiness plan for bottled and sachet water company. Also let me know how long it will take to deliver after payment.
    Best Regards

  2. Please am interested. Kindly send me the cost implication of installing a small scale satchet and bottle water factory.


  3. Am highly delighted reading this writeup. Am highly interested to set up a bottled water production factory in Sango Ota and I will seriously appreciate your efforts to help me further on current cost of production machines as well as their sellers, also agents that can help me go through NAFDAC registration. Many thanks

  4. dear sir , kindly send me your phone number for more information about bottle water productions in lagos, thanks sir

  5. looking for a business plan for water packaging in sachet and bottles.
    Anyone who can help will be appreciated.

  6. Please am interested in Sachet/Bottle water production, how much are the machines and the cost of installation in port harcourt.

  7. Thank you very much for this information freely. please, can you also give me the information on NAFDAC standard requirement for setting up a bottle water industry using a borehole.

  8. Wow,this is really an eye opener,my arrangement is already in place based on ur insight,pls how do I get d machines or do u have any contact for that and pls I need ur phone number..

  9. Hello, please I need an important information concerning this article. Can you reach me on my email let’s discuss. Thanks

  10. Thank you very much for your free ideas you give,I want to start one in imo state but please I want no where I can get reliable machineries I will need for water bottle factory and also I will need you contact , God bless you

  11. I thank you with information on your web as you are truly reducing unemployment in the country and adding values to our GDP.

    kindly assist me with feasibility studies on how to set up liquefied petroleum gas for household consumers.

    Thank you

  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful and rewarding exposition which you gave freely.Please can you do another one on brick and interlocking stones production here in Port Harcourt Nigeria?

    Thanking you in advance for y
    our kind consideration.

    Best regards,
    Ibezim Ernest

    1. Please give full details of type, capacity, cost, maintenance plans, etc of the required machineries. Thanks and God bless

  13. Ur article is the best I have seen in recent time, I want to start bottle water factory in aba, but the competition here is huge, aba have more than 50water bottling firms. With huge capitals. Pls advice me on how to start and compete with this firm. God bless u

    1. I am interested in bottle water business on Ijebu Ode on Ogun state of Nigeria .can I all that require to start and how I can get the necessary Equipments

  14. Thank you very much for your efforts, presently I run a sachet pure water factory in Port Harcourt. My production room is planned for sachet and bottle water. About 4 years experience in sachet production.. How much more do I need to include bottling plant. Kindly Include your contact phone no. God bless

  15. Nice article. I must commend your effort. I am a fresh graduate and I want to start with sachet water first then expand to bottle water. Can I get a business plan to source for loan as well as the cost of setting up? Can u please break down the cost depending on the machinery at hand?. I am really passionate about this and want to take action now. Thank you

  16. I have nothing more than to say thank you. I had ideas and writing proposals to source for SMS loans and this write up gave me more info about polishing my ideas more.

  17. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so very much for the information freely shared, it is very enlightening. However, could you please include costing/pricing to the equipments. I will greatly appreciate your response.


    1. Cost and pricing varies depending on the capacity of machine and country you wish to buy from. If you want to bur from Outside Nigeria, try India.

  18. I want to start a battling water company/factory. What is required especially financial implications. Please assist me.

  19. God bless you sir,

    I intend to invest on a small scale for now. Are all the materials or plants available for purchase right here in much does it cost.

  20. Thanks for the wonderful ideas please why can we get the needed machines and other equipments you mention in the write up

  21. Thanks for the insightful write up. I am planning to set up a bottle water plant in Kwara State. I already have a borehole and am planning to drill the second.

    Is the machinery available in Nigeria and where.

    Of course finance is a constraint because of the capital outlay. I intend to source for SMS loan. thanks

  22. Thanks for the insight, I have had interest in production of Sachet water for start and Bottle water later. I m based in Akure but I m contemplating in siting the plant in either Ibadan or Lagos for market purposes since Akure is still a semi literate town and considering nearness to mkt but nearness to raw material which will surely be borehole is available in all the town. If you can do me a favour can I pls get me the total amount to set up a complete Plant machineries bottling,packaging etc. And pls advice on the choice of Ibadan or Lagos vis a vis the cost of Land in Lagos compared to Ibadan. Thank you. Ololade J.

    1. Dear Ololade, Ibadan is an interesting place and growing rapidly. With many shopping malls and outlets in place now, I suggest you start in Ibadan first then you can always transport your finish business to Lagos at your will. About costs, It varies pertaining to your choice of machinery and quality of product label.

  23. Please how do i get all those machines and how much will it cost me.Do reply please posibly gve me your number.

  24. This is very good. Other people ask for money before they can sell such idea to you but you are sharing it for free. God bless you sir.

    I am a big fan!

    1. Thanks Christopher. We passionately share the best Business ideas and insights for free to our readers and we are happy from the feedback and success stories we get from them. God bless you too.

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