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bar business in nigeria

Nigeria is a country whose citizens enjoy an active night life. This period usually occurs after business people and office workers have closed shop for the day. There are a number of reasons why people choose to relax in the late evening/at night.

For starters, the weather is devoid of the sun and offers a refreshing mix of cool breeze and nice winds. A second probable reason is that people tend to respond to mass effect; where you decide to relax because you see a lot of other people doing the same thing, at that point in time.

In Nigerian cities, the preferred place for relaxation after work is a bar. A typical bar may or may not be in an enclosed space, have an arrangement of chairs and tables, possess an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as servings of food and other meals.

The trend for bars in Nigeria sees many streets having at least one. Therefore, you can be certain that you are entering a market where competition is fierce and customers are at the top of the business pyramid.

The key strategy is developing strategies and marketing drives to not only attract potential customers but also to retain existing ones as well. The running of a bar is dependent on a healthy, daily cash flow; especially because you will have to stock up on food and drinks on a daily basis.

Bearing all of the above in mind, the following tips can serve as guides in setting up a bar business in Nigeria:


1. Secure a Good Location

You bar should ideally be accessible to large numbers of people. Increased patronage usually translates to more sales, which increases financial inflows. You should consider setting up your bar in area that receives heavy vehicular and human traffic.

A good example could be an industrial area or the side of a busy highway intersection. Alternatively, you could also establish your bar in a neighborhood that plays host to a large population.


2. Get Attractive Name And Signage

Following from tip 1 above, you should take advantage of your prime position in setting up a visible signage that bears a name that is easily recalled by your customers. A strategy for naming your bar could borrow from trending words in the social and multi-cultural set-up that exists in Nigeria.

When people are able to recall the name of your bar without difficulty, you will find that your bar will serve as a meeting point for all manner of occasions.


3. Decorate it Uniquely

In order to set-up a bar in Nigeria that will attract continuous patronage, it is important that you give your bar a certain ambiance and conviviality that will keep your customers contented. Crucial to the attainment of this objective, you should go for furniture and decorations that are relaxing and comfortable. Your seating arrangement is also very important and it should be carried out to cater to customers that might prefer to have privacy, whilst in the bar.

In addition, quality should be your watch-word; hence you should adorn your bar with items that will not give way as your customers make their orders and enjoy their meals.


4.  Provide Alternate Power Supply

Bars in Nigeria fulfill a number of needs/demands. Apart from providing a place for relaxation and socializing, Bars are also expected to provide customers with chilled drinks on demand.

Your bar should be able to meet such demands in a moment’s notice. The only way that this can be guaranteed is by having uninterrupted power supply, especially immediately before and during your business operating hours.

In addition to the supply from the grid, you should look at procuring generators that can carry your refrigeration systems during your work hours.


5. Provide Entertaining Music

An important component of relaxation for customers at any Bar in Nigeria, is the availability of nice musical tunes for your customers.

As a bar owner in Nigeria, you must be conversant with the latest trends in the local music scene and provide a continuous rendition of these songs as your customer wine and dine. Within the limits of your operational budget, you could decide to engage the services of a talented Disc Jockey.

Another splendid addition could be employing a live band to belt out tunes for the listening pleasure of your customers.


6. Space Permitting, provide a Gaming Zone

Your bar in Nigeria can stand out from the competition if you can add value added services to your core competence. This service should include the provision of a gaming arcade where your customers can play games such as snooker, darts, music miming and so on.

You should aim to set up your bar as an all-in-one entertainment and relaxation centre where your customers have a variety of events and activities to keep them occupied.


7. Engage Competent and Professional Staff

Setting up a bar in Nigeria will entail that you create a professional outlook for your bar. This might entail recruiting staff such as experienced bar men/tenders as well as stock control officers.

This move will help you lower your daily operational costs as well give your customers the sense that your bar values their comfort and needs.


8. Decide on the Menu to be Served

In addition to the attraction of cold drinks, your bar must be able to provide sumptuous meals and small chops as complementary servings.

To this end, you must have to decide whether you will run a full-time restaurant in your bar to cater to the demand for food or whether you will just stick to the provision of barbeques and small chops.

Whatever menu you settle for, it must be well made to acceptable standards, in order to keep your existing customers as well as attract new ones.

The list above is just a fraction of you are expected to do, when setting up a bar in Nigeria. Other important elements that you should consider include excellent customer care relations, proper financial management structures as well as a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals of running a bar in Nigeria.

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