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Self publishing a book in Nigeria, could just be a thorn in the flesh for so many book authors who don’t have the experience, but with this step by step guide on how to self publish a book in Nigeria, you will understand how it should be done.

Before we start, let’s understand what self publishing is all about. Self publishing can simply be put as a way in which an author’s book is being made as a publication, without an involvement of an established publisher. As a book author in Nigeria, when you self publish a book, it means that you are in control of all the processes which includes the writing, design of  the book cover, interior design, distribution and also  marketing.

When you are self publisher, you are also in control of the profits and rights, this is because a publishing firm would take a cut from what you earn and also might deprive you of so many rights. Many book authors do not like giving out their books to publishers because they won’t get the full profit of their hard work.

That’s why this step by step guide on how to self publish a book in Nigeria is here to give you the major tips you need in self publishing a book. Of course many book authors in Nigeria and even outside Nigeria would be angry when a publisher would tell them that they will do everything for them and a royalty of 10% would be offered to the publisher.


7 Steps On How To Self Publish A Book in Nigeria




1. Read What You Write

As an author, no matter how small your book is or how large it is, you would have to know that reading your manuscript from paragraph to paragraph would reduce the stress of editing at the final stage. So as you write your book, you should also try to make attempts to read through each paragraph.As you write, make sure your words are able to attract people into reading more.

2. Make Your Final Decision On Self Publishing

Self publishing a book as an author is honestly a difficult decision to make, but you must think deep whether you want to self publish your book or not, this is because the stress in self publishing and also running cost may be discouraging.

In fact, self-publishing a book is way more costly than having a contract with a publishing firm, but as an author, you want all rights reserved and also you want to have all the profit. Then you must be ready to pay the price accordingly.


3. Make Proper Editing

After you must have actually scanned through your work, you should go for more professional editing of your book. So as to avoid common errors that would ruin your work.

There are some errors that a book author may not find out himself/herself except it was given to a third-party, who would read and edit.

As an author you should take a sample of your work for editing either by a professional editor or a friend who is learned enough to read and spot errors in your book.

Alternatively, hire a professional editor, because that’s just their job. So as an author make sure you do proper editing of your book before taking it out for publishing.

There are actually two kinds of editing, the first one is called developmental editing and it entails that a large portion of your work is changed to a better format.

The other is called copy editing and it has to do with correcting small errors that range from a full stop “.” to writing someone’s name with small letters.


4. Design Your Book Well

Since as a book author, you are the self publishing your work, you have to make sure that your book is well designed, it won’t be a good thing to have a great content with a poor design

You should ensure that you have the best possible book design cover and interior design, because that is what will attract people to get it off the book shelves.

Although there is this adage that says “don’t judge a book by its cover” but these days people judge books by its appearance before attempting to even open it to read.

So you should make sure that you have the best possible book design. There are lots of talented designers in Nigeria that can do the job well at little cost.


5. Go Print Your Book In A Printing Press

After going through the steps listed above, you can now go and visit a printing press.  That’s after you must have gotten your ISBN code, which is necessary for your book to be of standard and be plagiarism free, because some people could just get your work that took you sleepless nights and make huge sum amount of money from it.

When going to print your book in a printing press, of course there are many printing press in Nigeria that you could visit, know that you are really going to spend money. In fact that’s where you spend the most money.

Supervise the job, so that the printing press won’t have to make some mistakes that associated with printing like, applying the wrong color to the book cover.


6. Go launch Your Book

After all the stress of printing your book in a printing press, you just have to launch it. When you are launching your book, make it to be an answer to a question or even a solution to a challenge.

Of course, there are many problems and challenges in Nigeria that you could key into.

When preparing for your book launch, invite dignitaries, high profile guys (so that they would sprinkle their dough in support of your work. If you don’t have connections, you could even make an official invitation to your state Commissioner, Governor, Senators or even the President.


7. Start Promotions

It is not enough to launch your book, you need to promote it heavily.

Promote in whatever means you can, to make sure your book reaches as many eyes as possible. Go to radio stations in Nigeria, talk shows and many others and you will realize that your book  you self published is going to bring you massive profit.

However, the cheapest and best way to promote your book is through social media and blogs.

NOTE: Self publishing a book in Nigeria is not as easy as that, but when you follow the steps listed above, it would go easy.

After you must have self published your book, you would be expecting returns immediately, but that’s not how the profit of self publishing a book comes, you just have to give it time to see your profit come.

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  1. Good job on this article! I really like how you presented your facts and how you made it interesting and easy to understand. Thank you.

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