Ogbaragu Michaels December 28, 2016
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Many business-minded persons would love to own a website in Nigeria and many do own already. All for the reason of being able to reach more persons with their products and services.

However, the advertising charges for websites on Facebook and other professional advertising means might become quite exorbitant for some and as such they do not have enough funds to take care of their business and run these adverts as well.

If you fall into this category or you simply would just like to learn how you can promote your website in Nigeria for free, then you wouldn’t argue that this is definitely for You!



How to Promote Your Website in Nigeria For Free




1. Maximise the use of Facebook

Facebook has a lot of sweet beautiful features that can be used to promote businesses for free just as it offers paid services as well. My first reference goes to Facebook groups which are all entirely free to create and free to join. With your personal Facebook account, You can join as many Facebook groups as you desire and you can advertise all and every updated content of your website on these groups for Free. What about Facebook pages? Facebook pages may not allow you to broadcast links related to your website to reach its entire audience since that right to reach a defined audience is reserved for the page owners themselves.

However, you can still use comment threads under posts from these pages to achieve your aim of promoting your website for free in Nigeria. Yes, simply locate related pages, follow their updates and be sure to comment on many while dropping direct links to your website in addition to necessary and captivating comments.


2. Utilize Discussion Forums

There are so many active discussion forums you can locate around your networking sites in Nigeria. Nairaland is one of the most active places to be. Linda Ikeji’s blog is also busy with discussions and arguments around almost every issue in Nigeria. Spamming is a good way of promoting your blog but yes if you do it sensibly not disorderly.

To maximize use of these forums, you simply get onto them if you aren’t with them already, try to always engage in conversations and arguments on these forums and if you do, technically you’d always know when it’s right to introduce your website to a discussion or drag in a meaningful content from your website onto the forums in view of what your business/website offers or what it intends to offer. Gradually your efforts would pay off and you’d realize that you eventually did all of these for free.


3. Offer to Guest Post in Other Popular or Active Blogs

Being a guest poster on other blogs or websites in Nigeria is another sure way of building incredible awareness for your own website and thus an excellent promotion. More often than not, guest posting can be seen to be same as “featured posting” and this simply takes the form of posts from an original website and author being allowed to appear on other blogs and websites and when clicked upon, the clicker is redirected to the original source.

In most cases both parties agree to guest post for each other and thus no financial commitment is required and if this happens to be your considered by You, then this is apparently another sure way of promoting your website for free in Nigeria.


4. Write Relevant Contents

Relevant contents in my context simply refers to contents that actually do fit in for what you’re into at any given moment. If your website is a business website that was designed for the aim of reaching out to people who need your services in Nigeria, then ensure to keep it so at all times, do not Derail. When consistency is Maintained in website management, the project is clear and people are willing to welcome the idea and even help in spreading the news.

Without relevant contents on your website, promoting it would be a total waste of time. Convinced of the relevance of your contents, a reader might always refer his or her friends to your website for related information.


5. Instagram is Free to Use

Lastly on my tips on “how to promote your website in Nigeria for free” is the Instagram usage. Inasmuch as people see Instagram as a fun place to be in and for social networking, personally I see Instagram as a business forum. For instance if you have a website that discusses food and nutrition and you’re an expert in this field, You can create an Instagram page for your website. When you do This, work at having as many friends as you can on Instagram with this you aren’t much farther from your destination any longer. Since Instagram is more beautiful with 30 seconds videos, you’d need videos to succeed better.

All you do is make videos on relevant topics on your brand. Maybe 2 to 5 mins videos or slides. Anyone can do This, upload these videos on your website along with associated contents then visit Instagram with a direct link for the post on your website and upload a 30 secs part video on instagram along with the link for the full length video.

It has an amazing result and you’d be surprised how much promotion you’ve done with just this when you see the results sufficing on your website. People are moved by what they see!


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