Okon Joseph March 20, 2017
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There are many benefits to having an affiliate marketing programme to help promote your product in Nigeria. Having an affiliate marketing programme can help take your business to the next level. It can help you boost sales and revenue, enlarge your customer base as well as sustain your loyal customers.

An affiliate marketing programme is fundamentally a referral system that allows other people (called affiliates) to promote your product and in return, gain a commission on any sales made from people who are referred through them.

Are you looking for ways to boost sales? Then, you should consider promoting your product using affiliate marketing programme. The good news is it is not as difficult to start as you may think. Here is how you can promote your product using affiliate marketing programme in Nigeria.


  • Verify if your Product Will Sell

Before promoting your product using an affiliate marketing programme, you should first verify and ensure that the product you have to offer actually sells. This is important as you do not want to spend so much starting an affiliate marketing programme and end up not making as much profits as you would like to.

For instance, if you want to promote a line of cosmetics, you will need to make sure that the products will sell first online. One way you can do this is by opening your own website and store –assuming you do not have a website already– and securing the emails of your visitors and attracting them with great offers like discount coupons and free samples. A good sign your product will sell is when you find a lot of offer takers for the offers you have made.

You can also find out if your product will sell by asking your subscribers for feedback and reviews. You should take into consideration the feedbacks and suggestions and strive for ways to improve your product.

One noteworthy thing is that once you have a good product, you should be rest assured that your efforts will eventually turn in lots of reward. If your product delivers on its promises, you will even attract super affiliates.


  • Decide on Which Affiliate Marketing System to Use

There are two ways to execute an affiliate marketing programme if you want to promote your product as an entrepreneur. You could either join an affiliate network, or you could decide to build your own tracking system to track your affiliates and their activities.

Affiliate platforms are marketplaces where e-commerce entrepreneurs can find affiliates who will promote their products. These networks make it easier to find affiliates; in return, they charge monthly fees. Some affiliate programmes include Linkshare, AffiliatePrograms.com, etc.

These platforms help to provide you with their tracking system. This helps both you and your affiliates to track how much in sales they are generating. This way, you will always know how much each affiliates is generating and how much commission should be paid.

If you decide to build your own tracking system and e-commerce affiliate marketing programme, there are a lot of programmes that can help you get started. It is not that difficult. There are apps that can help you get started on promoting your product in Nigeria.


  • Promote your Affiliate Marketing Programme

You should find affiliates in your niche for your affiliate marketing programme to help promote your product to potential customers. If you are using an affiliate network platform, this has already been done for you through the built-in search feature. There are numerous ways you can promote your affiliate programme.

Your website is a good platform where you can promote your affiliate programme. Make it easy for people to find your affiliate programme banner on your website. This way, they will quickly be able to sign up and start promoting your product.

You should reach out to influential bloggers and offer them an attractive commission to help you promote your affiliate programme. This way, you will be able to attract a lot of affiliates from the many followers of these blogs.

Reach out to your friends and family to help you promote your affiliate programme on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.


  • Determine your Affiliate Marketing Programme Commission

This is a very interesting part. If you do it all wrong, you may get as many sales but you may not be making as much profit. You should do the math and determine how much percentage you can offer as commission to your affiliates.

If you are using an affiliate marketing network, you have to realize how much you will dispense as commission for their services and how much commission you would love to offer your affiliates and how much profit you would make from the sales of your product. You will have to adjust the price of the product to cater for all of these factors.

You should aim to keep your affiliates commission high and at the same time it should be realistic compared to the price of the product. A 10 percent or 15 percent commission is a good one to start with.

In addition, you should spice things up by offering incentives and bonuses to your affiliates to make them work harder to promote your product and boost sales. Examples: “Win a ₦1,000 bonus for driving just one sale between now and the end of two weeks”; “Win a ₦1,000 extra for driving more than 10 sales in just a single week”.


  • Provide Affiliates with Assets

This is very important. Remember people are very lazy by default, so you have to provide them with as much asset as you can to help them help you promote your product. Provide them with text links, articles, banners, sample emails, etc.

Create ads for your affiliates that they can use to promote your product to potential customers. For bloggers, banner ads are just right. Create several banner ads so they can select the one that best fits their blog.

For affiliate marketers with big mailing lists, email write-ups are just right for them. Write numerous email promotions that have catchy headlines and try it out with your subscribers and see which one works best so that you can give the most effective promotions to your affiliates to use to promote your product.

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