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Have you been trading online and you wish to increase sales on your online store in Nigeria? Are you planning to commence e-commerce or e-trading and you wish to learn just how you could make maximum sales? Do you own an online store, perhaps a website or classified ads site which is lame in terms of return and sales? If yes, then this article is for you!

While some people complain of poor patronage for their offline activities, the same could also rightfully be the exact same case for online businesses. For one thing, every business is characterized this way but then there’s could be a remedy or a helping protocol depending on the exact factors causing this at any given time. In fact, there is always a remedy for every ill situation. Discovering such remedies is the key to continuous, improved and sustained success.

Today’s article centralizes on just how you can manage your online store to increase and boost sales, please take time to read and absorb.


How to Increase Sales in Your Online Store in Nigeria




1. Advertise Regularly

A dealer who advertises his products regularly stands better chances of engaging people productively over one who rarely or never does. Placing regular advertising comments or trends about your products creates more and more awareness. And the more people get to know or see what’s up with you, the greater the possibility of increased sales. Depending on what kind your online store takes, regular advertisement is very necessary if you’d multiply sales. For instance, Facebook pages allow you to own an online store for your products where you can place your product images and promote them with paid ads or personal advertising. With such provision in place, and if this is where your online store is located, you could either use Facebook ads to promote your contents or manually share to groups and pages to drive traffic and attention to yourself. There is every possibility that out of 1,000 individuals who may view your stuffs, the worst least of 2 would show and effect interest to patronize. Also if you’re dealing with Konga, Jumia or OLX, there’s also a way for paid ads. You can also copy out links of your products and paste on any potential traffic sites to get attention and trade. Indisputably, sales can and would be increased this way!


2. Be Very Descriptive

It really doesn’t matter the length of your descriptive content. As little as 50 words is enough to give the right and necessary explanations enough to get someone informed on a particular course. If space allows and if need be, as much as 1,000 words can also extensively be used to pass the right descriptive information about a particular product depending on your online platform. Whatever the case may be and what ever platform it is your online store is situated on, ensure to be very descriptive with your efforts. I noticed that Nigerian advertisers carefully or indeliberately omit mentioning or discussing prices of their products in most public adverts especially for online stores on facebook and websites. On the other hand, Ghanaian advertisers are very good at being specific with product prices in almost every advert they give out. Why is this helpful? Basically, not everyone may want to write or call you up to inquire how much a particular advertised product actually costs, sometimes it’s boring or they feel lazy.

Placing out your products along with their individual price tags attracts customers with “the right budget” to you in the sense that. When you place an i5 laptop for sale on your store with a price tag of N120, 000. I might really love your product and because I already have a budget of perhaps N110, 000 for an i5 type laptop, contacting you means there’s a probability greater than 1 for us effecting a deal, easily I could augument or you step down a little during our bargain. I wouldn’t have to guess how much this could cost. From a different perception, what if the product looks very interesting and appealing but without a visible price tag and I do not know what exactly to hope for? Perhaps my budget for a laptop now is N80, 000 and I contact you for inquiry and subsequent purchase only for you to mention N120, 000 for pricing, obviously there’s a lost deal! A customer came, a potential one but definitely not the customer with the “right budget”. So your advertising efforts or descriptive essays should and must include every necessary details so that anyone who deems it fit to contact you, would be doing so for the right purpose and to an effective end!


3. Extensive Use of Catchy Images

Images pleasure the eyes. When you see a friend request on facebook and the name appears to be female but someone you do not know or haven’t met before, what do you do before accepting and chatting her up for the very first time? You check her current profile picture and subsequent ones, isn’t it? And if she’s beautiful as the word suggests, I’m most certain you wouldn’t hesitate chatting her up and trying to become actual friends with her, some even go as far as fixing appointments for a real-life meeting, that’s if they develop interest as womanizers lol. Similarly, the same is very applicable to online businesses and online stores.

Your online stores should be filled, Saturated and subdued by images, impressive images, catchy photos of what you sell and what you deal on, just the same way you fill or you’d like to fill up your offline store with real products and it even costs less to put up these images on your store. As a matter of fact, these images reflect variety because it allows people to make their choices based on what you have in stock and it also makes it possible for people of different wants, interests and needs to be attracted towards you. I could browse through your online store to find beautiful and impressive phone products which I would have loved to buy but at the moment, all I need and am searching for is an iPad or tablet.

Perhaps you sell those too in your offline store or you also have them in stock offline, just how would I know you deal on those too? Should I inquire specifically? Well, that sounds good an idea, but remember not everyone has that time and also remember there are similar online vendors out there who already have the images I’m searching for on their individual stores, I’d rather search further for them than to write or call to inquire from you under probability. So ensure to upload images of all your products unto your online store, it’s productive!


4. Use Average Bids and Offers

With the obvious competition in the characteristics of online trading, it is of dire importance to note that inflating the price of your products would directly affect patronage from clients and potential customers! In fact, it is even more beneficial to place your price offers slightly below what is common for such items as long as you can still make good with it. By way of example, an online vendor vending or advertising a Samsung s7 edge for N240, 000 which could be the normal price for this product would certainly have fewer patronage than one who sells at a flat rate of N230, 000 or N235, 000 as long as they both advertise genuine and original products.

The consensus is based on the fact that, for Nigerians, deductions are very very important, the economy is sour already and it has affected “every” sector and I mean every sector so people tend to love the “easy way!


5. Improve Your Marketing Skills

Well, every entrepreneur or tradesman must be an ardent marketer. Some people are born marketers and they can easily talk you into buying a packet of chalk when you don’t even have any obvious need for it but for the majority, it is acquired. There is need that you improve your marketing skills personally besides other suggested marketing strategies, dexterity is of overall importance. Master The act of Marketing! In terms of dealer-customer relationships, your professionalism and expertise should come to the fore. You don’t need to be a university graduate to do this, you don’t need to attend seminars or webinars. You can teach yourself how to become an expert marketer from research and observation.

This is important because sometimes, you meet potential clients online who would want to meet you in person before transacting, it happens all the time. Take out time to study materials related to this avenue, many of such materials are found here on enterprise boom, absorb what you learn and develop yourself into becoming an expert, this way, both your online and offline stores would thrive productively.


6. Be Active

If you’re running your online store on a website or Facebook, be a regular user, be an active user of such platforms. Let people see you updating regularly, perhaps once a day or twice a day. The more they see your updates, the more real you become to them. The more you update your stores, the more likelihood there is to be a purchase and subsequent purchases. Always remember that people are interested in what you offer as long as it serves or would serve their need. It is your business, give it time and attention, treat it the very same way you’d treat a real life store. Would you leave your real life store unattended to for days? Of course not! Also, the more quicker you respond to inquiries and customer messages, the better for you because while you haven’t replied to an order for two days because you haven’t checked, the sender might have founder another dealer and even finalized effective deals with them before you reply and you don’t need to be told you’ve lost already!

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