Ogbaragu Michaels December 11, 2016

Recharge card printing in Nigeria has indisputably become one of the fast rising business. Today there are many dealers who are into recharge card printing than there was 5 years ago, you might wonder how it is possible for people to print recharge cards when they do not run telecommunications companies.

Yes, it is possible and legal actually and many are maximizing the use of this gainful opportunity.

Firstly, let’s see how it works.

Previously, these cards where printed abroad and imported into Nigeria by the telecommunication companies involved, along the line the governing authority mandated that each Telecom company in Nigeria must print their cards within, this was how it became a gold mine to Nigerians because these cards aren’t imported any longer.


In recharge card printing business, there are basically three aspects of it;

  • Major Dealership

In this category, it is exclusively direct dealership with the relevant telecommunication companies in Nigeria.  Investors link up with these companies and invest directly into their coffers for this purpose, this requires about 3 million Naira and above to be able to make do with.


  • Second grade dealership

The second grade dealership is basically a distributive effort, mostly people who cannot afford the major dealership type are the ones who fall here. So you become a recharge card distributor in Nigeria from the printing telecom companies. Minimum start up capital for these dealers is 1 million Naira.


  • Third grade dealership

So then lastly, this is what concerns us with this article. The third grade dealership is where the self printing comes in, this is the category of dealers who cannot afford direct dealership with the Telecom companies so they have the option of printing from home with the necessary equipments and arrangements. With as little as N400, 000 you can be part of this group and make good and sustainable living from recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

However, the major question here is

How do I grow my recharge card printing business in Nigeria?

Important to note is that this is a business of numbers. That means the more persons (retailers) you have in line, the more money you make. For instance, if you have 50 retailers who each can make a sell of 50 pieces of N100 recharge card every single day, your profit is definitely not the same as that of someone who has just about 25 persons making the same number of sales everyday neither is it same with the dealer who has 100 retailers making the same daily sales, so in effect it’s a business of numbers. The following tips would assist you positively in growing your recharge card printing business in Nigeria.


5 Ways to Grow Your Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria




1. Offer Credit Supplies

In the world of business today and especially in the Nigerian biosphere, credit dealings isn’t anymore a very tolerated method, many people are scared to deal on credits even with recognized customers as a result of past and previous experiences. Having noted this to be the case, if you can afford to give credit purchases, you’d definitely be making more sales than you would averagely but be sure you have a guarantee and your debt is secure.


2. Deliver at Ease 

Some retailers virtually have to travel long distances sometimes not trekable just to buy Recharge cards for stock, if you can offer them convenience, if you can offer to deliver right at their doorsteps anytime anywhere, you’d definitely be lifting this burden off from them and very many persons would buy your idea, after all in Nigeria who doesn’t love convenience? For sure it comes with a charge but try keeping it minimum.


3. Build Your Brand Network

You could print complimentary cards for your brand to make it recognized and acknowledged in Nigeria,  it is one of the first few things professionals do to spice up their brand, remember everyone loves accreditation and most people love to deal with perceptionally accredited persons. You should also design a form for these dealers to fill, for instance one requesting phone number/contact numbers,  address, Residential contact, possible weekly cards purchase quantity and the rest, this gives you a priority and gives you a better foresight.


4. Attract More Persons Weekly

Since we’ve acknowledged this to be a business of numbers, we need to talk to more persons even if they’re obviously dealing nice already. Yes more retailers, more phone boot operators and more individuals as well, who knows? your proposition might encourage a Nigerian housewife to commence a business perhaps recharge card retailing and you’d be the principal supplier.


5. Build Great Business Relationships 

So you need a database and this database should be made from the information you’ve gathered from your clients generally. Because you have their phone numbers, street address and the likes, you can develop a database project on excel spreadsheet or any other platform just to accommodate all of your dealers and serve them better. With bulk SMS, you can always keep in touch with new offers and personalized emails would go a long way to enhance cordiality


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