Okon Joseph December 17, 2016
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People have begun to find out festive offers and discounts including me. Are you a business owner and you are looking for ways you can increase sales during this Christmas holiday in Nigeria?

People are ready to buy any product or to advantage any service to maximize the joy of Christmas. As a business owner, this is the time to make enough sales with good profit margin.

I know you must have been thinking of different marketing techniques to use to boost sales this festive period. Here are now 7 major holiday marketing tips that will certainly help boost sales in this Christmas holiday provided it is applied in a proper way. 8 ways to increase sales in Christmas seasons in Nigeria;



1. Advertise at Proper Places

If you want to boost sales this Christmas, you have to place your adverts whether it be discounts where people you are targeting will see them.

To run this advert online, you may choose “AdWords” type of promotion campaign or go for displaying ads in popular web directories. If it is an offline base business (presently, there is no business that can’t run advertisement online and if you’re not doing it, think twice), you can distribute flyers and glue your business posters on public places where traffic is high so many eyes can see it.

You may choose to sponsor some festive events like children parties, seminars, entertainment shows, and your big flyers will help brand your business and increase awareness. Putting your offers in the eyes of viewers stand a chance of boosting your sales.


2. Website Resigning

To keep people engross to your website, you need to redesign it to have the spirit of the festive period. While designing your website, use Christmas colours and symbols. Visitors coming to your website should feel the spirit while on your site and a feeling that your site have something to offer them.

This is one of the major holiday marketing tips and it can make your festive sales skyrocket provided you have bestowed the responsibility of redesigning to expert designers.


3. Newsletter Infused with Festive Spirit

Keeping in touch with your list is always a good thing to do in business. But throwing your festive offers to newsletter readers can turn out to be one of the best holiday marketing tips. So there is higher possibility of increased festive sales if your special holiday season news is attractive enough to catch the attention of the viewers.

Your business branding has to be strong enough in the newsletter. Here comes also the expertise of the designers and of course copy-writers.


4. Give Fantastic E-Card

This marketing strategy is only practiced by few businesses in Nigeria and I have done my research to see it effectiveness and found out that it works to boost sales to 35%.

You can greet people with e-cards with your business offer still at the body of the card and a link attach to it directing them back to your website sales page.

You may ask your web designer to offer you best of graphics or animation for greeting the card receiver. And with those greetings you have to keep your business name identified with the festive offers. Your festive sales will automatically increase.


5. SMS Marketing Campaign

This is another way to boost sales in Christmas holidays in Nigeria. If you want to reach maximum number of people quick, then short messaging system comes in use. This approach will help boost your festive sales if the message is catchy and juicy with offers & discounts in Nigeria.

This campaign is another successful holiday marketing tips if the collection of database is strong enough with useful and varied numbers. There are SMS database in Nigeria where you can go purchase active numbers of Nigerians that you can send your SMS to.

6. Seasonal Products and Services

On Christmas holidays, customers will like to get anything new from you. So, offering them some new products or services can be a better way to boost sales in the holiday season.

Simply by following the trends of watching what your competitors are offering and promoting, you can have an idea of what to offer to your new and existing customers.

You cannot deny the fact that you do find new things on Christmas and New Year festive holidays. So, in every best possible way you have to present your products or services.


7. Content Copy Marketing

Christmas holidays periods are the time when you as a business man should pump more into marketing more of your products. Content marketing is the trend of the day now.

Personally, I did it in my freelance writing and I got a new client who is now doing business with me presently.

I took advantage of Black Friday to promote my offer which was giving a 30% discount on my writing fee. It really helped boost my sales that I have to limit the offer to only the first 10 webmasters to reach out to me.

For boosting festive sales, the power of words can be very useful. Contents rich with your products or service information help in increasing sales. Article marketing is always highly considered as one of the subtle holiday marketing tips. You may even modify your website copy for better approach to the audience.


8. Use Social Networks

I do most of my marketing via my social media platforms and it works like magic. I will encourage you to use it this festive period because everyone is so glue to their social media timeline these days to find Christmas offers.

You may be so surprise on how your sales will sky rock just the first day of launching out your campaign. Sharing your offer with your friends and followers would help increase festive sales. And if your sharing is proper then this ploy would turn out to be as one of the best holiday marketing tips you can ever use within your control.

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