Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Public speaking has been around for a long time. In fact, since the creation of time, quite a few people still have a fear of speaking.\A lot has been written about public speaking, there is lots of help at hand to turn you into a powerful public speaker in Nigeria.

Truly great public speakers know how to use the power of words to create mental images for their audience. If you are curious about what it really takes to deliver an effective speech, you need to understand how compelling content is created as well as the presentation still necessary to deliver that content.

Learning how to master this skill can pay huge dividends for you as a public speaker and for your audience.

Do you desire to become a powerful public speaker in Nigeria? Here are 6 tips to help you become a powerful public speaker in Nigeria.


How To Become Powerful Public Speaker in Nigeria


  1. Enroll in Public Speaking Class

The first step towards becoming a powerful public speaker in Nigeria is to enroll in a public speaking class in Nigeria.

There are many Toastmaster clubs in Nigeria that you can join to sharpen your public speaking skill. For you to become a powerful public speaker you will need to enroll in public speaking class. In this class, you will learn how to deliver speech with confidence and charisma.


  1. Prepare and Practice

There is no way you can become a powerful public speaker without practicing your speech before the main performance.

Nothing can replace this. You don’t leave powerful presentation to chance. Before the actual speaking engagement practice your speech or presentation out loud.

Don’t make the mistake of just running through a speech in your head. You can rehearse along with a tape recorder. Once you finished, turn the tape recorder on and listen to yourself.

Do you sound relaxed, confident and in control? Do you sound like someone that knows the topic very well?

Presenting in front of a mirror is still another way to assess your position. Rehearsing in front of a mirror will help you see how your audience will see you while you are presenting. A good composure will help you gain confidence and persuade your audience to take the actions you want them to take.

The more you practice, the better you become!


  1. Understand Your Material

Another way to become a powerful public speaker in Nigeria is to understand your material. When you understand your material, you will not have to memorize or read what you are presenting.

When you understand your material, you can speak freely and improvise. It will be much easier to talk on the spot. Use language in which you have mastery without having to commit to errors of grammar etc.


  1. Study Excellent Speaker

Make up your mind that you want to become the best and study other excellent public speakers. By watching great speakers, you can really learn a lot. You can study their body language, how they make eye contact and how they engage their audience.

You can look at how they hold themselves, their tone of voice and their general approach. By mimicking some of the best speakers, you too can use and utilize some of their greatness.


  1. Take Questions

Taking questions during presentation helps relax the tension in the hall. A conversation usually beats a lecture.

When you can engage your audience with your presentation and allow them to talk back to you, you will be considered a great speaker in their eyes. If they choose to ask you questions during the presentation, honor it and answer them.

You are there to serve them, so they often can help guide your content so that it aligns with their expectations.


  1. Learn from Your Presentation

Last but not the least, to become a powerful public speaker in Nigeria, you have to make it a habit to always watch or listen to your presentation if it was recorded. You will really learn from it.

You will find that the moments you thought you hesitated for like 15 seconds were actually 30 seconds. You may also notice your nervousness like touching your face, adjusting your suit every minutes etc.

Though it is not usually comfortable watching yourself, but it will make you a better public speaker the next time you climb on stage to speak.

Using these tips above can help you to become a powerful public speaker in Nigeria!

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