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Whichever way you look at entrepreneurship, one thing you can’t take away from it is the sheer excitement it produces. If your entrepreneurial venture doesn’t excite you then I suggest you get a paid job. I started work with a young female entrepreneur recently and I must say that I was greatly inspired by the potential that other females like her have locked up in them awaiting that vital prod. In my practice as a Biochemist, we term such potential as a precursor awaiting activation.

The essence of this article is to therefore activate the inner entrepreneur in the female readership of this platform. If this article doesn’t do this then I term it a failure and I’ll do a subsequent post apologizing for making you spend 7 minutes of your valued time to read unadulterated crap. You have my word.

There are many Nigerian women who are running successful businesses currently. A lot of our young female entrepreneurs need to know certain truths that have made these people attain such lofty heights. We’ve passed the bias of classifying the business domain as a men only one. Ladies, you too can join the fray. These will help:


1. Belief In Yourself

It’s fine for your dreams to scare you. When people tell you that you can’t achieve a certain thing, that’s not a taboo too. IT’s a taboo however not to believe in yourself. Sometimes, the only tool you’ll have in your entrepreneurial journey is an unflinching belief in yourself. Never forget that great entrepreneurs including the ones you admire are not super human species. They get scared too but they have something that counteracts that- a contagious confidence in their self even when no one does.



2. Keep Healthy Relationship

If you want to go far in business as a young female entrepreneur, you must cultivate healthy relationships. Seek out young ladies of your caliber via group meet-ups, networking gigs and business themed workshops and seminars. You can’t ignore this important truth. Join teams and groups who are focused on grooming and growing the next generation of Nigerian female entrepreneurial titans.


3. Start a Business

Time is never good at waiting for anyone, so don’t think yourself an exception. The essence of becoming a successful female entrepreneur is lost once this point is toyed with. You’re asking what businesses you can run off with? I’ll tell you shortly but first note that:

Starting a business is never  as expensive as it’s perceived to be. This very  mindset limits a lot of potentially successful young female entrepreneurs  from sailing their boat. The very  thought process and actions of young ladies is alarming. They think they have to break an arm or grow an extra leg. Not really.

While the bulk of the young female viable Nigerian population complain about the high costs of starting and running a successful business, they forget that success comes in variations, and that small wins are the steps needed to drive any business towards its short  goals.

If you find yourself cash-crunch and worrying about how much it costs to start and grow a business as a young female entrepreneur who wants to be successful, you can try any of these:


  • i) Marketing Professional:

Being a marketing professional for top firms   largely involves getting a commission for every sale or lead you bring to the firm. Carrying this out doesn’t require any funds being spent, but that you have a wide network of people you can market the products and services of the firm to. Good enough, ladies are known for their power network.

For instance, if you have a firm who is willing to pay you $100 for every successful sale you bring in, getting 10 people from your network to subscribe to their service or product  would earn you 1,000 bucks. A further 100 people would be 10,000 unbelievable bucks. All just from word of mouth referrals during your gist times. How sweet!


  • ii) Child Care Giver:

Notice how sweet sounding these titles are? You bet they are equally good paying as well. Do you have knack for taking care of kids? Or have you previously worked for a day care? If yes is the answer, starting a nanny service is a great bet for you to try out. This business can be started with almost zero capital and involves you spending time taking care of the kids left at home by busy parents. This is a no- brainer if you ask me. Like a colleague of mine would aptly say: straight shot. In your spare time, you can still make some extra bucks depending on who your clients are. How about food making on the side? Who knows, that could be the start of a mega enterprise. This spans literally across  vast categories like preparing and selling shawarmas, popcorns, meat pies, doughnuts, and several other quick snacks. While many may see this as a petty business, only a few look beyond its shortcomings and identify with its big picture.

Finally, I put it to you that you can become a successful female entrepreneur if only you’d just believe so. Will you?


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  1. Hey, Jennifer. So sorry for dashing your expectations. I’ll do a sequel soon. Keep tabs. Cheers!

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