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Budding freelance writers in Nigeria have struggled to create a significant form of demand for their service. Most have gotten frustrated by the little or paltry sum they receive for their sweat and sometimes blood creating written content.

If you fit the descriptive above then things are about to take a new turn if you commit diligently to what I’m about to share with you. It’s a fallacy to say that writers are paupers or insignificant. Folks like Stephen King can dispute such wrong thoughts hands down. So, how do you ramp up your demand as a freelance writer in Nigeria?


How to Become A Successful Freelance Writer in Nigeria



1) Don’t Write For The Money

Sounds contradictory right? This is one advice you must embrace as a freelance writer. I don’t mean you should disregard the pay or remuneration. Not at all! What I mean is that the money shouldn’t be an end in itself but a means to it. Many freelance writers start up right away and want to start making ‘wicked’ money. I don’t blame them. What they fail to realize is that money without the platform of fulfillment, is a terrible task master.

If you start out looking for the money, pretty soon you’ll get frustrated when you don’t see any signs of it coming. So, don’t venture into writing to pay your bills at first. Get a regular, good paying job to at least meet your basic needs.

Once your needs are taken care of regularly, you won’t be pressured to turn in shoddy work for stipend pay. It may make you do great freelance work for little or no pay at first. With time though, you’ll build a quality portfolio base that will now give you the impetus to charge your own rates.

The money shouldn’t be what drives you to hit your keypad or your notepad, it shouldn’t be what makes you stay up late at night crouched over your PC, let the fulfillment and joy be the very thing that gets you up and running. As time goes on, you’ll then have enough leverage to ensure that money acts as a cushion to sustain such joy.



2) Don’t Set Out to Wow Anyone

Many freelance writers are obsessed with the cheers of men. It’s normal to be but like I said earlier, don’t make it your goal. As a writer, you can’t please everyone with your write up, never! It takes discipline to cultivate the attitude of writing to serve a need or cause and not to wow people.

Once in a while, I get stuck creating pieces that will spur men to jump up from their seats and scream in excitement. Then I remember that I can’t elicit such reactions from everyone and it’s okay. Just stick with doing justice to your work. Write your heart out. Let your pen bleed, let your keypad weep. This will get the wow and ovation of men, trust me. However, don’t be blinded or distracted by it.



3) See Your Writing as a Product

Your articles and posts are actually products if you look critically at them. When you see your write ups as the products that they are, you’ll experience a significant increase in demand for them.

There’s something that awareness does to the mind. It births freshness. Has a member of the opposite sex complemented you on your good looks even when you didn’t feel same? How did you feel? Awareness.

Treat your writeup as you would treat a retail product. This will help you pay good attention to your art and propel you to churn incredible and in-demand content. If you were to pay for your writing as you would a product from the supermarket, how much would you pay?



4) Commit Time

 The amount of time you commit to an endeavor will give a sneak peek into how much value you place on such an endeavor. Writing is no different. You can’t hope to be an in-demand freelance writer and not place a demand on your time. Some freelance writers have allowed social media to take up a useful amount of commitment space that should have been reserved for their art. Are you serious about this writing business at all?
You should have a particular amount of time in a given month dedicated solely to writing your fingers off. That’s how to roll as a freelance writer, sir.

As a rookie writer myself, I set writing goals of writing nothing less than 500 words everyday for 1 month straight. Today, I do no less than 15 blog posts a week on different platforms. See, I’m committed to this writing business and so should you.


Finally, to engage in a successful freelance writing career in Nigeria that is laden with high demand, you must focus solely on building the reputation of an incredible writer. Let people be certain of what to expect from you. Let their expectations kiss reality by constantly producing great work as they expect you to.

What will follow will be a deluge of demand that you can’t handle. Isn’t that what you want to become your reality? Let me know how much this post has been of help to you in the comments.

4 thoughts on “How to Become A Successful Freelance Writer in Nigeria

  1. Hello, Babalola. You literally did the home run with your feedback, thank you. I’ve shared a couple of platforms where budding freelancers can showcase their skills and grow them into massive institutions. Do well to check up the archives on this platform. I appreciate your feedback, once again. Cheers!

  2. I think I like your piece Mr Kizito. You have highlighted important points to be realized in trying to develop and nurture a career in freelance writing. I can’t agree more with you when you say we should not place the premium on money. Writing should be fun for people that engage in it. Attempt to strictly do it for money will most likely lead to frustration and dropping out. And of course, it takes time. Writing is an art, and as English language is not our mother’s tongue, we all must learn the art and how to be creative and prolific in our deliveries. It takes a lot of reading, one surely need to suck in hundreds of thousands of expressions and learn skills from other writers. Equally important is the fact that one has to be something like a writing machine, penning down stuffs like your plans, your day activities to your memoirs, and just about anything you feel needed to be documented. And you make a whole lot of sense with your third point that we should treat our writings as products. Good writings are intellectual properties and should be treated like a product. I penned more than 100 articles for my club back at school and one of my regrets today is I can’t seem to be able to trace those articles now ever since the club had gone into oblivion years ago.
    Your write up is quite informative but you did not give us some platform through which to vent the talent. I will expect that from you in your reply to this comment.

  3. Hello, Mr. Okosun. Thanks for taking time to read this article. It was created with awesome fellows like you in mind. Sure there’s more to learn on the subject of freelancing and client sourcing. I’ll make out time to create a sumptuous post replete with step-by-step process in a no BS style. Also, there are other awesome and relevant articles of the same subject matter you can peruse on this rich platform.

    Keep tabs

  4. Thanks a lot Mr Kizito for this content. It is quite simple to read and understand as well as highly informative. More like, I have been exposed to five basic principles of freelance writing. I would like to know more from you in the area of getting started my freelance writing business and client sourcing. I will appreciate a reply from you. Once again thanks a lot.

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