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March 29, 2017

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8 Free Online Platforms That Helps Your Business Grow in Nigeria

Talent in Nigeria

The issue of whether leaders are born or made has been long in existence even before I was born. What’s is important for me as a business man and investor is how effective I am in nurturing my influence and the impact such influence will have on the next generation of business leaders.

To be sincere, Nigeria is in need of honest and influential business leaders who will model the appropriate virtues and character traits that will bring about a ripple effect.

As we all know, business leaders are the very nerve centers of the economy. If you doubt me, take away the likes of Dangote and Elumelu from the Nigerian economic equation and let’s see what you’d come up with.

If you’d like to improve your influence as a business leader, here are a couple of high impact platforms you can try out as soon as you’re done reading this 4 minute article.
But first things first….


You can’t be to busy running your business at the risk of a stunted leadership persona. For a fact, your business will grow more in influence when you’re seen as a business leader than just a business man.

Remember the names I mentioned earlier? Those are not just business men, they are business leaders whose voices not only resonate in the Nigerian business circles but also in the political and economic landscape of not just Nigeria but Africa as a whole.

When last did you take a high-priced and often time-consuming business leadership development course?

I’m not saying that to be an influential business leader you need to sign up for an earth shattering, pocket disfiguring course. No. I’m talking about being intentional about growing as a business leader.

That said, there is a need to sign up for modules that have a structured curriculum and that would be able to help you stay faithful to a regimen. This makes for rapid habit development of good qualities.

Below are a few online platforms you can access to build your business leadership skills. They won’t cost you anything asides your data and your time. What’s your excuse again?
Some of these courses are graduate-level university courses from renowned learning institutes and platforms like MIT and Coursera.

8. Free Online Platforms in Nigeria That Helps Your Business Grow





1. Enterprise Boom

You know I had to talk about this platform first yeah? The wealth of information on this platform is just amazing. It’s unarguably the number one go-to source for business information in Nigeria. I spend a good deal of my surf time going through the well curated content by the team behind this platform.
I’ve found some information that have helped me grow as a business leader and I can say for free that you won’t be disappointed.


2. Master Class Management

From the stables of masterclassmanagent.com comes a free online management course that covers topics such as “How to be a Great Manager through Leadership,” “How to Organize and Manage Your Department to Meet Goals,” “How to Hire and Retain the Right People,” “How to Deal With Conflict, Problems, Difficult Employees, and Firing,” and “How to Get your Point Across Through the Art of Business Communications.” Each topic has subpoints and a quiz at the end of each section.


3. The official Facebook Page of Strive Masiyiwa

If you don’t know about Strive Masiyiwa by now then you don’t har any business aspiring to be a business leader. Just kidding, can’t you take a joke again.
It’s amazing how a business leader of his calibre still has time to teach and train young business owners on the ethics of leading in business.
I often joke with young entrepreneurs and I tell them that if they’ve not yet built a conglomerate like Dr. Strive has then they shouldn’t bore me with their tales of being busy. Like honestly, how busy can busy get huh?
Make sure you head over to his page as soon as you’re done with this article and pay particular attention to his afterthought thread.
For this tip, I won’t collect thank you just so you know. A cash transfer will be much appreciated.

4. Building your Leadership Skills via Coursera

This is offered via the HEC Paris and it’s an online course with focus on building your leadership skills by first understanding your personal leadership style and interpersonal skill set.

5. How we made it in Africa

I read an article recently on this platform that detailed the thoughts of a renowned Nigerian business leader, Hakeem Belo-Osagie; the man behind the Etisalat brand in Nigeria.
This platform has a lot of business lessons in leadership you can learn especially from veteran business leaders like Hakeem.


6. Leadership Skills in Business via Alison.com

Geared to entrepreneurs, this course gets you up to speed quickly with topics such as “Leadership in Business,” “Leadership in Entrepreneurial Venture,” “Selecting Your Team,” “Business Ethics,” and “Business Assessment.”


7. Organizational Leadership and Change

This course is a graduate-level university course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its an MIT graduate-level course in business leadership  with course materials and lectures available for free download.
If you’re thinking of taking an MBA, this could be a good (re)introduction to academic expectations. The only drawback to this course is the need to purchase some of the course reading material.


8. Building and Leading Effective Teams

Another offering from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, this one-week course is an academic boot camp to effective leadership. Some supplementary readings can be purchased, but a couple of hours in the library of any college or university should yield them up for free.

You’d have open source and free leadership training courses at your disposal, you can click your way to a more effective, productive, and happy workplace.

Do you know any other platforms that can help build business leaders? Do share in the comments below. Thanks

About The Author

Kizito Okorowu is a seasoned start-up advisor. With half a decade worth of experience in advising and investing in start-ups, he seeks to share his knowledge on pertinent issues relating to the Nigerian business scene via this platform.

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