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Ekemini Ekpo November 21, 2017

Putting into consideration the current population of Nigeria today, one need not explain the quantity of provision consumed on a daily basis which makes this business venture a profitable one. The business involves buying basic household items in bulk at wholesale prices and sell to consumers at retail prices to be able to make a […]

Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Are you having issues evaluating business opportunities and ideas in Nigeria? Evaluation of business opportunities and ideas is the foundation of starting a business. Before you start any business, it is necessary to evaluate very well your ability to manufacture a product or offer a service. If you get it right at the initial stage, […]

Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Are you wondering if successful people have fear or not? You reason, he is so successful and as such he has no fears. I have come to tell you that no matter how successful anybody is, he or she also has fear just like the average man in the street.

fashion business nigeria clothing design
Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Human basic needs are food, shelter and clothing. Oh! you see, the very last one is the focal point of this write-up. The clothing industry will keep on waxing stronger because humans will never stop wearing cloths. If a driven passion is present to start the fashion retail store in Nigeria, you are picking a […]

wedding business nigeria
Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Almost all Nigerians finds exquisite delight in a nicely planned and decorated wedding, but It is not every celebrant, who wants that dream come true will have time in making an elaborate colorful wedding. The celebrant’s needs are being met all over the country by those who runs a wedding business in Nigeria. Their goal […]

Ekemini Ekpo November 16, 2017

Traditional or mass media namely radio, television and all forms of the print media although effective means of advertisements do not seem to have the same level of touch it used to have before the advent of the Internet. The days are here when posters and billboards, radio and television forms of advertising and broadcasting […]

holiday in nigeria
Francis Ford November 10, 2017

Doing business in Nigeria entails more than knowing how to go about generating sales, building loyal customer base and reaping great profits. The environment and culture of the place you intend to do business also have an effect on your business. If you are very determined about succeeding in your business, you must be able […]

attract investors startups nigeria
Francis Ford November 10, 2017

Do you know you can get paid for your knowledge in Nigeria and make good amount of money from it monthly? Contrary to what the media will tell you, Nigeria is not as bad as you are thinking, it is only dominated by a large population of people who are so knowledgeable to the point […]

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