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Ekemini Ekpo November 22, 2017

Here, I will be discussing the 6 steps to start a paint manufacturing business in Nigeria. Are you still wondering how possible it is to start manufacturing paints in the country? Worry no more; is easy to operate. What is needed for this business is just the capital, a good technical know-how and a few […]

Ekemini Ekpo November 22, 2017

My business today is to expose to you how and why you should(can) start a successful bulk SMS business today in Nigeria and also, how you can reap great returns on investment from the venture. Having a bulk SMS portal, system or website essentially avails people of the opportunity to signup, subscribe to and send […]

Ekemini Ekpo November 21, 2017

Today I’ll be furnishing you with the fundamentals of starting a successful welding business in Nigeria. Welding is a skill that is always in high demand. It is a business that promises a high return on investment. Welding business, you may not know, is one of the most lucrative ventures in Nigeria which has been around […]

Ekemini Ekpo November 17, 2017

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this well-written guide on how to begin detergent production in Nigeria. I will be discussing with you how you can produce detergent and markets same in Nigerian and make good money from the business. it’s a complete guide; from start to finish. I like to advise the […]

Ekemini Ekpo November 16, 2017

Have you ever had in mind to start a cool room business in Nigeria? Do you know that you can make huge profits in the Nigerian cool room industry? There are numerous market women who are ready and seriously looking for places to preserve their frozen food items. We have a lot of people who […]

job search in nigeria
Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Long are the days where people had to always move around with cash just to make payment. Today, we now live in a cashless society that you do not have to move around with cash before you can obtain the required services and pay your bills.

Ekemini Ekpo November 16, 2017

So, you want to go into flower shop business in Nigeria and you don’t know how to go about it? hold on. I’m going to give you a blueprint that explains exactly how you can start a lucrative flower shop business in Nigeria. Now, flower shop business in Nigeria simply entails the buying and selling […]

fashion business nigeria clothing design
Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Human basic needs are food, shelter and clothing. Oh! you see, the very last one is the focal point of this write-up. The clothing industry will keep on waxing stronger because humans will never stop wearing cloths. If a driven passion is present to start the fashion retail store in Nigeria, you are picking a […]

wedding business nigeria
Francis Ford November 16, 2017

Almost all Nigerians finds exquisite delight in a nicely planned and decorated wedding, but It is not every celebrant, who wants that dream come true will have time in making an elaborate colorful wedding. The celebrant’s needs are being met all over the country by those who runs a wedding business in Nigeria. Their goal […]

Toluse Francis November 16, 2017

Dangote Flour Mills may have signalled its exit from noodles production, as it has disposed of two production lines located in Ikorodu and Calabar to Dufil Prima Ltd ( which makes Indomie noodles). The deal is valued at N3.7 billion and also includes Dufil Prima purchasing stock worth nearly N400 million. Dufil, will also produce […]

Ekemini Ekpo November 15, 2017

Tomato is a highly nutritious nutritive fruit eaten all over the world including Nigeria.  It is a delight in almost all households. Tomato is rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins and is very good in fighting diseases due to its chemical contents. whether consumed raw or processed into tomato paste, tomato consumption is good for the […]

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