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Woman Business Ideas

The varieties of business ideas for women in Nigeria are gaining waves and a good number of Nigerian women are adopting these ideas. Many women entrepreneurs in Nigeria have begun to look for more opportunities to achieve their dreams than staying at home. Some are working tirelessly as an employee while others are seeking for profitable women business ideas that they can easily start with less money.

The huge population of Nigeria and the rapidly rising middle class has brought hope for business success. Though some political and environmental factors may affect some business but the huge population and the high demand for goods and services have become an opportunity to many people with smooth level of partaking in the market share. Female entrepreneurs in Nigeria has also seen a sharp growth because of some success stories from others who have taken the calculated risks with good strategic planning to achieve their aims. From female CEOs, Managers, Directors, Entrepreneurs to girls agents, distributors etc and the list is not ending as many women has also embraced the online business with creative ideas and innovation and they are doing amazing things with recorded success.

However, there are many businesses women can invest in but we have compiled the list of business ideas women can start in Nigeria with less money.

Business Ideas for women in Nigeria


1. Freelance writing

For a long time, freelance writing has been a good way for people who are very passionate for writing original and unique articles for some big websites. Some websites pay people to write on a particular niche and if your articles is very good for publishing, you will be paid. Many women are into this business because they are so passionate to express their writing skills and have made some money doing so. Some websites where you can write and get paid are as follows

2. Restaurant business

Many people have been into this restaurant and they tend to do the same thing all the time. There are not new ideas on how they could do things differently that will entice customers but just to copy other people and this makes them less fortunate to achieve tremendous success. Restaurant business in Nigeria is very lucrative and approaching it with an innovative outlook like re-designing the fixtures, bringing in fancy white lights, having more space, bringing in the idea of drive through [ allowing customers to drive through your restaurant and buy take away foods without parking or coming out from the car]. It saves time! And doing home and office deliveries.

Nigeria has many ethnic groups and culture with many awesome foods every tribe loves to eat and serving your food exceptionally with good staffs will give you a huge advantage.

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3. Jewelry Making

Making of jewelry using beads have been a norm for some ladies who works from home but little do they know they can turn such business to a bigger venture. Some of them lack basic idea apart from the skills they have in turning those beads into necklaces, bangles and rings. They should the basics of marketing and adapt the culture of seeing those beads as big business so that there minds can be positioned to bring in new ideas that will enhance more professional works and bring in more revenues.

4. Blogging

Blogging is good platform for women in Nigeria to bring their voice in the online community. Recently, there have been some female bloggers in Nigeria who are doing exceptionally well but only very handful number of them have achieved success like Linda Ikeji who bought a mansion in Banana island from the money she makes from blogging, Uche Pedro who blogs about entertainment, wedding and lots more, Ladun, Liadi, Stella Dimokokorkus, Laila Ijeoma, Ono Bello, Emeh Achanga etc. These girls have passion for their blogs and express their desire to reach out to millions of Nigeria in sharing their thoughts about things that matter to them. If you are good with cooking skills, make up, fashion design, relationship advice etc, you may consider starting a blog immediately. Some blogs categories you can consider as a female are;

  • Food blogging
  • Entertainment & gist
  • Fashion
  • Relationship
  • Make up
  • Business
  • Job

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5. Rental Services

This is a good business to start as a woman because there are many opportunities that goes with this idea. There are many seasons in Nigeria for celebrations and people are willing to rent some items than buy what they don’t need. Some of the items you can rent are as follows;

  • Wedding dress
  • Big Pots and pans
  • Plates and Spoons
  • Canopies of different sizes
  • Chairs and tables
  • Spaces and Halls
  • Cooling Vans
  • Other forms of dresses Etc.

It is very profitable business considering the rate people organize get-together in Nigeria.

6. Child Care

Few people are making some money in Nanny Business especially in the cities of Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. The growth percentage of female employees has made some women to leave their kids at the care of a good nanny. This is a booming business and many Nannies’ centers have also turn it into daycare schools to help educate those kids. 

7. Hair Stylist

Styling hairs through creative ways with different approaches are new trends among young adults in Nigeria and they are willing to part with their money to look awesome every week. For you to excel in this business, you must have skills in styling female hairs and you can also employ other people to help you grow the business and turn it into a chain business which can be seen in every city in Nigeria.

8. Farming

Many females have adapted farming business in Nigeria and making a lot of profit as most farming business is relatively easy to start with less money. Sometimes when people hears farming they often think it’s the old ways of carrying a shovel to the farms to cultivate plants. But the farming we are talking about is livestock farming which is a consuming goods that people purchases every time. Some of the live stocks you can farm in Nigeria as a woman are;

  • Poultry farming
  • Snail Farming
  • Catfish Farming
  • Grass cutter
  • Plantain Plantation Etc.

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9. Bottled/Purewater Production

Bottled water production in Nigeria is a profitable business idea and women can do it successfully. Buying the packing, filling and labeling machines are very cheap for pure water production while advancing to bottled water requires more money. A top priority is registering with the Nafdac and getting a good source of clean water. The opportunities are huge as people drink water all the time.

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10. Affiliate marketing

The idea of marketing goods for companies both online and offline and gets commission when the goods is sold is a good business idea. I also do some affiliate marketing through online sales with E commerce websites such as Konga, Jumia etc. It’s a good business and there are many other offline affiliate marketing in Nigeria like Edmark, Gnld etc. Affiliate marketing is a good business idea for women in Nigeria.

11. Retail stores

Retailing is a huge business for women who carefully understand this steps to achieve success. It has over shadowed the normal boutique shop business that most women are doing. Retail stores are better with good advantage of turning into a chain business. Women in Nigeria can sell Cloths, bags, Jewelries, Makeup items and other cosmetics items in their stores.

12. Consulting business

A very lucrative business that people often over looks because they do not understand how it works. Consulting business is a way of sharing and disseminating knowledge and information to people and getting paid for it. People need solutions to their mistakes or a better way to do things and they tend to consult an expert who has more knowledge than them. It has been a huge successful business in Nigeria and some of the types of consulting business you can start are;

  • Career advisor
  • Wedding Consultancy
  • Marriage Consultancy
  • Relationship Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy
  • Accounting Consultancy
  • Medical Consultancy
  • Fashion Consultancy
  • Human Resource experts
  • Job Consultant
  • Visa Consultant

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13. Distributorship

Applying to some companies to be their distributors is a viable business. Wholesalers will contact you as a distributor always and when you are a distributor of a good commodity then you will make so much revenue from this business.

14. Printing Recharge Cards

Recharge cards printing in Nigeria has been for quite a long time but most people never knew they could print their own recharge cards and sale to others. By using POS and software with the pin, you can as well print a lot of vouchers. People top up their phone everyday and you will have many people that will patronize your business especially if you are in a good location.

15. Web Designing

The coming of the digital age has forced many businesses to go online by creating a website and joining the social Medias. If you have knowledge on how to create a good looking websites then you are positioned to make huge amount of money from this business idea. Knowing how to market your skills to potential clients are good way to create awareness of your services.

Other women business ideas are

16. Public speaking

17. Tutoring

18. Wedding Planning

19. Cake Baking

20. Saloon Shops

21. Real estate agents

22. Interior Decorations

23.Printing press

24. Perfume retail business

25. E-Commerce website


Women Entrepreneurs can now start a good business than just being an employee or staying at home with these business ideas mentioned above. In the future, the approach of business in Nigeria will change and mostly many people who still lacks knowledge about what to do will be left behind while others will achieve tremendous success.

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