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My name is Chinedu Nwaigene, a passionate Nigerian entrepreneur who enjoys real estate developing, retailing, manufacturing and tech-developing. I have a strong passion for business, be it building a business, managing a business, promoting a business or over-all running of a successful business. I have been to many places and had great experience on practicalbusiness. I started doing part-time business when I enrolled in a University, I get cars from trusted people at a specific amount and rent it out to fellow students and made some cash at the end of every month and that is enough to pay for my utilities,monthly rental and part of my school fees and later moved to Importing some goods from Malaysia,China, India to Nigeria and have recorded tremendous success.

I like traveling and have met some of the business men and woman who inspired me so much and shared their secrets of success to me. I am as well a principal business consultant for small-scale manufacturing company in Nigeria and the company went out to make great financial revenues with yearly profits of Seven figures.

I love what I do, and I think that I am good at what I do. The most important thing is that I stay focused and project the energy within and I admire negotiating deals, preferable big deals. I have my negotiation techniques that had led me too many terrific accomplishments.

I am the founder of Enterpriseboom. A business blog I created to share business ideas, online business ideas, tech business updates, How to be a better employer etc. with the public and educate them on howto start, run, manage and grow your business in Nigeria. I admire the feedback I get from my blog readers that have achieved great success for understanding the power to unlock potentials and manage and run an enterprise from my blog posts, advice, recommendations, etc.; I don’t do it for the money, I do it because I love it. If I don’t love it, I wouldn’t be doing it. I have bad days, I have good days and ugly days in between, but the result is I love doing it.

One of my preferable goals is to equip the public with the desired knowledge to build a company and run a successful business. I also advise employees on how anyone will be the best in their workplace and get raises and promotions from their boss. You can’t anticipate being a valuable employee when you don’t work valuably to the company. It is not a rocket science: It is possible and achievable.

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  1. Thank you very sir you really inspired me, But sir i have a business idea and i need your help for clarification. Pls sir how can i get in touch with you? GOD bless u.

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