Okon Joseph March 20, 2017
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Do you know that, for the average adult in Nigeria, the other place that he/she spends more time other than the home is the office? In fact, statistics show that people spend three-quarters of their adult life at their place of work or business globally. Even if your office/business is located in your home, the chances are high that you spend more time at your home office than in other parts of the house.

Why is this the case? The need to keep body and soul together, as well as to provide for others like your kids, relatives and dependents. Other considerations point to the fact that people, Nigerians inclusive, see work as an essential part of the equation in the attainment of professional and personal satisfaction.

If the work place is where you spend most of your waking time at, then it makes common sense to make this space as comfortable and as productive as possible. For Nigeria, these attributes assume critical importance. The business climate in Nigeria demands that the average work place is an environment where productivity flourishes, where creativity is encouraged and standards of good hygiene maintained.

In the light of the above, the following tips can serve as guides for setting up your office in Nigeria:


1. Choose an Accessible Location

In Nigeria, a good location can effectively boost the financial bottom line of your business. For starters, your customers are faced with a lot of competing alternatives; hence you should not further complicate their situation by making your office hard to find.


2. Maximize Space

Nigeria operates a business environment where a premium is placed on obtaining an office space. This may add to the costs of running the office. In the light of this fact, you should set up your office with the aim of ensuring that space is optimally used.  Put in only furniture and other features that are absolutely necessary for the operation of your business.


3. Consider Ergonomic Options

In setting up an office in Nigeria, it is important that you adequately consider how the office impacts on the health and productivity of your workforce.

Since it is a given that employees and management spend close to 50 hours a week at their work station, it is advisable that structures such as their desk, chairs, computers and other accessories are set-up to ensure their well being, of both mind and body.

In addition to the above, the productivity of staff can be enhanced when their daily tasks and office obligations are facilitated by a supportive work place environment.


4. Input Elements of Warmth and Conviviality

Offices are inhabited by people, who leave their homes and places of residence, to give of their time, efforts and resources in achieving business goals and objectives. Nigeria is not an exemption. In setting up an office in Nigeria, you can subsume certain elements that enhance the corporate climate in the office, especially for when employees need breaks/time-outs.

In this regard, you can add space permitting, features like a coffee room, a library/study, a kitchen, water dispensers, a play room et al.

What these demarcations do is to create a work/leisure balance, that is critical to the both personal and corporate success.


5. Incorporate Art Works and Decorations

Your office space in Nigeria can be made visually stimulating, for both staff and visitors, when the walls and other strategic spaces are adorned with paintings and sculptures.

Art is said to be life and it is also known to stimulate the capacity for thought and deep introspection. In addition to the above benefits, decorating your office gives it a cloak of professionalism and refinement.


6. Go Green in the Office

Your office in Nigeria can be a lively and healthy place when your place plants and flowers in strategic locations, in and around the office.

Plants are known to be natural emitters of oxygen; hence your staff will be healthier as a result of their presence. Live Plants and flowers also shore up the aesthetic appeal of the office as well as boost the mood in the business environment.


7. Be Security Conscious

Security has always been a global concern, especially with regard to terror attacks and kidnappings. Your office in Nigeria is a potential target for hoodlums and armed robbers, especially if your business entails the physical handling of cash. Therefore, it is imperative that you install structures and systems that will ensure the safety of personnel and other physical resources.

To this end, you can install security cameras, clock-in consoles for staff, burglary alarm systems and if necessary security staff as well as security dogs.


8. The Office Should Adhere to Health and Safety Measures

Work place accidents have assumed an alarming proportion over the last couple of decades. The reasons that can be advanced for this trend includes negligence of management as well as poor safety rules and regulations.

You should set up your office to ensure that the environment is free from harm and engenders the well being of all staff in the office. This is especially needed if your business is a production facility or a motor repair clinic.

These tips are by no means exhaustive. You should realize the importance between a conducive work place and improved staff productivity and greater customer satisfaction, and strive to maintain standards of office engagement and etiquette.

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