Okon Joseph September 26, 2016
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It’s so exciting to set up your products in an online store. We all have high hopes that we will get our store online and the cash register will sing. But, that’s not the case. If you have your online store already up, that means half the battle is already won. The marketing strategies explained in this post are simple and can be started today. The number one thing you need when operating your own online store is getting traffic.

Once you get some eyeballs on your store you will be bound to start seeing sells. The key here is to take action with your promoting. There are many ways that you can promote your online store. You just need to pick a few of the ways that feel most comfortable doing and attack. In this blog post, 7 techniques are considered that would go a significant way in advertising and promoting your website:


7 Ways to Promote Your Small Online Store in Nigeria





1. Utilize Facebook Ads

Recently, given the staggering number of subscribers to Facebook, it has become a tool beyond emphasis in promoting or advertising a blog. Facebook is one call for tool when it comes to promoting online. It is so useful that many bloggers and online retail store companies are taking advantage of the wide Facebook usage in stepping up their respective businesses in Nigeria. Facebook Ads has been proven as an effective tool that really converts traffic to buyers in terms of sales.


2. Word-of-Mouth Approach

This is the surest and optimal way to get the news of your online store across to an audience in terms of both access and reliability. You can ignite the chain of information with relatives, friends, and colleagues. You can organize seminars and public programs to get a wider audience, and in such gatherings, ensure to establish the benefits your potential buyers are likely to get when they purchase any of your products. Getting to this set of persons enhances the faster publicizing of your site.


3. Adopt the idea of Guest Posting

Guest posting is also another method of promoting your online store in Nigeria. This method entails publishing articles in other blogs, especially top blogs within your niche that has high following. My guess is that you are wondering “so how does that advertise my business?”

It is a key avenue to promote your own blog store as you get to include backlinks that drives traffic to your store each time you do such posts. So you have your answer, it’s a fundamental approach web masters now utilize in sharing readership with other blogs.


4. Respond to Comments On Other Blogs

In doing this, ensure to leave your blog link in such forums. Very importantly, in commenting or responding to comments, ensure that your response is heavily relevant to whomever it may concern. It should be a comment that would move other readers of such blogs to wonder “who is this blogger with this kind of quality idea?” Once you are creeping into the minds of other readers, you are 90% likely to eventually drive traffic to your own blog.

Have it in mind that you are not just commenting to promote your online store but to contribute to the discussion in such a way that will make people want to check you out.


5. Utilize Google Advertising Program

This is Google Adwords program, and the approach is that Google takes up the advertising of your online products, and then you pay for the service. Usually the payment is made on a per-click basis, so you reward Google for pulling traffic in the direction of your site as soon as any one person gets through to your online store.


6. Join Forums and Make Meaningful Contributions

There are online forums in Nigeria that you can also use to promote your online store in a way that it won’t look salesy. Some forums have categories and you can do yourself good by joining categories that you can provide solutions to. Join communities like NairaLand and others and participate; get recognized among in your niche, get a reputation.

Traffic is not far from your online store if they eventually find out that you have products that want and you are also trusted.         


7. Use Social Media Platforms

A very pronounced medium of advertisement is using social media. If you are using Facebook, either you set up a Facebook page for your business or you could link Facebook to your website. There are however other social media platforms like Pinterest, twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. where one can also do advertisements. This approach is different from the earlier Facebook ads in that, in that method you get to place ads technically on Facebook.

However in this method, you get to spread the word with your posts precisely in all platforms. The act of trying to promote a business is one that involves persistence and requires time. However, adopting the above techniques has a long way to go in pushing your online store from the lines of zero views to a business in which over a thousand potential buyers are interested.

Now, it is important to add that you must ensure that the quality of your product is either or above standard.

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