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Do you own a small business in Nigeria and want to make it an absolute success? Then you’ve come to the right place where you can learn the principles.!

Thousands of businesses are created every single day online and offline in Nigeria. But, what is sad is that there will only be a handful that will survive the test of time. In today’s world, business success is very hard to come by. If you do not have the proper planning or knowledge, you too are more likely to fail.

As a small business owner, we face certain challenges that can add stress and anxiety to our daily lives. It is not always easy meeting payroll, hiring, figuring out what platform to market on and managing the finances. But, millions of small business owners in Nigeria do these things every day and their businesses thrive. Read the following 7 tips for small business success in Nigeria and take action.



7 Tips for Small Business Success in Nigeria




1. Look After Yourself First

This is one rule of successful small business owners. They exercise regularly, eat healthily and hang around positive people. if you want to experience success in your small business in a competitive country like Nigeria, you have to feed your mind by attending personal development courses.

Read self-help and motivational books, listen to tapes. Stress management levels will be much more effective when you look after yourself. Do the right thing by yourself and you’ll have heaps of energy, be motivated, have more balance in your life which in turn will help you be more productive and successful.


2. Plan For Your Success

Every entrepreneur should research and plan their business model for success. Too many people fall in the trap of setting up their business too fast, without the proper planning first. Do your due diligence and find out everything you need to know up-front before you decide to take on a new business venture.

Don’t be in a rush, you still have time. You planned to do business for a long time, isn’t it worth the time for proper planning?


3. Use a Diary or Digital Organizer

As a small business owner, there is so much work to do that if you are not well organize, you will end up confuse with what is important to do first. To keep you organize in your small business, you need to record your appointments and things to do and goals somewhere.

Preferably, you can record your to-do list in a paper diary or digital organizer that you can take everywhere. This is the most effective way to get things done, plan your work and your life. I do this daily and it help keep me organize and it is a very important time management tool for business owners.

Balance is extremely important. Top achievers are great at time management (even if they have to pay someone else to organize them).


4. Be Personal with your Customers

This is one of my key in winning prospect to myself. I don’t like being too serious when talking with clients. I make sure they know that I am still a person with normal feelings and I speak their kind of language.

I make sure I make them laugh and feel like they are talking to a friend and not just a writer they want to give a job. Nobody likes to be around somebody that doesn’t have a good personality.

There so many entrepreneurs out there that act like robots when it comes to dealing with their customers. Be yourself when your around your client. You can still act professional and be yourself at the same time.

Your customers will get to know you better and you will build a stronger and more profitable relationship together.


5. Do What You Can Do and Delegate the Rest

When I first started my freelance writing business, I was doing everything myself and I was always tired each day. My success came after I got an idea to employ competent hands to help me with writing while I manage and market my brand to get more clients to work with.

Many small business owners are spending heaps of time on mundane secretarial tasks which would take a person who is trained in that area a quarter of the time to undertake. Stress management is an important part of running your small business. Reduce the stress by delegating or outsourcing wherever you can.

Use a personal assistant or virtual assistant. Always ask yourself, who else can I get to do this? Use your time management to focus on what you do best.


6. Get a Mentor

Whatever you want to achieve in your small business has already been achieved by more than one person. They know the puddles you should not even try to step in and they can also give insight into decisions you are facing.

Reach out to these people and ask them for their mentorship. If you do not have a mentor, try networking to meet like-minded people that can share ideas with you.

However, as your business grows, if you do not have a mentor, keep your eyes open for someone that you can call on for support. Most successful people want to help you grow and develop and will be glad to guide you. Just make sure that you are open-minded when your mentor talks with you and that you come with questions or a direction to the meeting as to not waste their time.


7. Learn to say “No”

To dramatically improve your productivity and do more of the things you want, you have to be firm with others and let them know if you cannot, will not or are unavailable to fulfil their requests.

If you constantly say “yes” to everyone else’s requests you will never have the time to do what you really want to.

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