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Are you looking for e-commerce marketplace platforms to sell your products online in Nigeria? Have you been having a hard time trying to locate e-commerce websites where you can place your products to be viewed by millions of Nigerian? We’ve got this for you!

To start with, e-commerce websites marketplace are on a daily rise because they’re becoming very relevant as people adopt online business. Entrepreneurs want to reach more audience and more companies hire programmers to design  platforms for them, so we can categorically state that there’s really going to be a continuous increase in flux of virtual markets in the coming years in Nigeria integrating online resources but the oldest of such, logically would always tend to have more publicity.

So let’s discuss 7 of these Online marketplace platforms in Nigeria where you can sell your products online.


7 Ecommerce Websites To Sell Your Products Online in Nigeria



1. Konga

Konga Nigeria is one of the sure leading e-commerce Nigerian websites with numerous tags. Firstly tagged as your number one online marketplace for mobile phones. Konga’s operative method is quite simple and easy. To sell or trade on Konga, first you need a Konga account and next you need to develop a seller HQ account under the first one which would ultimately be your online store of products. Konga is a goldmine as a matter of fact, with an incredibly massive fanbase! With a seller HQ account you’re ready for tremendous business on Konga!



2. Olx

This is another platform that has virtually dominated the ecosystem of e-commerce. You see regular related ads of OLX on facebook almost on a daily basis and even some mobile phone apps have integrated OLX ads into their systems. Extremely fascinating isn’t it? Sure it is… OLX affords you the possibility of reaching millions of prospects with a quick snap!
Unfortunately, OLX of late has been getting a couple tag of fraudulent transactions and the major reason for these tags is that some bad nuts have constantly infested trades on OLX with dishonesty which isn’t profitable. I can remember one such advert I saw on OLX sometime ago which was also criticised on Nairaland of a very neat and clean tokumbo hummer bus being available for sale at N400, 000. You really don’t need to be told this is a white lie. For this reason you might have quite a hard time convincing buyers on your genuiness or even getting the needed attention due to this ongoing trend and record. Every online dealership platform has a possibility for fake deals but its quite alarming with OLX as people keep discussing it’s trend on platforms regularly. The first prerequisite for succeeding with trades on OLX is to avoid too-good to-be-true-offers. Don’t try to impress prospects by proposing to sell way below what’s normal or logical. If you do so, your profile could be tagged and dented and this would have a lasting negative effect on you. But when you stand out rightfully, your profile could be noted for genuiness and sure you stand a better chance of survival and succeeding.



3. Jumia

There’s been a lot of complains by many who have effortlessly tried to market their own products on Jumia as to the difficulty of locating how to market your own products on Jumia. Actually, locating how to sell or upload your own products for sell on Jumia isn’t really simple and I’m one person who ever found it quite tedious to do so not until after some extensive research. However, the good news is there’s an option for that. Unlike a couple other e-commerce sites, on the Jumia platform, there’s a button “Post free ad”. To upload your items for sale on Jumia, click this button and follow the necessary steps.


4. Jiji.Ng

Our lives have been touched extensively by comfortability. Here comes Jiji another booming e-commerce website with quite an impressive fan base. Jiji allows you to sell everything you can afford to sell. Ranging from land to houses, to phones, to tablets, computers, gadgets, home appliances, wears, toys, baby clothes, cosmetics and what have you? On Jiji and like a couple other e-commerce websites, there’s possibility for buyers to obtain discounts, that is prices aren’t fixed. They’re flexible so this particularly attracts people to shop on Jiji, this makes Jiji one of the best platforms to use! To Trade on Jiji, use the “sell for free” option and upload as much items as you want by following the subsequent required procedures.


5. Kaymu

Previously, KAYMU was operating like a private company. They guarantee both you and your buyers, receive payments on your behalf then credit your account when delivery has been confirmed but most recently there’s been a change, they have upgraded their dealership protocols due to past fraudulent activities that have been brought to their attention, now they connect buyers directly to sellers and take their commission afterwards. From my findings, kaymu seems to be more popular in Ghana over Nigeria but that does not make it ineffective for e-commerce in Nigeria. It is still a perfect marketplace. Their regular dealership upgrades keeps making it more and more convenient and secured to trade on KAYMU. Listing your products on KAYMU is actually free, consequently you’re charged a fee whenever any of your products gets sold! Kaymu even seems to be in some partnership with Jumia Nigeria which means an extended boundary. To start selling on kaymu, all you need do is visit the site and sign up, then follow the necessary steps in setting up your virtual market, you may need to do this via PC.

6. Dealdey

Dealdey gives you great discounts on food purchases, mobile phones, tablets, clothes etcetera. Dealdey isn’t too popular yet as an e-commerce site but apparently it’s rise is speeding up greatly. One thing I like so much about Dealdey is their web design which is very catchy and allows whole and complete images of items to be seen at a go. To start trading on Dealdey, you’ll need to create an account then update and build your virtual market.


7. Mystore Nigeria

Mystore Nigeria allows you to sell anything you offer to prospective clients who call you up to discuss and make purchases. Visit www.mystore.com.ng and sign up with the required details. Mystore Nigeria is also on potential rise and gaining acknowledgement due to its effective method of dealership which is simple, also the site itself is quite easy to navigate. It accomodates every sellable material on its shores.

NB: for all e-commerce websites dealership must be carried out with utmost caution and carefulness to minimize risks and mishaps. Fraudulent activities abound everywhere with either the seller being targeted or the buyer being aimed at. Online shopping is feasible and less stressful but requires keenness and attention.

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