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snail farming business in nigeria

There are a number of lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria today. Snail farming is one of the ways business owners in Nigeria can make good and promising returns. If you run a snail farming business, this article will provide you with knowledge of other ways you can profit from your snail business. If you don’t run a snail farming business, this article will spur you to consider doing so.

Let’s talk a bit about starting a snail farming business first before we go into the various profit making schemes the business possesses.

Snail farming is one of the best fields in agriculture with high revenue generating capacity. There is still a short supply of snail in Nigeria. This rarity is of a great advantage to the farmer or seller. There is a large market that can absorb the influx of more snails. This means that one doesn’t need to bother about market saturation. The snail market is essentially undeserved with analysts saying that having an additional 20,000 tons of snail will just be sufficient to cater for its demand. That’s huge if you ask me.

One of the first things to ascertain when starting a snail farming business is the availability of a direct local market that you can sell to.
Having this sorted out means that you can increase production of more snails with the assurance that there is a ready market to purchase what you’ve produced.
The snail market is available but most times requires diligent and thorough search to locate. One can decide to sell directly to local restaurants, hotels or even to cold room operators.
When the market has been sorted, the next thing will be to determine how the snail will be sold and at what interval.
Are people going to make advanced payments? Or are you going to barter the snails for another essential service which the other fellow can provide you? This should be sorted out also.
The avenues of profiting from snail farming include:



6 Ways of Profiting From Snail Farming in Nigeria




1) Integrated Farming

In this system, snails are grown alongside other products or crops. You can decide to create a viable ecosystem such that each product is distinct from the other yet helping in the other product’s lifecycle or development.

For instance, you can decide to plant banana and have a snailery. The snails can feed on the banana leaves as fodder and also be protected from the elements by the banana. You can then start a grasscutter business on the side and have the dung from them as manure for the banana.



2) Snail Export 

Most people think of snail farming in local terms alone. There’s actually more to it. It can also be used for international trade. You may decide not to start breeding snails but can buy from those who have raised them and sell abroad.

There are local kitchens abroad that cater for native Nigerians who miss home food. The owners of these establishments can buy from you. In exporting, there’s a need to meet international packaging standards so that your products are not barred by the travel officers.
In exporting snails, make sure the snails are killed and placed in hot water and boiled for about 30 minutes. Cool and scoop the flesh with the edible portions chopped out.

Collaborating with export bodies like the Nigerian Export Promotion Council will improve your chances of exporting the products.


3) Fast Food

You can also package snails as fast food that people can eat on the go. Small to medium sized snails are ideal for this venture. You can decide to make peppered snail that can be displayed in supermarkets and residential hubs. Pay great attention to preservation and quality in doing this.



4) Snail Breeders

This is another lucrative aspect of snail farming. The turn over period is usually between a year and roughly 2 years. An average snail can produce about 150 snails within a year. You can decide to sell to restaurants and eateries. The breeders can be sold after a couple of months for higher prices as well.


5) Snail Meal

There are equipments used to produce snail supplements and the likes. This can also be used to produce feed for poultry and fish. One can decide to purchase and sell to other snail farmers and breeders. The raw materials needed for this can be sourced locally at cheap rates.


6) Snail Marketing

One can decide to help snail farmers market their products for a fee. Providing a ready market for sellers by informing the buyers once snail is available. You can decide to curate the snail farms and the ideal time for harvesting the snails and communicate same to owners of drink parlors, joints and bars.

Finally, one thing you need to know about snail farming business is that you can start from where you are and with what you have. As you grow in income and revenue, you can decide to scale up.
With these 6 tips, I’m sure you’d make a good fortune from snail farming business. Let me know your thoughts about this article in the comments below:

7 thoughts on “6 Ways of Profiting From Snail Farming in Nigeria

  1. sir, I have leant a lot from this snail farming business. Thanks a lot for your time and energy. I want to venture into it, in a large scale, that means I will need a land of my own, before starting. The feeds is also very easy to source and does not have a bad smell to passer-by. It really eye opener, thanks.

  2. The achatina achatina is the best type of snail since it can lay upto 500 eggs a yr.
    Starting never cost me a dime. I built them an artificial shelter myself with a lot of space in it and with natural soil.
    I use vegetables and fruits to feed them and the fact is that I only use debris.
    They are growing and I hope to make money from them someday!

  3. Hello, Iyke. That’s a valid question.

    In grooming snails for business, there’s a need to ensure adequate spacing especially if you’re using the highly procreative breeders.

    The more spaced they are the more opportunity they have to grow in size and vice versa.

    So yes you can separate the eggs from the parent snails.

  4. Thanks for your feedback, Andrew.

    1) Snails are hermaphroditic species and possess both male and female organs. It’s best you source your snails when starting this business from their natural habitat like in the bush during rainy season.

    2) you can raise your snails in a rubber container depending on the scale you have in mind. Ideally, they are better raised in low plain and downhill sites where there is soil. You can create an artificial home for them in your backyard using used rubber tyres or containers.

    3) again, starting a snail business depends on the scale you have in mind. the achatina spp are the most productive for business as they can lay up to 500 eggs in a year. Their feed are also easy to find as they can feed on pawpaw leaves and banana leaves. With a sum of between 50-70k you can start a profitable and lucrative snail business.

    I hope I’ve answered your questions exhaustively?

  5. I’m enjoying the articles from this blog thanks. My question is concerning the snail hw can get male and female species ? Again can snail be train in rubber container? With hw much capital can one start with? Thanks

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