Kizito Okorowu August 29, 2016
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There’s no better time to celebrate the feats that marquee entrepreneurs in Nigeria like Aliko Dangote and Tony Elumelu have achieved in their many years as entrepreneurs. We shouldn’t also forget new players on the scene like Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Williams.

In this article, we’ll be encouraging upcoming entrepreneurs by highlighting character traits that have made the Nigerian entrepreneurs we’ve come to respect who they are.
What are the traits that have made these entrepreneurs stand out? Find out below:


6 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs in Nigeria



1) Early Start

Becoming a successful entrepreneur doesn’t occur by accident. It takes a while usually denominated in decades of hard work to accomplish rare feats only successful entrepreneurs can pull off. When folks look at highly successful entrepreneurs, they think that most if not all were born into massive wealth. This is usually not the case and even if it were, we’ve also had cases of those that have been born into wealth without making good use of their means on the flip side.

My point is this, most highly successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria including the man who has the largest supermarket chain in your vicinity started honing their skills in one way or the other when they were young.

2) They Learn Constantly

Highly successful entrepreneurs are known for their consistent quest for knowledge. Tony Elumelu typifies the ever learning entrepreneur. I once saw a post on his social media page where he was attending an executive course at the prestigious Harvard University.

In keeping up with their industries, successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria have sought to expand their business mindset and acumen. It’s imperative for you as an entrepreneur to create time blocks during the week dedicated solely for the purpose of studying and learning.
Learning also implies seeking wisdom from established authorities in your field. If you can, buy that senior colleague or thought leader in your field lunch in an elite environment. Such gesture is bound to spur them to tell you relevant tales and tips that will contribute significantly to your growth and development.

3) They Work Hard and Smart

Highly successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria do not circumvent hard work. They know that success is a journey and are committed to it for the entirety of the journey. They also combine hard work effectively with smart work. They know not to trade their time for money. They set up structures that ensure that their businesses can function with little or none of their input.

How does a man like Dangote manage more than 4 global offices in different time zones and yet has time to attend social functions in Nigeria? Your answer is as good as mine.

The reason why “get rich quick” schemes are prevalent today in Nigeria is because many people want to get a lot of things without making significant efforts and contributions.


4) They Are Clear About Their Goals

Highly successful entrepreneurs have a tremendous dose of clarity when it comes to the goals and objectives that their businesses have set out to accomplish. They have marked timelines attached to their business goals. They are aware of what they ought to do in a month, a quarter or even a year. They don’t just think about making their business goals, they create avenues that help them execute these goals.
At some point in the life cycle of their goals, they take inventory of their journey so far. It’s pretty hard for some of them to take breaks but they eventually do. During such breaks, they appraise their goals and find out how close or far they are from achieving them.

5) They Have Control Over Their Time

Highly successful entrepreneurs are skilled at leveraging time. They create systems and structures that give them quality control over more than 80 hours of their work life a week. The life of an entrepreneur is one that may require that you lose track of time especially when building your business from scratch. However like the successful breed, the benefits of your entrepreneurial life is seen in how much of your time you own and control.

6) They Are Excited About What’s Next

Have you ever heard a notable entrepreneur like Tony Elumelu talk about the future? I have. There’s always this sparkle in his eyes when he talks about the future of African entrepreneurship in the context of Africapitalism.

Highly successful entrepreneurs are hugely excited about change and the possibilities that are hidden in the future. You should too. You should be excited and enthused by what the future holds and how your business can help redefine that future you envisage.

Finally, as promising entrepreneurs we should be committed to making a success out of our businesses and startups. This will help us not just only in terms of building great businesses but will also spur those behind us to put in work that isn’t in anyway sub par.


There’s a resolve that highly successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria have made and such resolve should be your mantra and life theme: to be highly successful. Have you been spurred by this article? I’d like to read your feedback and response in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with a friend.  Cheers!

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