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There are certain business you can start in Nigeria with No Degree or any form of certificate as what matters in most business is the level of knowledge , information or skill. 

This article is inspired by a conversation I had recently with a young entrepreneur who doesn’t have the ‘luxury’ of a Bsc attached to his name. This young man has sought employment to raise some much needed side cash but has been met so far with the seeming road block Bsc entry criteria.
If you’re like this young man without a minted Bsc degree and you’ve got your brain in tact then reading this article till the very end will be the best 7 minute time investment you’ve made this year.
Don’t get it twisted, this article isn’t a motivational rant about how you can make it without a Bsc. I’ve got mine as I write and I’m currently in the middle of an Msc program.
My decision to write this article is solely based on the thousands who have allowed their not having a Bsc degree to become a good looking excuse for them not to improve their financial state. Allow me to make the following suggestions of businesses you can start without a Bsc degree :


1) Product Agent

This is a marketing kind of business you can start without having Bsc certification. Tons of stories have been told of multi-millionaire business men who started out just marketing products and services for niche businesses.
I bet you’ve been told about your famous sweet mouth but yet you’re at a loss about how you can make the sweet mouth become a sweet money minting machine. Being a product agent may just be all you need.
To start with, create a list of businesses in your locality or environ where you currently stay.

Commit to checking up most of the businesses and speak with the owners. If you can’t get through to them then speak with whoever is in charge. Make them know you can bring in more clients and close more deals for them if they’d be willing to pay you a commission. There’d definitely be some turn downs especially considering the business type and mode of operation.

However there’d be one or two that will be willing to try you out and see what you make of it. Hold on to these ones and reach out to their target clients within your sphere of influence.
I should mention at this point that you’d need to have a good understanding of their target or ideal client and work out a good commission structure that you can easily make recurrent and rapid income.

Don’t forget that the goal is not to do a one-off kind of a transaction but to groom that one deal or success into a business.


2) Used Item Vendor

People have been making a profit by selling their junk or used items on both local platforms like Olx and as well as international platforms like eBay and Craigslist for years. Go through your home and start getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. When you run out, then start buying other people’s stuff and reselling it.

You can also give word out to friends and family that you can get them good deals for the items they are looking to dispose in their houses or offices.


3) Drop Shipping

With drop shipping you still sell items online. However, it’s for a manufacturer. This means you don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping the items. The manufacturer does all of that for you. Most manufacturers don’t care one bit whether you have a degree or not. All they want to know is your ability to deliver.

All you need is to check out classified sites in popular online forums like and look out for such ads. Ensure that the products to be sold are those that you’ve got ready access to who are willing to buy on demand.

Pay attention to the terms and conditions as displayed by the manufacturer and make sure you understand all that’s been outlined before you agree or give your consent.


4) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you plug a business or product on your blog or website. They’ll give you a special URL code so that whenever a visitor clicks on that link you’ll get a commission. This goes out to those who have a blog or a site and haven’t yet found a way to monetize it yet. This is a goldmine you’re neglecting.

Much has been written on this platform about how to start a blog in Nigeria. Do well to read up.


5) Sell Your Brain

This phrase was coined from renowned Nigeria Internet marketing genius, Ronald Nzimora who has top end clients like Naira Bet. When you hear people call themselves consultants, that’s basically what they do. If you can teach folks to dance, you’re not just a dance instructor but you’re also selling your brain.

So what are you so good at and how can you teach others to be a pro just like you? Need i remind you that you don’t need a Bsc degree for this.

I started selling my brain when I was barely 20 and without a Bsc degree. Nothing stops you from doing same. Here are a couple of aspects you can consider if you need a clue or a hint :


  • Public Relations

The main responsibility of PR consultants is to control what people think about a person, business, or products.

You can manage a situation or crisis for your client such as when someone says something negative about a customer relation situation on social media.

  • IT

Information Technology consultants recommend hardware and software and troubleshoot any issues when a system crashes.

  • Marketing

Marketing consultants develop strategies to help businesses promote, sell, and distribute their goods or services.


6) Home Services

This business doesn’t need you to be actively engaged in it. You can create an agency of it and be the middle man between your clients and those that work for you.

Below are a few services you can venture into with the key being to know a formidable pool of people you can contract these jobs to.


  • Cutting Lawns

Even if the homeowner enjoys mowing their yard, they may not have the time to keep up with it. Cutting a couple of your neighbors yards could quickly add-up and potentially become a full-time when word spreads.

Weeding flowerbeds, trimming hedges, raking or blowing leaves, and cleaning out other debris like fallen branches is time-consuming. And, some people physically can’t do this type of work.


  • House Painting

Not everyone enjoys spending their weekend painting the interior of their house. There’s no reason why you couldn’t make a good amount of money.


  • Home Cleaning

Like many of the chores already listed, people don’t have the time, desire, or health to clean their houses as much as they would like. It’s another low-cost business to start that can end-up being profitable.


  • Housesitting


There are people who travel frequently, sometimes for months at-a-time. To ensure that nothing happens to their home they hire a house sitter.

Sometimes you don’t even need to stay there full-time. I’ve got a friend who plans to start caring for old people and is in the process of making a good 5-figures and doesn’t have a Bsc yet.

This is no longer a job for teenagers. There are a lot of people who either need babysitters for when they’re at work or when they have dinner plans on a Saturday night. A couple of gigs with your referrals can quickly make you a good 5-figure income a month. This can be a launchpad to starting your own day care after securing enough clients, and obtaining the right permits.


  • HairCare 

You can get a couple of skilled hairstylists on your bill and have them service your locality with you being the front man.

You can get the people in your locality to sign up on a subscription basis and then you send them folks who will cater for their hair needs and that of their family.
You save them the stress of going out to get their hairs groomed and also with the subscription model, you provide them with one-two time payment models where they don’t have to pay till year end or come up with regular tips or even have to leave a chunk of spare change outside

  • .Home Tutors

Platforms like Tuteria and Home Tutors may already be gaining traction but there’s still space more entrants into the market.

You don’t need a Bsc like I said to pull this off though a Bsc would be an added advantage. Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to be involved although you could voluntarily.

All you need are committed and diligent folks who can bring value to your clients.

This is close to 1,500 words of well distilled information begging for your use. What do you say?



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