Ogbaragu Michaels September 23, 2016

Going mobile is one of the possible and most effective ways to increase awareness and improve recognition for your business in Nigeria. Unfortunately, not too many existing entrepreneurs in Nigeria knows understand positive ways for effecting this demonstrative exercise. As a reason, some who know how to are only acquainted with theoretical aspects of launching their business mobile and when it comes to Practical application of this gainful endeavor, they have uncertainties and technical difficulties and doing so.

Majority of the successful businesses you know in Nigeria today do have real mobile presence whose effects can be felt from unimaginable distances. Over 80 million active internet users in Nigeria means that there is a probability of being able to reach about 40% of the Nigerian population just by having your business go mobile in Nigeria and applying related effective and propelling procedures to it.
This article tends to assist in Learning 5 ways you can possibly make your business go mobile in the Nigerian business biosphere.
Let’s consider carefully these points and their applicable nature.


5 Ways Your Business Can Go Mobile in Nigeria



1. Creating a Facebook page for your business

Facebook has really aided businesses globally and has been a major source of revenue for so many international businesses which Nigerian businesses are trying to emulate. In fact some entrepreneurs spend hours daily on Facebook scouting for clients and effecting businesses online. It is now clearer to many that business would never have been easier without Facebook and Mobile businesses would never see completion and overall success rating without the use of Facebook as an efficient marketing tool. Creating a Facebook page is free, easy and requires less time than you might think. A Facebook page is also easy to use, with a Facebook page your business can go mobile and witness increased success and patronizing.

2. Launching a Mobile app for your Business

A couple of Nigerian businesses have embraced the idea of launching an-easy-to-use mobile app for their clients. Business organizations like Naij.com, Jobberman, Kaymu, Jumia, and the likes have active mobile apps for their respective businesses. Having a mobile app not only increases reflection of your expertise, it also appeals to customers and helps them to transact easier with you and your business. You can also monitor growth and success of your business by checking how many subscribers or users have downloaded your app and are active users as well. So launching a mobile app, well designed and east to use is one sure way of going mobile with your Nigerian business.

3. Having a Business Website

An official website for your business is also another effective way of mobile launching. You can name them, so many businesses in Nigeria today are running websites. One secret to succeeding with your business website is making it mobile-friendly. Why is this important? It is important because majority of internet users in Nigeria and worldwide basically access the internet perhaps not just through mobile phones but via mobile devices. With this being the case, your business website needs to be made easily accessible through these mobile devices. Best advice is a non-hosted website. One that could come as www.Ogbaragusconsultationservices.com or www.enterpriseboom.com are best formats over a hosted website like www.johnnysfurnitures.blogspot.com. You may need the help of a good developer for an excellent business website.

4. Having an Online Store

In Nigeria, having an online store is quite different from having a business website though the two can still and always be linked together while still existing individually or together. An online store is where you have your tradeable stuffs to display. It includes a strategic display and arrangement of items you sell, how they can be purchased and how funds can reach you after or before purchases are made. Its entirely a different arrangement. On the other hand, a website is a page on the web where information about your business and activities are made available to the public. By creating an online store on a good portal to complement your offline business and your website, you’re giving more financial benefits to your business which has gone mobile with this upgrading. Not all businesses require or have compulsory need for an online store, but most businesses do especially if you deal on physical and or electronic goods. Also a business whose dealings are focused on service delivery can also possibly do well with an online or mobile store. Fiverr is a perfect example of such business portals which is hosted on service delivery and also somehow functions like an online store and has seen many Nigerians using it and making enviable sustenance from.

5. Reaching out to Online Advertisers

Lastly on my list of ways your business can go mobile in Nigeria is via the advantageous use of online advertisers. Nigerian advertisers are doing so well in learning and improving on tactics of reaching large audiences and prospective customers whose majority end up with positive responses to advertised businesses. Professional advertisers can afford you the kind of mobile recognition your Nigerian business needs to grow and become part of the mobile society in Nigeria. Consider reaching out to mobile advertisers and internet promoters, pay for their services and see your business materializing your dreams of launching your business mobile as a way to enhance entrepreneurial achievement.

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