Okon Joseph April 20, 2017
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It is the goal of every freelancer to make more money online, and that being said, the faster you go, the more you are expected to earn. To improve on your freelance writing career means to earn more money, more money means an early retirement and maybe owning an island like World Billionaire Richard Branson.

If you have gotten that desire to want to improve your freelance writing career so you can earn more money, here are 5 ways you can do that in Nigeria.


  1. Improve Your Writing Skills and Speed

Freelance “writing” is more than just about writing. “Oh yes, you can write” and that is why you have gotten this far. But to improve on your writing and earn more, you need to improve on your writing.

To hit the A-list client you need top – notch writing skills and these require a lot of studying and practicing. You can check out my personal blog, “letter to freelance writers” it contains everything on how you can improve your writing skill.

To improve your writing skills in summary, you can do the following:

  • Study the dictionary.
  • Use online sources like copyblogger.com for learning.
  • Read books and write your own short stories.
  • Take writing classes either paid or free.

According to Linda Formichelli from copyblogger.com one of the ways for you to earn up to $250 per hours is to go faster. With all being said and done, in the world of freelancing, quality is always better than quantity, so you should remember to always be accurate.


  1. Improve Your Marketing Strategy

If you desire to improve, then improve on your marketing strategy. You may have been using the same strategy from the beginning but the thing is, you are not where you are at the beginning and now you need to make some few adjustments to your strategy.

Right now you may be getting more workload, more value and you need to make sure you are not working for less than you supposed to be paid for. You need to improve on your art of sales, to sell yourself as more valuable than you did at the first time.

Presently, you must have gained more experience and learnt from the pitfalls of your first or your present marketing strategy, implementing those lessons will definitely sky rocket your freelancing career to the next level.


  1. Go Premium

If you are using a freelancing platform, then you have definitely heard of Premium. As a freelancer, going premium is a great way to inflate your bank account. On iwriter.com though, there are several levels like Elite, Premium, Master, all these come with different privileges, but one thing they hold in common is that you will get more pay.

Going premium incurs some certain costs but it is definitely worth it, as privileges range from getting high-paying clients, increasing your chances of getting deals awarded to you etc.


  1. Build Your Social Media Presence

Surely, you know you are already known all over social media, if you are not on social media then you need to join any of the platforms and build your social media presence as quickly as possible.

Social media is a great way to voice out your value. As you get more experienced, you should consider increasing the number of followers on your profiles and pages. This way you reach out to more people.

With a strong social media presence, it will be easier for you go get noticed and you might even be recommended by one of your followers, Who knows?

You can start improving your social media presence by holding short classes for young writers, publishing a book (this is one of the most effective ways to improve on your social media presence, if you already have followers), linking young writers through social media with clients.

Also owning a blog, a blog helps build your credibility and shows how good you are. As you get more experienced and your blog posts become better organized and a high paying client may just stumble upon your blog post one day and would definitely hire you.


  1. Publish a Book

Chances are, you have already gotten a good presence on social media and in the freelancing marketplace and you have a handful of clients. So, to earn more you can simply publish a book.

A great books brings you so many advantages,

  • Negative and positive reviews from critics can help improve your writing skills
  • It makes people in the marketplace and even outside it more aware of you, although this is dependent on the title of the book and the audience to which it affects.
  • It improves your value, although that is if the book is well received by the public.

Remember, to actually improve, you need to be in your expert niche and with the ideal clients. At this stage you can no longer work for peanuts. Writing in your expert niche makes writing much easier for you, because you get a chance to write on what you are passionate about, you know where to get your sources and statistics and also this will help you also improve on your writing skills and speed.

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