Kizito Okorowu August 24, 2016
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Public speaking is a lucrative business in Nigeria today. It has become a profession of note like other established professions such as medicine and law. Newbies in the public speaking space have always asked questions on how they can build highly lucrative and incredible speaking businesses. There is no point delivering life changing speeches if it doesn’t also change your financial life so to speak.

5 Great Ways to Build A Public Speaking Business in Nigeria




1) Find a Niche

 There is a clear difference between a speaker who talks about everything and every topic under the moon and one who focuses on a particular areas. To build an incredible public speaking business in Nigeria, there’s a need for you to specialize on a particular topic or domain.

When you lack specialized expertise in a given area, there is a tendency for you to stretch yourself outside your capabilities. Focusing on a specific segment of the wide speaking market, will make you a known and recognized expert in little or no time.

Those who lack this capacity are usually priced low and undervalued. So, stick to either leadership or personal finance and grow competence in that field. This will help you stay way above the rest of the pack and gain notoriety in your field of competence.

2) Be Innovative

The other side of specialization is that you are likely to strive to maintain relevance. Being innovative is not just about reading books on leadership or listening to podcasts by authority figures in personal development. Innovation in the public speaking business means that you constantly seek ways to make your message locally relevant and adaptable.

To build an innovative and incredible speaking business, you’ll need to find ways to package, repackage and market your brand such that it keeps delivering on its promise without becoming stale and irrelevant.

Master your processes leading up to delivering your speech and find out ways you can prime your systems for a more impactful outcome.

3) Improve Your Public Perception Quotient

The speaking business has been grossly undermined. This is due to the low barrier to entry experienced in the industry today. Anyone can just pick up a few John Maxwell and Myles Munroe’s books and become a self acclaimed life coach overnight.

There’s more work to do for the genuine players in the public speaking business especially in the area of improving the public’s perception quotient. This is why I’ve stressed the need to specialize and master a particular aspect of the market. That way, you become perceived as someone who is genuine and not a hungry fraud.

Let your speaking business be hinged on the foundation of integrity and unadulterated love for improving and alleviating the pains of your audience. Remember that people will hold you to where you say you’ll take them to via your speeches and presentations. Always follow through.


4) Stay Approachable

Your brand as a speaker has to be interactive and approachable. You’ve been ‘called’ to serve so to say. Making yourself available for consultation will help you keep your fingers on the pulse of human needs. This will help you with raw material to create empowering speaking content.

Also, stay humble. It will help you create an incredible business, trust me. Nothing puts off like arrogance. Avoid power tripping and when you catch yourself thinking that your audience are dumb, repent asap.

5) Learn How to Monetize it

It’s not a business if the aim isn’t to make money. How much money do you plan to make from speaking? If such question has not crossed your mind, then I doubt your seriousness about building an incredible public speaking business in Nigeria.

Building an incredible public speaking business will require you to create and sustain wealth around your speaking business such that you make even more money without necessarily speaking every time. A couple of avenues that can help you make astronomical money without hands on speaking include :

  • Curating your speaking gigs into a video or audio compilation and selling it at the back end of any other product or during your live shows
  • Creating a speaking course to help those who don’t have any speaking inclinations to become sought after speakers. This will work like jazz and you’ll gain more notoriety for being a trainer of speakers
  • Create a speech academy to further institutionalize your speaking systems and processes. People can become certified speakers affiliated to your brand after going through the necessary training
  • You can also collect royalties for licensing your ideas as an advisor to brands and businesses that may or may not have anything to do with your industry
  • You can decide to publish a book detailing your journey towards becoming a sought after speaker in Nigeria
  • Feature on media shows across TV, radio and the Internet and leverage them to sell products, interventions and the likes.

All the above suggestions and valued tips work best when adopted as a whole. You can’t leave one and apply the other and yet expect to get the best.

I’m convinced that this article is a useful guide for upcoming Nigerian speakers looking to build incredible speaking businesses. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments.

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