Abayomi Joseph ODEWALE April 20, 2017
job search in nigeria

It is no more news that Nigeria’s unemployment rate is growing yearly at an alarming rate. Without mincing a word, Nigeria’s employment terrain is highly competitive. It is the survival of the fittest, those with innovation, creativity, brain and most importantly the smartest.

A situation whereby over 5000 graduates apply for a paltry slot of 10 vacant positions is a serious source of concern for job seekers.
A release by Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2016 revealed that Nigeria’s unemployment rate rose from 12. 1 percent in the first quarter of 2016 to 13. 3 percent.
In a similar vein, (NBS) revealed that the number of underemployed in the labor force increased by 392, 390 or 2. 61 percent resulting in an increase in the underemployment rate to 19. 3 percent in Q 2 2016 from 19. 1 percent in Q 1 2016. I fear this could have further increased.
It is quite obvious that majority of graduates who struggled to secure job are not working in line with their dreams — they are unfulfilled in their current jobs; in short, they are under—employed. A sorry situation whereby they are willing to do any work (menial work) inclusive — as far as they would earn stipends for survival amidst the harsh economic demands.
Many might have heard that in the 60s, 70s, and 80s — the graduates are approached by potential employers. A period in which the employers would throng the campuses to scout for graduates.

Back then, the graduates were often in dilemma of which job offer to accept; going by the serial arrays of offers tabled before them. Quite disheartening that nowadays — this has changed. The labor market is already saturated — such that it is quite hard for it to absorb the exodus of graduates being churned out at the various tertiary institutions nationwide.
While a few of the fortunate graduates — who were able to secure a befitting job timely do view it as a luck. But, is it worthy to attribute secure of a befitting job to sheer luck or hardworking?
The following tips could help in boosting job search:


(1) Network/Connection

With the dynamics of employment terrain in Nigeria, the influence of your relationship with families, association/organization members, and colleagues couldn’t be underestimated. It is advisable to expand your network, maintain the mutual relationship with your caucus by keeping in touch constantly and not until you are in need of their help.
Who knows maybe any of your colleagues or association members might have useful information or link that could land you your dream job.
You are the people around you, it is therefore pertinent to get aligned with people of like minds

(2) Skills and Personal Development

It is very pertinent to deeply engage in skills acquisition — in line with the nature of the job being envisioned. Writing and speaking skills, proficiency in software like Microsoft software packages, Auto CAD, Orion, Civil 3D among others are avenues of developing and increasing your intrinsic worth — through your personal development efforts, your potential employers will likely find you irresistible.
Nowadays, only a few firms are ready to expend their resources in training graduates prior to being recruited full fledged into the company’s workforce fold. This is further compounded by the usual requests for graduates not more than 26 years; this stringent condition attached to recruitment requirements has denied a large chunk of qualified graduates an opportunity of being recruited — knowing full well that academic calendar of vast majority of tertiary institutions in Nigeria are not stable owing to the recurrent indefinite strikes that do occur due to face off between the academic unions and government or the academic unions and school management. Owing to this indiscriminate time wasting ploys, there is a clear indication that students are bound to graduate from our Ivory Towers at an older age.
Amidst all these, acquisition of skills in tandem with the course of study will be a distinct leverage in standing out while filing for recruitment applications — as the stringent requirement measures could be overlooked having discovered your proficiency.

(3) Self Confidence

No need to be a doubting Thomas, you need to overlook your weaknesses and have absolute belief in your strengths, skills, and talents. Never give room for self-doubting — self-doubt is a great stumbling block that could hamper your chances of showcasing your true self and securing that dream job.
I know of up to two job seekers who secured their current jobs by paying unsolicited visits to the Human Resources department of their respective firms.
These scenarios take a lot of absolute self-confidence.


(4) Subscribe to job opening websites

There is numerous job opening websites reeling out genuine and constant job vacancies.
Also, engage in the rigor of checking out job openings for companies of your interest by visiting their corporate websites.
Having sent the application try following up your application by sending a cover letter and the copy of your resume to human resources segment of the firm.


(5) Familiarity with Interview Questions

Many job seekers do perform badly in interviews owing to late preparations leading to being disqualified.
As a graduate in search of a befitting job, the onus lies on you to get familiar with likely interview questions. This will not only make you get acquainted with likely questions but also fully prepare you for future interviews. Through this, you won’t be caught off guard when it is time to defend yourself in securing your long time dream job.

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