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 Nowadays, small business owners and entrepreneurs have everything at their possession to build powerful brands and achieve overnight success in Nigeria. This does not however rule out the patience, grind and hard work needed to achieve this success. Like Steve Jobs rightly said, “if you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time”. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, it takes 10 to 25 years to achieve it.

It’s just that people do not see what went down before that breakthrough. There are rejections, struggles, sleepless nights and frustrations behind the scenes of most success story.

So, I’m not going to talk about the success in Nigeria that took 24 hours or days to be achieved. I’m talking about the one that costs blood and tears to achieve. Then suddenly, the long awaited big break comes and shoots you to the limelight and everybody keeps wondering where you’ve been all this while.


5 Things You Need to Achieve Overnight Success in Nigeria

1. Commitment

To achieve overnight success in Nigeria, you must be committed to your passion. It starts with taking a decision to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Come rain, come sun, you stand and grind. You enjoy the entire process not minding who is partying or having fun now. This happens when you know your why. Having a strong reason for doing a thing will compel you to commit to it even when it feels uncomfortable.

It goes beyond being dedicated to a cause. It transcends to taking absolute responsibility for all your actions and being accountable to it. Commitment is what separates the successful entrepreneurs from mediocre.


2. Courage

In your journey to the top, there will be nay-sayers and prophets of doom telling you how dark and gloomy the path you’re taking is.

“I heard Emeka tried that business and lost five million naira”

“Mr Okafor did that business and never made a kobo”.

I guess by now you’re familiar with those old wife’s fables.

Those scary vampires of mediocrity will come to scare the living day light out of you. It takes the holy water of courage to kill them all. You must move with your head up, step on toes and hold hot coals without batting an eye, if you must achieve outstanding success.

Courage is not by any means the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of what you feel. It is starting a thing even before knowing what you’re actually doing and being willing to learn in the process. It is moving away fast from your comfort zone, doing the things you fear and damning the consequence


3. Mentors

How does it feel to be held in the hand and shown exactly what to do. Secure and relaxed right? That’s what mentors do for you. They take you by the hand (of course with your consent) and show you the exact steps they took to get to where they are.

The good thing is, you will be thought strategies to employ to avoid unnecessary mistakes and failure to achieve your desired goals. Don’t be tricked into thinking that experience is the best teacher. Life is too short to start making all the mistakes in the world. Look out for experts who have achieved the kind of results you desire and offer yourself to be their student. Reach out to them, not as a parasite but as a student who is willing and ready to learn.

Remember that they are really busy people who don’t have time for nonsense. So, respect their time and utilize the little they are willing to spend with you


4. Opportunity

You don’t wait for opportunity to come once. You have to chase it, look out for it and search for it. Nobody ever does anything of significance in life by folding their hands and wait for opportunities to fall from heaven. They went all out for it and fought for it with the madness of a wounded beast. They keep sticking around even after a thousand “No”.

When opportunity does not knock, you simply create a door. You must have an open heart to receive any opportunity that comes your way. Who knows you’ll hit the goldmine. Just keep trying different things until you arrive at that one opportunity that eventually catapults you to success.


5. Relationship

What money cannot buy, relationship can.  In life, the relationship and connection you have with others is everything. Wherever you go, endeavor to create a cordial relationship with others. Simple thing like a smile or handshake can spark a great bond  that becomes invaluable later on

No man is an Island. You have to leverage on the relationship you have with others to achieve certain things life or business. We all need one another, like-minded people who understand our pain and genuinely offer support to help us. It’s quite sad that these days people care more about comments and likes than real  connection with their community.

I sincerely doubt one can remain ineffective if one has all these things in place. It’s impossible to not experience some sort of overnight elevation and advancement. That is the natural consequences of having and maximizing these five things to achieve overnight success

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