Okon Joseph October 7, 2016

Recently, many entrepreneurs and computer engineers are developing  a mobile app in Nigeria in order to meet many needs or solve certain problems in the society. These mobile apps range from medical, educational apps, social, e-commerce, meeting, spiritual, music apps, etc.

One may ask, what is a mobile app? Well, it is not a sort of a strange thing, it is a known thing.  App is an abbreviation for application. A mobile app is a piece of software. It can run on the internet, on your computer, or on your mobile device.

Applications once launched on the internet become visible to many across the globe to use them as well. There are very good examples of apps that exist in Nigeria, such as Yookos, WhatsApp, YouTube, iBooks, futurelearn, LinkedIn, etc.

In a mobile world like ours where the business and customers are using mobile application platforms to facilitate a quick transactions in today’s market, it is expedient we recognize the importance of mobile app in Nigeria. There are many ways apps has been very useful to internet users and to mention but a few;

  • It fosters gaining and retention of customers
  • It builds business visibility
  • It increases your business sales
  • It modifies and amplifies your business brand etc.

In order to develop a good application, there are steps which are required to guide you in building a mobile app in Nigeria.



5 Steps to Develop  Great Mobile App In Nigeria





1. Have a goal

In Nigeria today, the number of mobile phone users increases every day, in fact some persons handle more than an android phone. Some have two or more mobile phones along aside mobile devices such as laptop, iPad, tablets, etc. They are constantly online to find and research for a solution to their problem, therefore, you have to define the problem you will be solving.

Define purpose and mission of the app. In the simplest language, answer these questions for clarity of purpose; what tangible problem will the app be solving? What area of life will it make easier and better? What is it going to be doing? Look around for a need around you to help you be focus. There are problems everywhere, so look out for the one to solve. Best, you list them out in a paper and choose a niche.


2. Research

In order to solve a specific problem which you have identified, you have to get into work. The next level demand, you make findings of how many people are seeking for the solution you’ve selected to provide solution to. Google is a nice place to search and ascertain the number of persons that search for the solution and also wish to craft an app that also renders same help. These serves as a guide to know if it will be competitive.


3. Start sketching

Having confirmed that your idea are sought after as a solution, go to the drawing board and start sketching a skeletal outline of what your application should look like. Prioritize the features or layout, how you want your mobile app to look like taking cognizance of the fact that you should be detailed. This will help the developer.

Place the features as it should appear in your mobile app, arranging them as they ought to follow in your app with a guide from other similar apps which you have understudied.


4. Add personalized designs

Another step to consider in building your mobile app in Nigeria is to add some personalized designs to make it look different from others. The uniqueness of an app is seen at the creative designs which are particular with a mobile app in Nigeria. You may decide to customize your icons and images drawing ideas from drawing tools imported through the likes of Photoshop, Illustrator and applied in your apps.

These personalized images and icons ought to align to the purpose ad problem you are out to solve, no contradiction should be allowed.


5. Involve a Developer and Launch your Mobile App

For you to get an outstanding mobile app in Nigeria, you need the hand of a developer who will work around your detailed guide of flow and features of your app and carry out professional set up. The developer will assist you in creating a developer’s account for your app and get the app running, but you need to involve a competent developer with great design talent and experience. Go online and check up his profile and be convinced of his ability to deliver before entrusting your work into his care.

Once the developer has completed your app, the next crucial thing to do almost immediately is to launch the app for the target audience to see at the app market and try using it also. You should use the app firstly before any other person and reuse your app components.

However, you can also build your app by yourself, but you must get a developer account to help launch it at the app market and store online.

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, then check up these sites; www.appypie.com, www.dimagi.com  and all other ones.

Finally, as you use your app, you can be updating the features to suit the solution you provide through your mobile app. Confidently share your mobile app; you would be amazed that many have been waiting for such mobile app to help make life easier for them. Go ahead now and build that mobile app that will become No 1 mobile app in the Nigeria market.

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