Abayomi Joseph ODEWALE April 12, 2017
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Nigeria is different from other parts of the world in terms of culture, tradition terrain, and settings. No wonder, the top professions in US, UK and Canada seems not to align with that of Nigeria.
In the current dynamic world especially in Nigeria, it is not surprising that some professions are going into oblivion while some professions you never heard and thought of a few years ago kept gaining relevance and recognition.

This is a major factor to be considered by entrepreneurs, investors and the students at various Senior Secondary Schools planning to choose their career paths — prior to their admissions to tertiary institutions.
In order to stay relevant, it is pertinent to project one’s profession into the future and ascertain whether the choice of profession will remain relevant in 10 – 20 years to come. However, in choosing professions, it is very important to ensure that the line of profession chosen tackles the problems that are related to essential necessities of life. A profession that doesn’t tackle salient human challenges is bound to be degraded or sent on a sojourn of infinite obscurity in the few years to come.
As the banking industry is now venturing into telecommunications recharge card selling, the roadside vendors are fast losing popularity as subscribers can now recharge their phones using shortcodes and get credit within a twinkle of an eye. Entrepreneurs involved and banking on recharge card selling and reselling should brace up exploit and device other innovative ways of engaging in relevant businesses.
The above scenario is one in a million of businesses on the verge of fizzling out of relevance radar.
I believe there are many professions that are relevant to the next (10 – 20 years) that I didn’t have the opportunity of mentioning. However, all things being equal, these professions are likely to remain relevant in the next 20 years to come.


(1) Politicians
Some incumbent Governors, Senators, Lawmakers and President receive jaw breaking salaries not to talk of their allowances and assurances of pension benefits after the expiration of their tenures.
Not surprising when Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said over 75% of Nigeria’s annual budget is used in servicing the needs of political elites. All you need to do to be a politician is to register with a ruling or vibrant political party of your choice, know your game, be vocal, fraternize with key figures and launch a campaign. You can start from having a shot at Chairmanship or House of Representatives position.
Ideally, politics ought not to make the list but in Nigeria, politics is taken as a profession. No wonder, many are dying and could do anything at all cost to clinch political positions of their desires.

Unless benefits accrued to Politics are meagre or discouraged, opportunists would continue to exploit it as a profession.


(2) Entertainers

Entertainment is currently gaining wide embracement across diverse Nigeria’s ethic groups. Money is being pumped into entertainment by the local and corporate multinational companies. Gone are the days when parents discourage their wards from actively taking up entertainment as a profession.
The forms of Entertainment being referred to ranges from music, Nollywood, comedy, Big Brother Nigeria, MTN project fame, Gulder Ultimate search, beauty pageant, Dance shows et al. Sports ought to make the list under this segment, but, quite unfortunate that Nigeria doesn’t value footballers and athletes. Nigerian athletes and footballers excelling are mostly those who practice their passion off the Nigerian shores.
It is a sector worth exploring for those who have talent and passion for entertainment.


(3) Science and Technology

Science and Technology are pivots needed to spur a nation’s development. No nation develops without a leverage on Science and Technology. Nigeria being a developing country, the country can’t joke with Science and Technology.
Based on the contributions of science and technology to human health, professions like Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Pathology’s and Anatomy are always relevant no matter the dynamics of the world.
In terms of Technology, professions like Civil Engineering, Materials Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering et al are essential.
Though majority of them might not be the richest people on earth but they are living a comfortable life.
(4) ICT
The world is now a global village. Many traditional activities are now being performed online. In essence, though the traditional ways are still adopted but rather than the traditional system of advertisement on radio, TV and newspaper, Entrepreneurs are now making use of Social media and websites in advertising their goods and services. Through these, they are able to reach and garner large customer base across the continents.
ICT is a sector worth tapping into and exploring because of the brewing endless possibilities it offers. Programming, coding, blogging, apps development and website design have come to stay. Corporate organizations now make use of their blogs in creating an online presence, marketing, and recruitment processing. In the current century, any firm without online presence will likely not be taken seriously.


(5) Lecturing/Teaching

As far as humanly exists, there will always need to impart knowledge. Lecturing/teaching is an evergreen profession. It no more new that the Lecturers/Teachers are not being rewarded commensurately in this part of the world but, the multiplier effects of their profession across the ethnicity divides in Nigeria — geared towards national development couldn’t be underrated.

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