Kizito Okorowu August 22, 2016
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 Social media has come to stay. The various social media platforms have helped a crop of individuals grow their thought leadership business. In Nigeria, many entrepreneurs and business owners have taken advantage of the growing trend to build profit centers for their thought leadership business.

We’ll look at how best Linked In can help you to grow your thought leadership business. Linked In is the go-to platform for professionals looking to grow and be a part of a network that helps them climb up the cooperate ladder. It boasts an active monthly subscriber base of over 150 million users.
LinkedIn may not boast amount of users other social platforms like Facebook can boast of but its top-of-the mind when it comes to professional networking and B2B
(businesses marketing or providing services for other businesses).

It boasts of over 2.1 million discussion groups and it can help you to not just boost your professional network but also establish you as a credible thought leader in your field of business.

Building your thought leadership brand and growing your business on LinkedIn requires you to be deliberate in making the best of LinkedIn groups. You can do so by:


4 Ways To Grow Your Thought Leadership Brand Using Linkedin


1) Finding the right group

Finding relevant groups on LinkedIn that mirror your business interests or area of expertise is the first way to go about building your status and profile. You can start by using LinkedIn’s search function to find and join the appropriate groups. It’s necessary you’re clear about what your wants are before you join a group. The group’s name gives a good indication of what it’s all about. Checking the group’s info on its set up will also help provide clarity.

Let’s say you’re a business professional looking to help small business owners in Lagos make sense of their books, searching for business groups in Lagos will be the a useful first step. You can then use your discretion to make sense of what’ll suit you.


2) Engagement

Most groups encourage new members to briefly introduce themselves and what they do as professionals. This is a good place to kickstart your engagement and networking journey towards building a credible thought leader profile. You will then need to make valid contributions to the groups via your posts. These posts should accentuate your expertise and competence and should leave no one in doubt as to your level of knowledge and insight.

You can then use this avenue to promote your services subtly howbeit you need to be careful so that you don’t go against the standing rules of the group. Most groups may frown at posting outbound links, so it’s important you stick to the terms of engagement of the group.

Also, you can boost engagement by commenting on members posts and given valuable feedback. Make sure your comments portray you as a credible thought leader.
As time goes on, your value will be noticed by key influencers in the group. This relationship is bound to create ample business returns especially offline. Increasing your network and influence is the currency of LinkedIn.


3) Maintain Social Etiquette

Discussion groups are a place to discuss relevant topics, news and best practices in an industry or a group of industries. People on LinkedIn groups look forward to finding answers to their questions especially as it pertains to their career growth and development.If you want to be a respected member of the group then make sure you abide by the rules of civility and social etiquette. Avoid blatant self promotion, vulgarity and general disregard for other members in the community. Learn to listen to others patiently and provide valued and valid information that people can use and share.


4) Keep your personality intact :
Make sure you have a consistent presence online. Let your personality online be visible. From your display pictures to your posts, be recognizable and let your ‘voice’ via your posts be distinct.
Also, you should also highlight user generated content. Give people who will further boost your credibility the spotlight. Once they are recognized by you, it’s certain they’ll also rap about you to their circles. It’s important you make your contents a lot more interactive and engaging. Creating something unique that your readers can personalize and give direct feedback should be your goal.

Making a success of interactive content will require that you spend ample time on planning and execution. You want content that has staying power and that can be easily shared to other circles and networks within LinkedIn. This will certainly boost your thought leader status and give you unrestricted access to new audience. The added advantage is that you can get speaking engagements both offline and online.

Your interactive content  must have certain elements like : ability to grab attention, ability to engage and the ability to elicit meaningful actions like purchasing a product, signing up for a service or referring your brand to other circles.

I am certain that this article has helped you with new and relevant ways to grow a credible thought leadership brand. I will  gladly respond to your questions and feedback in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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