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March 30, 2017

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3 Important Ways to Groom Enterprising Kids in Nigeria

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As a parent in Nigeria, I’m certain that you’re overwhelmed by the series of balls you have to juggle day in day out. Added to this is the responsibility of raising a family. Many parents today want to groom children that will be able to take care of themselves and have a financially stable adult life. They have also seen the importance of not depending totally on educational institutions to provide this measure of stability that earning a degree is supposed to provide.

 Therefore, this article is for parents seeking to raise entrepreneurial children who can trump any economic situation such as the one we currently face in the country. How can you go about it?


3 Important Ways to Groom Enterprising Kids in Nigeria





1) Start Early

When growing entrepreneurial kids, incorporating age appropriate lessons is very essential. A 15 year old can understand and implement lessons on how to pitch better than a 5 year old. Hence, it’s essential to properly articulate what lessons you want them to learn and starting early enough with the right ones. Growing up as a child, I was provided with the ideal environment that made my entrepreneurial talent bloom. One thing my parents did was to start me early howbeit without their knowing it.

 Children according to research can imbibe effective tendencies into their mental domain if they are exposed to such practices early enough. So, a child can learn from an early age how to manage impulsive spending and persistence towards achieving a given goal.

“Your child can become wired for entrepreneurship if you start the discipline early.”

A child can learn quite early to be reflective in his thinking and regulate his emotions which are important traits of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Growing up as a kid myself, my mum was a do-it-yourself mum and she naturally passed the trait to me.I learnt early just by watching her handle the affairs at home and it wasn’t a surprise when I started my first business in school running a small student credit agency. Need I say, my startup capital came from my earnings doing home jobs for her.

You can start from simple lessons like teaching the value of keeping a portion of gift money from adults away in a tin container (piggy bank).
Lessons such as this will make the child creatively seek more ways to earn extra money for keeps and also learn to be financially responsible in the process. That ushers in another important life skill known as self-motivation.


2) Grow a Business They Can be a Part of

Denis Waitley an American speaker was poignant when he said, “The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”
I so much agree with the above quote as it gives a thumbs up to my second point. Forget that fear of them not focusing on their studies. In fact, having a well structured family side gig they can be a part of will help them stay focused.
A child who knows that he plays a role in the family business will learn the importance of placing a high premium on his time. There will be no room for frivolities and even when such child has some spare time, he’s most likely going to invest it in boosting his income level.
Some parents have a small fashion shop where they spend most weekends making ready to wear outfits for sale. Now, your kid may subconsciously pick up little skills in that area.
You can use such platform to imbibe the spirit of hard work and service in the child by deciding to pay him for tangible efforts made in affecting overall sales.

3) Create an Ideal Environment

Grooming entrepreneurial kids doesn’t have a brochure. You create your own how-to guide. Creating an ideal environment is simply making sure that your activities around the home are such that validate entrepreneurship.
You can’t groom a child to become an entrepreneur if you yourself are worst than one. This doesn’t mean you should quit your job just because you want to imbibe an enterprising culture in them. We are not all wired to quit our jobs but we can still be entrepreneurial in our jobs.

So, it’s essential that you pass the right message across because your kids are watching. Take care of your bills adequately. Let them see you handle issues on the home front with a lot of gusto.
If you want them to pick up good reading habits that will help them make better business decisions later in life, start from yourself. You’re their mirror, don’t forget that.
You can create monthly or quarterly themes that you and your spouse can stick to. These themes could range from knowing how to pitch to learning the power of leverage. Once these themes have been identified, then you can create fun and engaging activities that will help buttress the themes you plan to expose them to.

I do hope that this post was of immense value to you reading as it was  for me writing it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

About The Author

Kizito Okorowu is a seasoned start-up advisor. With half a decade worth of experience in advising and investing in start-ups, he seeks to share his knowledge on pertinent issues relating to the Nigerian business scene via this platform.

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