Kizito Okorowu December 26, 2016
Mark zuckerberg in nigeria business lessons

The average customer is known for having a low attention span. The Nigerian customer is not an exception. More money is spent these days by businesses to get the attention of customers long enough to compel them to make a buying decision.

I’ll be sharing with you just three (3) easy techniques from the numerous that I’ve shared with clients of mine. Some of these techniques have been applied by big businesses in Nigeria like MTN, UBA as well as corner stalls on the street of Makoko.

Let’s get right to these 5 easy techniques shall we?



  • 1) ADVERTISE! 

Have you seen any of these texts below on your mobile lately :


  • Exclusive extra 50% OFF on your next Christmas Hotel Booking! Available only Today on Jumia Travel! Use Code ……
  •  You can’t afford to miss this!Be among the 100 people to get a FREE gift today. Text YES to 50016 and share your status update on MTN CallerFeel at N30/wk.

I bet you have. These are just sample texts of tons of messages that bombard our mobile devices on a daily basis. Thank goodness that our phones are still in good condition despite the deluge of messages.
Welcome to the world of compelling ads. You can’t go anywhere without getting primed by one ad or the other.

As a business concern, you’ve got to keep getting into the faces of would be customers and patrons.
This doesn’t mean you should do it In a spammy or pesky way though. You can do ads without irritating your customers.

One thing you should know about ads is that customers are becoming very rabid about them. Even texts from telcos can now be blocked.
Customers now switch channels during TV ads unless they are interesting to them, they flip past ads on pages of magazines unless it appeals to them and don’t even listen on radio during ad breaks again unless it appeals to them.
The operative word here being: appeal. So how do you get to appeal to them? Simple! By being subtle about your ads and their placements.

In getting the best of ads, you simply put your products or service messages exactly where the customers will see it in a subtle manner and make it appealing.


Let me share a vivid example at this point :

Imagine driving to the island from the mainland in Lagos. Now don’t forget that in Lagos, driving is an expensive necessity. There’s little you can do while driving safe for looking at other cars.

Now how many times have you seen ads on buses especially the BRTs n co? I guess a lot of times. That has been a primary way business and organizations have been able to send and store their product information in the minds of customers without coming across as irritating.

You say you don’t have a budget outlay for that kind of ad yeah? How about your whatsapp display pictures, PMs and the likes? How can you make them appealing to elicit inquiries from your contacts?

One step :

Make your ads short and punchy because those who see it only have a few seconds to make a decision on whether to start a conversation based on the product or service.


  • 2) COMEDY

I’m not joking, so don’t laugh. Just read on. Making people laugh has always been a way of getting people to like you. Same in business! Now you know why big companies sponsor comedy fests and gigs. It isn’t much of a secret anymore is it?
Whatever media you decide to use, being funny will help the customer get comfortable with your product or service. Whether you run an event company or you sell shoes, you can add a element of fun and comedy to your pitch to gain their attention.


Remember that guy at Balogun market the other day that cried : sister come buy market from me and I go marry you chap chap? I’m sure you have him a glance at least and probably even bought an item or two from him.

How can you use comedy to get your customers attention? That’s an assignment for you. Don’t be late in submitting it!


  • 3) WORD OF MOUTH :


If all other tips fail, this won’t. Scratch that, this can’t. I saw a finely worded testimonial by a satisfied client who patronized a renowned business strategy coach.

In her testimonial, she goshed  about how pivotal his role was in growing her business. Now, when he shared this testimonial with his contacts on social media( with her permission of course) many other people validated his competence in the comment threads. Need I say the effect such would have had on those just scrolling through. I bet he has half a dozen of new customers already by now willing to drink from his fountain of competence.

Word of mouth is the most potent of customer attraction techniques you can ever use to gain the attention of potential clients and customers.


Finally, none of these techniques can substitute for good products, quality service delivery and a satisfied customer. Have these at the back of your mind as you adopt whatever technique suits your business model.


If you’ve got questions, shoot them to me in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways TO Get Customers Attention In Nigeria

  1. Hey, Stan.

    I’m glad you found the article useful. Make sure to come back to this platform for more valuable business information.


  2. Thanks for taking time to read the article Mrs Albert.

    One thing you must know about ads and customer attraction is that the rules of the game has longed changed.

    TV Commercials and radio jingles are being phased out by other media. Here’s what you can do real quick, for your fish business:

    •) Start from you locale

    •) Do a synopsis and find out where/what has been responsible for your patronage so far. Word of mouth? Your location?

    •) Zoom in on that area. It’s called targeted marketing

    •) Find out what has been working well for you and look for ways you can enhance it.

    •) find out what other more established players in your niche within your locale are doing. If you don’t have any, check up the other successful businesses in your area and find out what they are doing

    •) if you can, get space on classified platforms again within your locale. No need throwing your ad on Punch or Guardian if your demography mainly read or digest complete sports.

    I hope these help?

    Let me know

  3. I have a fish business I.e I sell fish and I dnt see how ads can be applied to my business,pls help me with ideas to attract more customers to buy from me…thank you

  4. I have beeen “probing” the internet more intensely this year than ever before for materials to help me achieve my business goals this year..I am happy i found this.It made a lot of difference

  5. Mr kizito, that’s a nice one, thumbs up.
    I will like to engage you in a business.
    Reach me through this +2348138639984

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