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March 29, 2017

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12 Startups in Nigeria That Will Inspire You

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Are you planning to launch a startup in Nigeria and you want to first check out other businesses that started from scratch and are experiencing success before you launch out your own ?

Here are 12 startups in Nigeria that will inspire you to launch yours immediately.


12 Startups in Nigeria That Will Inspire You






You will recall the days when you had to print a few hundred cards, especially at short notice. You best bet was to go to Shomolu, Lagos, which serves as the base for nearly all the printing jobs in Nigeria over the years.

You get to your destination and meet with your chosen printer, who is slouched over a printing machine, sweating profusely. You inform him of your job and its urgency. When he hears the quantity you want to do, he shrugs his shoulders and informs you: “Your work will have to wait till next week, when I have small jobs to do!” You resign yourself to fate.

Printivo Change the Game

This online startup entered into the Nigeria printing ecosystem with a mission to change the status quo, with printing services tailored to the needs and demands of the customer, especially online.

With Printivo, you can now from the comfort of your room or anywhere, order the printing of materials, regardless of the quantity. You can also from Printivo’s website become a part of the design process where you can pick layouts, colors and shapes for your desired job. Printivo also delivers your order to where you reside, without any extra charge.

Printivo also blazes the trail with customer engagement with the offer of being rewarded when you make referrals to other customers and where you can also get paid from the sale of your custom designs.


If you are a lady resident in Nigeria and you need inspiration to get off the block and work on your passion, then you should look no further than African Things, founded by the amiable Oluwatosin Lawson.

The young lady has turned her love for her African, nay Nigerian culture and heritage into a veritable platform where clothes, shoes, bags as well as gift items are imbued with our culture.

You will admire the way African things incorporates many aspects of our culture into designing and shaping everyday items we use.

African Things   believes in the principle of backward integration, as over 70% of the materials used in the production process is sourced locally. With an online presence, you can easily make purchases of your favorite items and have your goods delivered to you at any location of your choice.


Paystack is another startup in Nigeria that will definitely leave you feeling inspired. Consider that the online payment platform system in Nigeria, nay Africa had been beset by issues ranging from failed transactions to improperly processed transactions to security lapses.

Enter Paystack, an online payment platform that is changing the face of online payment processing in Nigeria. You will be amazed to discover that within a year of its operations, Paystack has been able to attract over 1,500 merchants and has processed close to over 1 billion naira in transactions.

Notable users of the Paystack payment platform include iROKOtv, Jobberman, Payporte, and Hotels.ng. It will interest you to know that Paystack only recently attracted seed funding totaling 1.3 million USD, from angel investors such as Tencent, Comcast Ventures and Singularity Investments.

Paystack assures you that your online payment transaction will be received within 30 minutes from the moment you first sign up.


iROKOTv entered into the Nigerian movie industry, also referred to as NollyWood, at a time when the industry was improperly structured, had an ineffective distribution network/chain and piracy ravaged whatever gains that industry practitioners accrued. 

About this same time, there was growing demand, on a global scale for movies of Nigerian origin. Iroko Tv stepped into the void by offering on-demand Nigeria home videos that you can stream online from the comfort of anywhere.


Founded in 2012, you will be amazed by the tale of Gloo.ng, in the startup space in Nigeria. It was set-up by Olumide Olusanya, a Medical Doctor, who gave up his practice to start the e-commerce platform.

Four years down the line, it will interest you to know that Gloo.ng is one of the more profitable e-commerce platforms, especially when compared to its contemporaries such as Konga and Jumia. 

You should know that Gloo.ng built its business structure not on the popular Pay on Delivery model, but on a system where the customer shows a readiness to pay for services and goods provided, where payment is made up front. Over 80 percent of Gloo.ng’s revenue earnings come from repeat business by satisfied customers.


VoguePay is not your typical, run-of-the mill kind of e-payment platform. As at the time of writing this piece, you will be glad to know that VoguePay is the only Nigerian payments processor that serves real and active foreign merchants.

These merchants are global leaders in their respective categories and they serve millions of clients from around the world. A number of notable foreign sites like Auto Trader use VoguePay as a means of collecting payments from Nigerians. 

VoguePay has clients in almost every continent at present. One of the attractive features of the VoguePay payment platform is that you can open an account at zero cost.


With PushCV, you can sleep better at night knowing that this startup, which commenced operations in 2014, created a new market niche for itself, by making available verified and work-ready applicants for the labour market.

With this strategy, PushCV has been able to stifle stiff competition from more illustrious competitors such as Jobberman; such that in four months, the PushCV website has attained the status of  being the most visited in that sector.


If you are not amazed by the fact this startup firm based in Jos, service a bulk of its customers in the city of Lagos, then nothing else will amaze you. SmartWeb is one of the pioneering web hosting and domain name registration businesses in Nigeria.

At the last count SmartWeb has over 40,000 clients and powers over 100,000 websites, with 90 percent of its clientele based in the city of Lagos. The founder of SmartWeb, Murtala Abdullahi, states that the secret of the Start-up’s success is that structures have been put in place that ensures that business is carried out, ‘even when no one is there!’ This system allows SmartWeb effectively manage its virtual clientele base.


Ever wondered who runs the customer care services of your chosen GSM provider. Look no further than Ison BPO, an international start-up based in the city of Abeokuta. Within the time of entering the outsourcing sector of the Nigeria economy, this start-up has taken up the call center services on behalf of MTN Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria, while it is currently in talks with Etisalat Nigeria.

iSON BPO operates from a state-of –the art facility, where call agents cater to the various categories of callers on the platform of the various telecommunication providers.


Showroom is a Nigerian startup that will amaze you by its mission statement: it aims to make 100,000 carpenter millionaires by the year 2020! And Showroom is going about achieving this challenging by offering you the consumer, the option of ordering for custom made furniture online.

Already Showroom has attracted a 7 figure seed funding with which it hopes to expand its operations with.


If you are the rebellious type and you thrive on disrupting the status quo, then Aella Credit’s vision of putting banks out of the business of lending will appeal to you. This start-up firm gives out loans and facilities to clients responsibly, instantly and, most importantly without credit.

In 2015, Aella Credit succeeded in loaning out over 100 million naira to over 900 individuals and corporate bodies. It is seeking to deepen its participation in the financial services market by the sourcing of operating funds to the tune of close to 10 million USD from angel investors.


If you are stickler for detail and organization, then Talentbase will definitely tickle your fancy. This startup in Nigeria is involved in the provision of affordable and easy-to-use HRM solution enabling Human Resource managers and growing businesses simplify and organize their HR processes.

Talentbase’s range of services include  managing employees  personal records to processing the contributions of various cadre of staff to the activities of any organization.



These mentioned startups in Nigeria has inspired us and we look forward to them on how they would achieve success and help solve most of our common needs.  


If there are other startups in Nigeria that inspires you, you are free to mention them below in your comments. 


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